Top 10 Exciting Careers in Australia

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Australia is one of the top countries of the world that is experiencing continued economic growth, an excellent educational system and also in the rights of citizens to enjoy a quality life. In order to make life easy for its citizens, more jobs are been created and this has made Australia possess a high rate of employment which also accommodates and attracts foreigners to live and work in the country as well.

According to research carried out in 2018, Australia’s economy is said to grow by 2.7 percent from 2019 to 2023. A difference in this analysis occurred in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic in the world. Australia’s healthy economy is said to be due to the country’s links to China and other commercial Asia-pacific regions with which it transacts business. These commercial links definitely are one of the major reasons for job creation in Australia, others have been hospitality, the health care system and so on.

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 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Career in Australia

Do you have a dream of travelling or moving to Australia for work or you are hoping to start up your career in the country? There are tons of things to put into consideration if yes to the above question. Australia is a beautiful and versatile country that also has a very stable economy, this makes it easy for foreigners to come into the country and get a job with no delay. Below are outlined some of the things you should consider checking out or noting in order to have a smooth transition to Australia.

  1. Diversity: Australia is a very diverse country and also big enough to accommodate the tons of people trooping into the country each year. Since the country allows people from different walks of life to live, study or work in the country it then makes it easy for a newcomer to settle down fast in the country since he or she is likely to meet fellow citizens from the home country. Again Australia is quite big and it may take up to 4or 5 hours to move from one state to another, an example is a flight from Perth to Brisbane. Finding out the state you want to work and securing accommodation close to your job is very important so one do not live and work miles away.
  2. Securing your work visa: the work visa permit is very important for foreigners to acquire in advance from their home country as it would ease the stress of getting good employment. You don’t need to secure an employment before you process the work visa application, in fact you can arrive in Australia before seeking for employment provided you have all the skills and requirements for the job. Another good news is that, your work visa is not attached to a single or particular employment and so this gives you the opportunity to explore more job options as much as possible.
  3. Economy of the country: this is a very important aspect to note when moving to any country at all. The economy usually tells a lot about how the country copes and if you have a chance to make something of your career in such country. Australia’s economy is quite stable and it has links with major Asian-pacific commercial countries which makes it economy stand out as that of a very developed country.
  4. Rate of employment: according to world research, Australians are noted to have very satisfying jobs and the rate of employment is also very high. Every year more jobs are been created and there is no partiality among its citizens and foreigners getting the jobs provided the person has the needed skills for the position.
  5. Cost of living: this cannot be overlooked, because it is a new place where you are going to for the first time and you are looking forward to settling there. The cost of living is quite affordable and there are different housing and transportation channels which are cheap and according to the pocket of the individual. So, depending on your capacity, one can actually live a good life in Australia without spending so much.

 10 Exciting Careers to Pursue in Australia

Getting a very good job could be quite hard in some places, but getting one that is fulfilling and exciting at the same time is always tougher. There are many factors that can enable one to enjoy a career and it ranges from a healthy work environment, good pay, less stress, flexible work hours and many more. In Australia, it has been shown according to research that on average most workers enjoy their jobs and careers as regards to other parts of the world. Some of the exciting careers to look out for when job hunting in Australia are outlined below:

  1. Counselors: this career path ranks top as one of the most exciting jobs in Australia. According to research, this industry has an enormous growth over the past years, particularly from 2014 to 2019 with about 31,200 counselors. This career allows work flexibility and is fit for those who like to meet new people, solve problems and also relationships.
  2. Web Developers: this industry has also experienced an increase in workers because the world keeps growing in technology and in other to be able to maintain and understand the coding languages and other technological aspects, there is need for more developers. In Australia, developers enjoy an average salary of about $80,000 which could increase over time. Also the demand of the professionals in the country continues to grow.
  3. Brand managers: These workers are in charge of portraying the company’s image to the public. Their responsibilities varying from product promotion, creativity and also the ability to think out of the box. In Australia, brand managers enjoy a very satisfying work environment and are also ranked as one of the highest paying jobs with an average salary of $2,000 every week.
  4. IT Consultant: this career is in very high demand in Australia and its workers are known to enjoy their jobs whether as a freelancer or a salary earner. An experienced IT Consultant may be able to earn about A$80,000 depending on skills and work environment.
  5. Project mangers: the business world is always in demand for professionals with good business skills to work in various aspect of a company and project managers are on high demand in Australia. Averagely, these professionals are expected to be paid about $57,000 USD per year and this could be more depending on the level of expertise and years of experience in business.
  6. Teachers: this career also made it to the list of top exciting jobs in Australia because teachers are well paid to impact knowledge into children and students of higher learning. Teachers are able to earn approximately $66,000 USD per year. In Australia, a teacher is ranked very high because the country values education and pulls all effort to ensure that they employ qualified teachers in their schools. Its worthy of note that, the educational system in the country is one of the contributors to the economic growth of Australia.
  7. Interior designer: interior designing focuses on making an area which could be home or office space beautiful by equipping it with the needed materials and tools. A lot of creativity and thinking is needed as personal skills to be an expert in this field and for one to be able to pursue a career in interior design in Australia; at least a bachelor degree is needed. Interior designers are expected to earn on an average, $43,000 according to pay scale.
  8. Architecture: architects and building designers are very much exciting jobs in Australia. They work majorly on designing a building by putting up plans and drawings and also help their clients to get labor and materials needed for the project. In order to qualify as an expert in architecture, you need to have a bachelor’s degree, masters in architecture and also a license of working. Acquiring this license could take up to 18 months to 3 years depending on the procedure.
  9. Photographers: this is yet another interesting career in Australia, photographers have a job that is versatile and diverse which allow them to make use of their creative thinking to appeal to the audience. The job is quite flexible as no formal education is required, all that is required is the skills to take beautiful pictures, edit them to appeal to the target audience. Photographers can work in a business, news publication or even start up their own business.
  10. Librarian: this career is actually a very fun career as opposed to the stereotype which people have associated with it. A librarian can work in a university, local or state library and other places where there is a need for the services of a librarian. For you to be qualified as a librarian, a degree in information science or information management is actually very important.

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The Pros and Cons of Working Australia

If you are planning on a big move to Australia, below are some of the pros and cons of living and working in Australia that you might want to consider.

Pros of living and working in Australia:

  • Australia has high living standards and foreigners can earn more income when working in the country and since the Australian dollar have more value than most of the other currencies of the world. All of these make the country livable and enjoyable.
  • The Australia n government does not play around with its healthcare system and they have some of the best quality in terms of health professionals and facilities.
  • Becoming a citizen in Australia is quite straightforward and does not have a lot of hassles. If you qualify for the process after spending some years in the country, you need to show proof of fluency in English language and proof you have lived in the country for more than 48 months and then a fee which is usually below $500 is paid and then your citizenship test if given and approved for those that qualify.
  • The Australian government also allows different types of work visa which can be applied for by the person intending to work in the country.

 Cons of living and working in Australia:

  • For you to be allowed to migrate into Australia, you need to pass a medical test which would allow you to qualify for a visa. Those people diagnosed with tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis or AIDS would not be permitted to apply for a visa.
  • The cost of living is kind of on the high side in Australia and it follows closely with that of the UK or the US.

Living and working in Australia can be quite exciting and thrilling if well planned before the move. There are many jobs and career opportunities that foreigners are able to take up provided they qualify and possess the necessary skills.