Top 10 Money-making Careers in Switzerland?

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Switzerland is one of the best countries in the world to live, study or work in. the European country boasts of a very high standard of living, good economy and also good jobs which makes it one of the sought after countries to move to. Aside from a good economy, the low crime rates also attract many people to the country since its security is top-notch.

Living in Switzerland and starting up a career or getting a job is one of the major challenges faced by foreigners who come into the country without knowing the right steps to take. Just as it is with many foreign countries, one would need to acquire a work permit and also a temporary residence permit in order to be able to work legally in Switzerland. This article is put out to ensure that anyone who wants to move to Switzerland has some of the basic ideas of what to expect and put into consideration for a successful stay.

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Career in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the foremost desirable countries of the world for expats to move and work in, notwithstanding its relatively high cost of living, the country offers many good things which ranges from quality of outdoor life, safety and also good career opportunities. If you are thinking of moving to Switzerland, this article is here to prepare you for some of the things to note about the country. The five points below are for your perusal.

  1. Getting your visa and work permit: before moving to the Switzerland, one has to make sure to get a visa permit for duration longer than 90 days. EU/EFTA states do not need a visa permit to enter Switzerland, only those from non-EU/EFTA countries or states would need to secure a visa from the Swiss embassy in their country of residence before entering the country. Also upon arrival into Switzerland, foreigners are given 14 days to register for a work permit as well as the residents permit in order to be able to work and live in Switzerland.
  2. Availability of employment: Switzerland is characterized with good job opportunities and high salaries and this puts the country on the minds of most foreigners. Aside getting the work permit, one may also need to search online for job adverts and this will definitely ease the issue of going around job hunting. There readily available jobs and most of which require define skills but they all are well paid and satisfying.
  3. Language: in Switzerland, one can get a job or start up a career without really putting the language barrier into consideration because, the country accommodates English language, German, French and also Italian languages and so foreigners may actually find a niche for themselves without having to worry if anyone would hear them.
  4. Obtaining a driver’s license: as a new resident in Switzerland, the country permits you to make use of your foreign driver license for duration of 12 months before you need to apply for the Swiss license. This means you can get a car and be able to drive around without any problem from the authorities for at least one year. After this period elapses, you will need to take a driving test and follow all necessary procedures before you can be awarded the Swiss driver’s license. Foreigners from Israel, United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore and other EU/EFTA countries would just need to exchange their driver’s license to the Swiss one without having to go through the test and other procedures.
  5. Owning a bank account: this is very necessary if you need to work and get paid in Switzerland and opening an account is quite easy and no language barrier since you would definitely get someone who understands you and speaks your language. Some of the documents required for opening a bank account in Switzerland includes; a passport, proof of residence permit, proof of address which could be by presenting the utility bills.

10 Exciting Careers to Pursue in Switzerland

With a good and stable economy, Switzerland is on the minds of many foreigners who are in search of better working conditions. Each year, more jobs are been created in the country for both citizens and expats and the salary scale is such that it covers up most of the needs of living on a high standard if one chooses to. Read below for some of the exciting jobs to pursue in Switzerland.

  1. Actuary: these are risk managers who work in mainly financial sectors by making use of their statistical analysis to proffer solutions. You would always find an actuary in insurance companies and investment banks. In order to be able to work as an actuary in Switzerland, one must possess at least a degree in actuarial science and have ready skills in statistics and mathematics.
  2. Veterinary medicine: veterinarian in Switzerland work in mainly animal clinics where they conduct vaccination and administer basic and routine checkups. In other to become a qualified vet, one would need to acquire a veterinarian science degree. The Switzerland government allows foreigners to set up their own private practices provided they own a license and work permit. Averagely, a veterinarian can earn a estimated salary of about $114,622.
  3. Pilot: pilots are some of the highest paid job in Switzerland as they are always responsible for the safety of taking passengers in a plane from one place to another. To have a successful career as a pilot you would need to have multitasking skills, the ability to communicate effectively and also work under high pressure. Pilots are estimated to earn about $101,496 each year. To become a pilot one would need to acquire an aviation license either from the country of residence or in Switzerland.
  4. Software engineer: software engineers need to be fluent in a variety of programming languages and skills such as java, python and so on. These engineers are in charge of building, designing and maintaining software program which means they can work on their own that is, own a private practice provided they have a work permit or work in an organization or work in company of their choice.
  5. IT System architect:  these professionals earn a salary of approximately $135,503 each year as they are one of the highest paid professions in Switzerland. The IT System architect designs, consult on behalf of the businesses of their client or organization. You would need to obtain an IT degree and other IT management qualification to be able to function as a professional.
  6. Orthodontists: this is a field of medical science which deals in dentistry. This career field involves a high level of knowledge and at such makes it one of the highest paid jobs in Switzerland earning about $130,000. To be qualified orthodontists you will need a degree in dental science.
  7. Physician: they treat the diseases, conduct checkups and generally work in clinic or hospitals. Due to the rise in the health insurance cost in Switzerland has increased the estimated salary of physician to about $131,805 over the years. To be physician you need to attend a medical school, obtain a license to practice and also choose an area of specialization. Important skills to note include effective communication with client, empathy, the ability to multitask and also a high level of professionalism.
  8. Investment Banker: since Switzerland is famous for banking, it’s not surprising that investment banking is one of the highest paid careers. Aside this, the investment banking career is quite exciting as it comes with a lot of bonuses and work flexibility. You need to obtain a degree in business, economics or finance to be able to get a job or start a career in investment banking. Some companies and financial institutions in Switzerland require relevant license to be able to work effectively.
  9. Accountant: there major job responsibilities include auditing of account, offering expert advices concerning finances of large firms. An account willing to start up a career in Switzerland need to acquire an accounting or finance degree and also obtain a license of operation. Accountants need to possess numerical skills, good time management and also the technical know how. An estimated salary of $89,653 is achievable in Switzerland.
  10. Law: it’s a fantastic career which involves quit a lot of study in university which can up to four years before a degree is obtained. A lawyer can be successful in his chosen field and make lots of money if he is able to attract client that are willing to pay. Law is one of the revenue generators in Switzerland.

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The Pros and Cons of Working in Switzerland

Planning to take up a career in Switzerland, it is better to familiarize oneself with the pros and cons of working in the country.

Pros of living and working in Switzerland:

  • There are four official languages: French, Italian, German and Romansh which are used in the country, although there is also a bit of English been used from time to time depending on your work place or type of career.
  • The Swiss are generally friendly at the work place making it easy for new residents to take part in whatever activity is been done. Respect is given at all times at work and women are also accorded equal rights. People are addressed either by their surnames or titles at the work place.
  • Many Swiss companies provide about four weeks of paid holidays as annual leave to their employees and also other days of public holidays are added. This in fact makes many expats to flock to the country.

Cons of living and working in Switzerland:

  • Although women are accorded equal rights, there are still many work places which do not see it fit to allow women be at the top of many management positions.
  • The Swiss follow a highly hierarchical pattern in the work place which may seem unfriendly to a new comer. Also jokes and sarcasm are rather avoided during meetings or generally at the work place.

Moving to a new country is not so easy and moving to Switzerland is quite an experience too. There may be many things to take along consider and also lots of documentation, getting settled and finding the right job, but at the end of the day, it is always a good thing to try out new adventures. Once you become a Swiss citizen, everything becomes easy without worries for you.