Top 10 Data Science Scholarships

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Data Science has been described as one of the best jobs in the world consistently, and of course the nicest job in the 21st century. Data Scientists have on average a masters’ degree and people invest more in gaining degrees in this field.

Currently, a Data Science degree cost more than most of the other courses and some as much as $57,000. This huge cost creates a big barrier for people to enter into this field.

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However, there are several forms of financial aids that can help to lessen your financial bill as you enter into the Data Science field. Finding them is a time-consuming activity.

In this post, I share with you a complete compilation of various Data Science and Analytics Scholarships and other forms of Financial Aid.

1. ACM SIGHPC/Intel Computational & Data Science Fellowship

The Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) Special Interest Group on High-Performance Computing (SIGHPC) spouses with Intel to supply the Computational & Data Science Fellowship worth $15,000 yearly to master or doctoral students conducting research together with large-scale data that is big.

Eligible nominees are likely to be members or females of racial minority groups that have completed less than half in their calculating degrees at licensed U.S. colleges.

2. Acxiom Corporation Diversity Scholarship

Acxiom Corporation is a publicly traded marketing analytics business based in 1969, they began the Diversity Scholarship Initiative to grant $5,000 annually to eight full-time faculty students majoring in computer engineering, information technologies, data engineering, statistics, mathematics and data quality, and associated subjects.

3. Bill Caspare Memorial Diversity Scholarship

Valued at $10,000, the Bill Caspare Memorial Diversity Scholarship has been pioneered by The Collective, LLC, in 2015 to nudge undergrads and Postgrads to careers for new networking, digital advertisements, or science.

It’s earmarked for diverse applicants that are black, black, Hispanic, Native American, multiracial, or even LGBTQ.

Students should likewise be U.S. citizens or green card holders, study full-time and conclude 60+ college credits, so maintain the absolute minimum 3.25 GPA, and submit three references.

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4. CA Technologies Fellowship for Women

At the University of Vermont, the CA Technologies Fellowship for Women is currently among the very lucrative big-data scholarships that are covering full tuition up to $14,670 per session for outstanding bachelor’s females chasing the M.S. in Complex Systems and Data Science.

Contribution in CA’s Tech Girls Rock Initiative and the Anita Borg Institute for Women is comprised.

Qualified fellows are likely to soon be creative thinkers, fantastic communicators, and high-achievers using a minimum 3.0 GPA.

5. Daniel Larose Scholarship for Data-mining Excellence

Named for the Department of Mathematical Sciences’ professor, the Daniel Larose Scholarship for Data-mining Excellence devoting $4,000 annually roughly $2000 per session, to Post Grads in Central Connecticut State University who excel at the M.S. in Data-mining program.

Substantial data fans should have finished 12+ master’s credits have been rated” or better for Stat 520-Stat 527, shown strong performance as graduate assistants, also reached a cumulative 3.5 GPA.

6. Fisher Family Fund Fellowship Program

Endowed by Tom and Judy Fisher, the University of North Carolina-Charlotte’s Fisher Family Fund Fellowship Program opens every Spring to give $2000 to exceptional graduate students in the Faculty of Computing and Informatics that are getting the Pro M.S. at Data Science and Business Analytics.

Eligible Niners need to be U.S. taxpayers, eternally reside at Charlotte, possess a GPA between 3.74 and 4.00, demonstrate financial need, and also choose 6credits per semester.

7. GAANN PhD Fellowship at Big Data Computing Research

Worcester Polytechnic Institute uses the U.S. Department of Public Education’s Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) Grant to provide six PhD Fellowships at Bigdata Computing Research annually using Complete tuition policy and $34,000 stipends.

Recipients must pursue a doctor of Philosophy in Data Science full-time, and be national aid eligible under 3 4 CFR75.60, present exemplary academic records, have financial needs, and also still have data analytics skills.

8. HIMSS Minnesota Graduate Health IT Scholarship

Searching universities for data science and enormous statistics in medical care? The HIMSS Minnesota Chapter confers the Graduate Health IT Scholarship for about $ 1,500 to undergraduates and $2000 to doctoral students that are chasing quantitative-based overall health informatics programs, for example, data analytics or data science.

Eligible full- or – part-time students with a bachelor’s degree and a minimum 3.0 GPA needs to have a home in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, or South Dakota.

9. Ike Wai Graduate Scholarship Program

Funded by the NSF, the Ike Wai Graduate Scholarship is owned by the EPSCoR Hawaii Program to supply $29,148 yearly to full-time graduate research assistants at the University of Hawaii-Manoa who’re getting research-based masters or doctoral degrees in geoscience, data engineering, technology, or Hawaiian speech.

These two-year big-data scholarships may necessitate working 20 hrs each week in an Ike Wai research laboratory on projects that ensure the Aloha State’s future water security.

10. In-forms Analytics Society Student Scholarship

Partnered using SAS, the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences sponsor the Analytics Society Student Scholarship Competition each Spring to supply $3,000 significant data awards to faculty students who pose persuasive analytic job suggestions.

Winners also get a round trip flight, accommodation, and food to that INFORMS Annual Seminar. Entrants aged 18 or older must submit a resume or vitae, two testimonials, three short answer questions, and also a five-page job outline.

The popularity of Data Science Discipline

Data Science is a booming profession in the era when humans live more online than offline. All the interactions with different companies and all the daily business procedures are recorded and stored as a big pool of noisy data.

Data Science as a discipline emerged to make striking business decisions out of the disparate data. Data scientists clean and analyse data, helping business people penetrate customer psychology patterns, making close to exact predictions and strategies.

Data scientists charge the engine of future innovations. The world can find cures to diseases, identify national security threats, and many other technological miracles with the data analytics & decision-making processes running behind.

So, if your skills and interests correspond to pursue data science, you are at the hotspot of your academic and career opportunities.

The discipline has three components:

  • Predictive analytics is used to forecast future events based on historical performance data. Knowing what to expect tomorrow helps make better planning and investments today.
  • Prescriptive analytics is the predictive analytics + method. It adds advice and development suggestions to businesses, rather than solely making predictions.
  • Machine learning helps to apply supervised learning to the previous data. You can teach your machines and add artificial intelligence to them with this method.

Data Science Opportunities for you!

Building a Data Science Academic and Career Path

Above in this article and by clicking “Jump to all opportunities,” you will find the abundance of academic programs and events to study Data Science. You can pursue a full academic path with the discipline, from the lowest to the highest possible degrees.

The profession of a data scientist is highly demanded. If it’s not so in your country of residence, it will be soon. Therefore, starting with a Bachelor’s degree in Data Science, you can find employment with higher salaries than the industry average.

Here it is worth highlighting that industry behemoths also give priority in hiring data scientists who have completed online courses. Take the Udacity Data Science nano degree program as one of the examples.

Generally, advanced math skills were always highly valued in the employment market. In addition to math, data scientists should also have at least some coding skills. The main two programming language choices for data scientists are Python and R.

However, most employers prefer data science professionals with Master’s degrees, as undergraduate programs usually give computer science and math skills. In contrast, graduate programs already master students in data science, data analytics, and related fields.

You should apply to Master’s degree if you want to gain expertise in the following fields:

  • Predictive analytics
  • Statistical modelling
  • Big data
  • Data mining applications
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Data visualization, etc.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Data Science Career

Aside from the Master’s and PhD, Data Science has numerous online courses and events, some of which are mentioned above. Those programs provide highly relevant and up-to-date training, as the discipline is relatively new and rapidly evolving.

As a data scientist, you will be required to apply different techniques and approaches to solve the issues. However, the usual working routine of the data scientist is as follows:

Identify the problem → Acquire problem-relevant data → Process and clean data → Investigate and make analysis → Apply relevant models and algorithms → Measure and improve results → Prepare and present final result to stakeholders.

Career Outlook

Data Science will give you a large spectrum of the demanded skills so that you can work in most positions related to statistics, analytics, predictions, etc. The below job vacancies are the most popular career destinations data scientists have after earning their degrees:

  • Data scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Data engineer
  • Business intelligence specialist
  • Data architect

Top tips to get your desired scholarship

Many of you will rely on some financial support to pay for your international education. For some, a scholarship could mean the difference between studying and not studying. For others, it just helps with the cost of living, and also provides a bit extra to enjoy student life.

There are many scholarships available, and not all of them require you to prove you’re the most academically gifted person on earth. But they are incredibly competitive. So how do you make sure you get the scholarship or bursary you deserve?

  • You usually can’t apply for a scholarship until you have been accepted into the course

This may seem like it’s the wrong way around, but you do need to know you can pay your tuition fees and travel expenses without a scholarship. That way, if you do win a grant, you can pay back your local bank loan or have a bit of extra spending money.

  • It’s not going to cover everything

Repeat after me… you can’t study for free. If you’re lucky enough to get a rare full scholarship, you’ll still have to find the money for your travel, food, books, health insurance, phone calls and fun.

  • Look beyond your university

You can find a complete list of scholarships on many websites, including those awarded by private foundations (such as a Fulbright Scholarship), or government bodies in the host country (such as the British Council) or your own country (such as the Department of Education). Check carefully to see if you’re eligible – many have nationality, course or age restrictions.

  • Every little bit helps

Even if it’s just a small grant towards the cost of your books, it’s worth taking the time to apply. It’s one less thing to worry about when you get there!

  • Apply for as many as you can

Yes, it takes time. But it’s free money! So, make a list of all the scholarships you are eligible for. Double-check you have all the right documents to prove your case and get someone to read over your supporting essay or letter. It’s always good to get another point of view.

Are you searching for the top Data Science scholarships in 2021? Look no further. We believe the information shared in this post will help you secure one. Here is a bonus tip on How to Start a Career in Data Science.