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Top 10 International Scholarships to Study Banking and Finance

Banking and finance have been in existence for a very long time even when there were no gadgets and the modern banking system we are all used to now. The use of money in transacting business still remains one of the major reasons why this particular career field continues to evolve over time.

Not everyone is capable of studying abroad even when there is a zeal to do so. Most times the individual’s financial status is the main cause of setback in achieving this dream. There are many scholarship grants which students can take up, apply and if selected get to enjoy the benefits which are attached to the award. Below are some of the top 10 scholarship for international students who wants to study banking and finance abroad.

Top 10 International Scholarships to Study Banking and Finance

The Banking and Finance Sector of any country’s economy is very important and thus, calls for more hands to be on deck. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance can take another step forward by completing your studies at the masters and PhD level in order to become a professional in your choose field. Studying abroad can be costly, but it can be said to worth every penny it cost. Thanks to scholarships and other financial aid, students can now complete their studies abroad without so much hassle. Below are some of the scholarship awards you can apply for to achieve your dream.

  1. Humphrey Fellowship Program: is a non-degree fellowship program for international students from sub- Saharan Africa, East Asia, Europe South and Central Asia, North Africa and the Western Hemisphere to study desired courses in the USA. Fellows are usually placed at any of the participating USA universities to complete their courses. The scholarship covers tuition fees, maintenance allowance, travel allowance, flight ticket, health insurance and so on.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must have an undergraduate degree with proof of certificate and a record of public service in the community.
  • Applicants must posses professional experience since the scholarship is meant for professionals.
  • Candidates must not have any prior experience in the USA and must possess proof of English language proficiency.
  1. RTPs / UIPAs scholarship scheme: is targeted at international students who want to study banking and finance at the PhD level in Australia. The scholarship is awarded for a full-time study and research program at UNSW business school and is worth about 26,000 Australian dollars. It includes a cover of tuition fees, monthly allowance for up to 6 months and the scholarship awardees are also awarded an additional 10,000 Australian dollars per year by the UNSW Business School.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Application is open for international students outside Australia
  • The application is available only to students who want to pursue their banking and finance degree at the the PhD level.
  • Successful candidates are selected on merit and financial status.

3. Fullbright New Zealand general graduate awards: this Fullbright scholarship is awarded to students to study any course of their choice including banking and finance for PhD degree in any institution in the USA. The scholarship awarded is worth about 31,000 US dollars and also covers travel expenses and insurance for a whole year.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Application is open to international students who want to pursue a PhD degree program in the USA.
  • Candidates are selected for their excellent academic record and other achievements.
  • Applicants must take up a full-time postgraduate study or research at a US institution for at least six months before applying.

4. Ghent University Grants, Belgium: this scholarship is available for international students from developing countries around the world to study English taught masters program in any discipline at the Ghent University, Belgium. The scholarship award is worth 650 euros per month and an all-in assurance that covers health, civil liability and repatriation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only three top students are selected for the scholarship award each year to study in Ghent University.
  • Application is open to international students from developing countries.
  • Applicants must have completed a first degree or undergraduate studies before applying.

5. Japan / World Bank Scholarship Program: This scholarship is also available for international students from developing countries for Masters study for one to two years.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The scholarship is only open to students from developing countries who wish to study a Masters degree
  • Applicants must have already completed an undergraduate study in a related field.

6. Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program: this scholarship award is worth about 25 000 dollars and it is focused only on students who are studying banking and finance at the PhD level. The scholarship sponsors successful students to complete their studies in any higher institution of the choice abroad for a duration of ten months.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The fellowship program is only available for international students from developing countries.
  • Students who are already studying a PhD degree in banking and finance are selected.
  • Successful candidates are selected on merit and academic record.

7. Global excellence scholarships: this scholarship award is taken at the University of Exeter for international students to study banking and finance at any level and degree of choice.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The scholarship is awarded based on academic excellence and selected on the application for admission
  • Applicants must be ready to take up a course and degree at the University of Exeter when awarded.

8. Commonwealth scholarship at New Zealand: as is suggested by the title of the scholarship, it is available for Commonwealth countries for students who intend to study in New Zealand for a PhD program. Selection is based on academic merit. The scholarship lasts for three and half years and is worth tuition and other supplementary expenses.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The scholarship is available for only students from Commonwealth countries.
  • Applicants are selected on academic merit and must also show proof of continuous academic prowess once awarded.

9. Qatar Foundation Scholarship: is awarded based on individual needs and it is available to all international students irrespective of their countries. The scholarship is available for students to study in any academic field of their choice at both the undergraduates, masters and also doctorate programs. The scholarship award covers the expenses of study and lasts for the entire duration of the study. The value includes;  tuition waiver and other supplementary fees required during the duration of the study program.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The scholarship is available for students from all nationalities around the world.
  • Students are able to take up any degree of their choice as the scholarship award is not specific of the type of degree.
  • Successful applicants are selected on financial status and also academic merit.

10. Harold Carroll Memorial Scholarship at Federation University Australia: this scholarship is fully funded as it covers a full waiver of tuition and also stipend for living expenses throughout the duration of study at the Federation University in Australia which is the host institution. The scholarship is available for students pursuing their bachelor, masters and also PhD programs in any academic field on the university.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Application is open for both home and international students from different parts of the world.
  • Applicants are selected on academic merit and financial status
  • Applicants can apply for either undergraduate, masters or PhD studies at the University.

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Top 6 Countries in the World to Study Banking and Finance

It is not always easy to make a choice of study destination abroad especially when there is not enough financial budget to cover the cost of study and living in such a country. Studying abroad can come with so much ease when you find the right place and with a scholarship to support your right through school. In order to choose a good country, there are some things to put into consideration, like the employment rate of the country upon graduation, if your choose field of study is well acknowledged and also the cost of study and living. Outlined here below are some of the top countries of the world you can consider studying at their institutions.

  1. Germany: is one of the top countries in the world which offers little or no cost of tuition in its public institutions. Studying any course including banking and finance in this country is almost free for students. The best part is that Germany does not discriminate among its own students and international students as everyone is accorded the same tuition waiver. As a student, you only need to cover the administration fee of around 100–350 EUR per semester. Also, the living cost is averagely low and does not cost much.
  2. France: public universities in France pay low tuition of about 1,000 EUR or below per year. France institutions are also well recognized and the academic awards from its universities are well acknowledged. The living cost is also on an average of about 800–1,000 EUR per month depending on the student’s lifestyle.
  3. Switzerland: with Zurich been the country’s finance and banking capital with a lot of banking and global giant trade, Switzerland possesses as one of the best countries to study banking and finance because of the job availability and high demand for professionals in this field.
  4. China: Hong Kong is one of the influential cities in the whole of Asia due to its thriving trade and banking markets. China is a huge commerce country and studying banking and finance in such a country is an open gate for gainful employment upon graduation.
  5. United States: this country has a well-developed economy and there is a continuous increase in demand for financial analysts and other banking professionals to help focus and keep on boosting the economy of the country. The cost of study for international students may be quite on the high side, but upon completion of your studies, employment is quite sure for you.
  6. The United Arab Emirates (UAB): Dubai is termed one of the major financial capital of the Middle East of Dubai is well developed with a lot of international markets and as such the search for financial analysts and other financial professionals are in high demand. Studying banking and finance in the United Arab Emirates places such students in an open field of job employment open completion of the studies.

Banking and finance is a career field that cannot go into extinction provided the world still makes use of money in buying and selling. With the increase in demand for experts in this field of study, governments and other organizations have thought it wise to award scholarships to deserving students in order to help them achieve their dreams of studying banking and finance abroad.

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