Ernst and Young Internship – Easy Guide for your Programmes.

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Ernst and Young Internship is a global center with locations in 20 countries and 95 offices. It offers a variety of services that revolve around the core competencies of the firm which include tax, transaction advisory, and auditing. In addition, it has gone through a lot of mergers and acquisitions over the years. However, it has operated as Ernst and Young (EY, in short) since 1989.

Ernst and Young is a great place to start your career and have a rich resume to present to your possible employers. As with almost every company, internships are one the best ways to get your foot on the door of a firm. Again, many interns receive full-time jobs after the programme at Ernst and Young Internship.

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In this article, we are going to bring to you all you desire to know about Ernst and Young Internships as well as other programmes the firm is known for. 

About Ernst and Young Internship

Accounting has Big Four firms and Ernst and Young Internships happens to be one of them. The others include Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and KPMG. All the same, it was formerly known as Ernst and Young Global Limited. The company specializes in industries that produce consumer products, financial services, real estate, life sciences, media & entertainment, mining and metals, technology, automotive, telecommunications, oil and gas, power and utilities, cleantech, government and public sector, retail and wholesale, provider care as well as entrepreneurial businesses.

Uniquely, Ernst and Young’s focus is on assurance, taxation, transaction, and advisory services. Besides, it is one of the ten biggest private firms the United States can boast of. The firm has around 141 000 employees globally and they deliver expert services to diverse companies within industries. And so, from Walmart and Apple to WestRock and Amazon to Voya, Coca-Cola, and other big corporations, you will always see Ernst and Young clients.

Furthermore, the interns in Ernst and Young have several duties they carry out. They get involved in research, assisting with mergers, tax planning engagements, studying the auditing process of the firm, and capital-sourcing efforts. Aside from the above, they have the opportunity to gain practical and professional experiences in areas like writing and presentation. To that effect, several of the interns of Ernst and Young have been able to secure a permanent position in the firm after their internship. 

Ernst and Young Interns

There are around 1,650 interns with Ernst and Young. They are offered a series of assignments that keeps them budding. Also, you can find these in the areas of research, merging, tax planning, and auditing. For that reason, interning with the firm helps you to put your education to work in a very easy way. And so, you will have practical experiences, gain professional skills and be part of focused learning. If you are a summer intern at Ernst and Young Internship, you will partake in an international conference. All the same, there is no specific length you can intern and your salary depends on your position. 

Eligibility for Ernst and Young Internship

Those eligible to intern with Ernst and Young Internship include college freshmen. If you are one, you will need to contact your school’s career service center for a campus interview schedule. In the same vein, make sure you have a current CV.

Other likely interns include college sophomores, college juniors, and college seniors. Remarkably, they can work from anywhere in the world. 


  • In 2021, Ernst and Young ranked No. 3 on Accounting Today’s ranking. 
  • It is one of the top 100 Accounting Firms according to US revenue. 
  • For the past 18 years, it has ranked among the 100 Best Companies to Work for by Fortune.


5 Times Square, 

New York, NY 10036-6530

Phone: (212) 773-3000

Student Programmes at Ernst and Young Internship

The undergraduate programmes at Ernst and Young offer you some learning and development opportunities you will need to build your career. With that, you will gain many experiences to last you for a lifetime. These programmes include:

  1. Expedition EY

Expedition EY is an interactive and gamified programme that is offered online. You will be able to meet several young people all over the world who are ready to explore the career world at Ernst and Young, just like you. Most especially, you will learn how to build transformative mindsets and tech skillsets to help you excel in your field. 

Furthermore, you will leverage the latest technologies to complete your skills in areas such as machine learning and analytics. Your performance could earn you a scholarship opportunity to complete your academic demands. Ernst and Young would sponsor the scholarship opportunity.

In addition, students who identify as blacks are encouraged to apply to Expedition EY Business and Expedition EY Technology. This is open to students in their early years in college to pursue a degree in any of the following: mathematics, accounting, economics, finance, statistics, technology, computer science, and relevant fields.

2. Experience EY

This offers you the opportunity to harness all that the Ernst and Young Internships have to offer. The moment you get an offer from the firm, you will have the opportunity to participate in their diverse events that will help your career growth. It is not just you, you will meet other striving individuals and network with them. Hence, this will further bare you to people of vast cultures and backgrounds.

3. EY Ready

This is a virtual event that would keep you engaged all through your career journey. Besides, it will help you to build a committed career, right from day one. Your learning and growth is the number one interest of Ernst and Young Internships towards you, the reason EY Ready is at your doorstep to serve you better. Consequently, you will get to meet EY professionals that will hold you by the hand and guide you. Moreover, the aim is to make you gain solid grounds in the basics of the firm to thrive.

4. EY Women in Technology

Female students studying STEM majorly benefit from this programme a lot. In a bid to close the gender gap and encourage women’s inclusion, the Ernst and Young Women in Technology was birthed. Similarly, this is a conference that will never leave you the way you came. As such, you will get to learn more about technologies, networking opportunities, and skills workshops at Ernst and Young. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to apply early for the Ernst and Young Internship and full-time positions across the world. As a student, you can visit your school’s career services office or website for more details.

5. EY Women in Audit

Women in Audit programme exists because female students exist. Therefore, it aims at attracting the best brains to the EY audit. Here, you will hear as other leaders in the field share their experiences and career journey. They also made use of EY’s digital audit tools and explored the fields of technology and innovation. You could be one of them as well. Hence, you will utilize every of Ernst and Young’s expertise in the financial service industry to grow your skill.

6. Digital Ambassador Programme

The programme aims to get as many members in the technology as possible to relay their stories with data. Thus, they would become more fluent in modern analytical skills. It is open to every audit intern in Ernst and Young Internship. As a member, you will have the opportunity to visit one of Ernst and Young Internships wavespace locations and work with other teams. Here, you will develop a digital approach for some business challenges. Hence, to become one, you will need to apply formally.

7. EY Corporate and Finance Woman of the Year – United States

This is a competition open to all talented young women at Ernst and Young. They must have the latent to become part of Ernst and Young Internships’ purpose-driven teams in Strategy and Transactions. It does not matter your background, all you need to do is to make a great impact and share ideas that would be helpful to clients. Thus, they would be able to navigate difficult issues and build a better career environment.

8. EY Young Tax Professional of the Year

Are you a tax leader and have what it takes to become the face of EY Young Professional of the Year? Each year, young professionals in the area of tax are rewarded with this amazing international competition. To participate, you will go through rigorous case study challenges and interviews. Not to forget, you must be in your year three or four or a postgraduate student to qualify. Similarly, it does not matter the institution you are studying across the world.

9. Better World Working Data Challenge

This is a yearly competition where young professionals from all over the world take part to develop various technologies to help solve some challenges of the world. Each year at Ernst and Young has its peculiar topic. For 2021, the challenge is closed. Moreover, it is open to university students who are interested in data science. Again, you can send in your entry as an individual or a group (not more than four persons). You could also send multiple data; all you need is to send one per day with your account. Mind you, the competition is in stages until the final selection. Finally, if you are lucky to be among the finalists, you will need to send a video presentation of your work. Watch out for the 2022 Better World Working Data Challenge. The deadline for submission is usually around March.

10. Empower You

Empower You at Ernst and Young Internships is a graduate leadership programme for women. Besides, it is a speakers’ series programme to help women discover their purpose. Hence, they would be able to impact the world and become change leaders. 

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Careers at Ernst and Young Internship

Have you imagined working with some individuals who are building their careers every day? Have you imagined having the freedom to customize your dream career in an environment that supports inclusiveness and opens doors of rich experience and opportunities? The list could go on and on.

However, there are close to 300 000 careers perspectives at the Ernst and Young Internship. Building your career with the company will help to incite your ambition. Also, it will allow you to harness the company’s global scale, tech, teams, and culture to enable you to realize your potential. You will have the chance to learn from the company’s best hands, surround yourself with the curious, ask questions whose answers would enable you to build a better functional world.

Furthermore, you can build your career from student programmes to entry-level and full-time positions. Some of the job titles at Ernst and Young Internship are outlined below:

  • Associate IT and Digital, Audit, Assurance: 

This opportunity is offered on a flexible full-time basis. You will work with audit teams and help the clients meet their financial reporting requirements. You will also improve your skills in evolving technology from Cyber to Blockchain, AI, and Data Analytics.

Job requirements: Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting, Business Analytics, or Business Information Systems; minimum of one year experience in Audit or Technology Risk roles; experience in project management, etc.

  • Senior Change Management Consultant:

You will help in guiding businesses through their change journeys by engaging the organization and ensuring they are ready for change. You will also design and implement future operating models, as well as team up on strategic projects in diverse areas.

Job requirement: Master’s degree in Commercial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Law, Psychology, and so on. You must be fluent in Dutch, English, and French. In addition, you must possess strong communication, professional and analytical skills as well as be able to work independently.

  • Consulting Senior, Enterprise Risk Internal Audit:

Here, you will manage several clients’ engagement teams at an executive level. As a result, you will work with high profiled clients.

Job requirement: A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business, Accounting, Finance, and related fields. You must have a minimum of three years of work experience in relevant fields. Also, you must be ready to travel outside your assigned post.

  • Strategy and Transaction Analyst
  • Management Business Consulting – Finance
  • Director – Funds and Partnership Tax
  • Senior Software Tester
  • Manager, General Insurance, Actuarial Transformation
  • Director – Stamp Taxes
  • Corporate Tax Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Director – transfer Pricing
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Senior Consultant, Life Actuarial
  • Core Business Services – Proofreader/Editor, etc.

All the above have their job specifications and requirements. You can visit Careers at Ernst and Young Internships for more information on each of the jobs.

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Working at Ernst and Young Internship

EY offers amazing benefits to its employees. It provides full-time benefits to any employee that works for at least 20 hours per week. Besides, it provides full health insurance benefits for every one of its employees, even the part-time ones. Salaries for entry-level jobs make sense too. Interestingly, they receive as high as $70 000 per year and it is great for a start. 

However, balancing a work-life at Ernst and Young is not so easy. If you can work for a long time without breaking down, then, the firm is a great place to pitch your career. Don’t forget, every company has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is all about what matters to you.

Interview Tips for Starting Your Career at Ernst and Young Internship 

To start, you will need to get to know about the firm. Follow the firm’s social media handles to get the latest on everything. Read everything about Ernst and Young Internship to understand their area of focus, growth plans, etc.

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you should attend a campus event or career fair to meet the company representatives in person. Likewise, you could visit the campus career services office and make inquiries regarding EY. Also, you could consider speaking with anyone who had participated in the programme or professors who may have some handy experience with Ernst and Young Internship.

Similarly, you can apply for multiple positions. As such, submit a separate application for each of the positions you applied for. The company has various job openings in over 150 countries. Nevertheless, the host country of your application will determine your eligibility. 

You will submit your application online and receive an email notification that it was successful. Then, a recruiter at Ernst and Young Internship will contact you for more information. Afterward, you can proceed to the interview stage.

For the interview;

  • Relax and be natural. Since the interview is for you to tell the EY about yourself, get ready to talk about relevant skills and experiences you have.
  • Be confident but not arrogant. Succinctly tell your story and not amble.
  • Pay attention to the questions you are asked and provide just the appropriate answers. Hence, no need to get side-tracked.
  • Tell the team why you are the best candidate for the job. What are you good at? What related areas have you demonstrated your skills in? How will that benefit Ernst and Young Internships? In addition, give compelling and sound examples with backup facts and figures. This, no doubt, helps to define you.
  • Ensure you have an in-depth knowledge of the role you are applied for and how you will fit in. This will help you to explain the attributes you have that will fit into the requirements of the Ernst and Young Internship. Think of the prospects and find a way to bring them into your answers. What are the current market trends in the field you applied? Let the interviewer know about them.

In addition, some interviews will be either through videos or phones. Therefore, build a bond with your interviewer by asking them one or two things about their job roles too.

How Much do Ernst and Young Interns Make?

In the United States, an intern at Ernst and Young makes on average, approximately $3,875 in a month. It is about 41% above the national average. This is according to

Becoming an intern at Ernst and Young Internship is one of the expectations of most graduates. You could be one of them. However, as with other good things, it does not come cheap. Never mind, all you need to do is to explore the company to understand what you will need to do to scale through. Do not get intimidated by the company’s profile, if others could make it through, you can as well.