Top 5 Destinations for Nigerian Students to Study Psychology

Psychology is the study of the human mind and how it relates to the functions of the individual to the environment and people that is the behaviour. The human mind is very large and studies have shown that each person has a varying manner of thinking and behaviour and no two minds think alike. Psychology embraces all the aspects of human behaviour and how it functions in relation to the brain.

In education, there are generally four main types of psychology which can later be broken down into different aspects and these four major parts include; cognitive, social, developmental and forensic psychology. Psychology experts usually function in the career fields of a psychiatrist, counsellor and so on. Their jobs mainly focus on helping people understand their minds and how it affects their daily living.

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Branches of Psychology

Psychology is a very broad course which may sections, for one to be considered an expert in psychology the person has to be known to be very versatile and knowledgeable in a particular field. Psychology has many branches attached to it, some of which are discussed in this article below:

  • Clinical psychology: the clinical psychology focuses on the intellectual, emotional, behavioral, social, biological aspects of the human mind. This psychology field assists in promoting adaptation and the adjustment of the individual to the way things are supposed to be while generally focusing on the personal development of the individual.
  • Cognitive psychology: this focuses on the problem solving, memory, learning and language of the human mind. How to communicate, remember and also learn is embedded in the cognitive psychology. The aspect of the mind which deals with memory is the main point of contact of the cognitive psychology’
  • Developmental psychology: just as the name suggests, developmental psychology focuses on the growth of the mental state of the individual, the moral understanding, emotions and also identity formation. This psychology doesn’t only work in infants and teenagers but also for adults and also aged people as well.
  • Evolutionary psychology: in this aspect of psychology, experts believe that the human mind has the ability to evolve and adapt to the changes it may come across and this has enable the human being to stay mentally stable and survive throughout the years of life.
  • Forensic psychology: forensic psychology deals with criminal investigations and it is majorly used by the court, police or lawyers. Its main point is to assess the psychological traits of a criminal or victim in order to give the required judgment.
  • Health psychology: also known as medical psychology involves the behavior and observes the influence on illness and health. In case of a disease that may be hereditary, the health psychology is used to trace back and check the background of the patient in order to administer the right type of medication.

Requirements for Becoming a Psychologist

For undergraduate courses in psychology, the individual must possess the necessary results of high school examinations while, for masters or other postgraduate studies, the student must already have an undergraduate degree in psychology or related course in order to be considered for a postgraduate degree in psychology.  After studying in order to get a job, many countries request for a license of practice before working. This is very important for any psychology graduate who wishes to work in the field.

Top 5 Destinations for Nigerian Students to Study Psychology

Psychology put in clear words is the study of the human mind and behaviour. Psychology is a very in-depth course of study that takes up a lot of time used in studies and researches, in some universities the psychology course can take as long as 4 or 5 years of intense study and deep research. If you intend to study abroad as an international student, below are some of the top countries with strong backgrounds in psychology you can try out.

  1. Austria: this country is home to the father of psychoanalysis; Sigmund Freud who is notably one of the fore pioneers in the history of pscychology. Austria offers many psychology programs in its universities of courses varying from social psychology, counseling and research methodologies. Vienna and Innsbruck are some of the popular locations in Austria to study psychology. The cost of living in this country is averagely affordable for international students and they are also allowed to work while studying.
  2. Italy: this country is well known for offering psychology courses in universities which are located in its large cities such as; Rome and Florence. Italy is a multicultural country which accommodates foreign students from different parts of the world to study in its institutions. The famous psychologist, Roberto Assagioli is from Italy and is well known for his numerous contributions in the psychology field of humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Living in Italy as an international student can seem to be very expensive, but students are given a work permit with limited house where they can take up part time jobs to assist in taking care of the cost of living. Tuition fees are also affordable and there are scholarships and other financial aids to assist the students.
  3. France: this country is synonymous to great psychology experts like; Theodore Simon, Alfred Binet and many others.  Just as in Italy, France offers many psychology courses in its accredited universities which are scattered all over the country. Although French is the official language in France, the courses in the universities are also taught in either English language or French. This is done so that, international students who are interested in taking up a course and are not fluent in French would study in French. In order for international students to be friendly with the locals, learning a little bit of French would assist in the living condition. Student tuition is also assisted with scholarships and grants.
  4. Czech Republic: one of the fore fathers of psychology; Sigmund Freud was born in the modern day Czech Republic. The popular area of psychology studies in the country is located in Prague where courses such as applied psychology and clinical psychotherapy are studied. Czech Republic has many historical sites that students can visit when not studying and also part time jobs to assist in some of the cost of living in the country. Living in the cities is quite more expensive when compared to students who live in the rural areas.
  5. Chile: aside studying psychology in Chile, students can also take up Spanish classes to brush up their language skills which would help in communicating with the locals. The country generally has a strong background in psychology and focuses mainly on course such as; social psychology, psychological knowledge and psychotherapy theories. Students studying psychology has a lot of options when choosing a university to study in Chile as the country is accommodating to foreigners.

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What Roles Can I Take up With a Degree in Psychology?

There are many roles a psychology graduate can fill in, depending on the area of specialization and interest. Although, there are some top psychology roles that need one to get a master’s degree or another type of certification, generally with a license of practice one can get any of the jobs listed below:

  1. Social worker: a social worker is someone who works with people of different age group through a thing or two. The role of the social worker is to assist the people and also safe guard them from any harm, are supportive and also look for ways to improve the mental situations of the people. A social worker may work in hospitals, schools and other public agencies.
  2. Counselor: a counselor can work in a school, church, hospital, NGOs and many other places. The main function of the counselor is to listen to clients, refer them to a medical psychologist if need be, or guide the individual on how to live a regular and normal life. Counseling is often like a form of therapy and encompasses a wide range of topics like marriage, education, family health and lots more.
  3. Psychotherapist: this expert works closely with individuals, family, couples and so on in overcoming heir emotional and psychological related issues. A psychotherapist makes us of different manner of approach in solving the problem of the client whether, cognitive, humanistic and integrative therapy, and drama therapy and so on.
  4. Human resources and communications: since psychology is all about understanding the mind, a degree in psychology can earn one a good job as a human resources manager who would be in charge of recruiting employees, overseeing employees work development amongst other things.
  5. Research analyst: a psychology graduate can function as a research analyst in any set up. A research analyst would help in sorting research results and also handling the analyzing of each result gotten since a psychologist can’ read minds’.

The human mind is very broad and difficult to understand except one is a professional in the psychology field. Psychology is a very sought after occupation and its graduates are been employed in almost all sector that deals with humans not just the medical sector. Studying abroad for Nigerians is a dream come through for many and taking up a course in psychology is termed a very good move. The jobs are well paid for and do not require so many certifications to get a good psychology job.