10 Best Schools for MBA in Nigeria

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Those who understand the invaluable treasures hidden in business do not joke with Business Schools. With the rate more Nigerians are going into the world of business, it becomes necessary for those enthusiastic about business in Nigeria to acquire further knowledge on the field. There are different schools abroad and Nigeria that ensure these business moguls earn their Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

Most universities in Nigeria actually offer business management at the degree level and do not go beyond the basics of the course. For such students to have an in-depth understanding of business, they need to enroll in high-ranking business schools in Nigeria. Some of these schools also offer online programmes for students who live far away from their campuses or those who are ever busy making it to the classrooms.

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To enroll in any of the business schools in Nigeria, it is important to consider a couple of factors and they include the quality of the faculty and also the caliber of the teachers to deliver the lectures in question. You will also find out how strong and influential the quality of their alumni network is. The quality of the alumni network has a great role to play in offering abounding opportunities to their members.

In this article, we compiled the top ten schools for MBA programmes in Nigeria. These schools have been accredited by the National University Commission (NUC) and also offer in-depth business management courses that have been designed for their students who are mostly business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives of top organizations. Below is a compilation of schools (not written in any particular order) in Nigeria where you can obtain your MBA:

  1. The Lagos Business School (LBS)

Lagos Business School is the graduate business school of Pan-Atlantic University which is owned by the Pan-Atlantic University Foundation (PAUF), a non-profit organization that is registered in Nigeria. It was founded in 1991and has partnered with so many other global-minded business schools to offer programmes aimed at developing responsible business leaders in Africa and the world at large.

The school was established based on the inspirations derived from the teachings of St Josemaria Escriva who was the founder of Opus Dei. There are three major programmes in business management offered in the Lagos Business School and they include academic programmes, executive programmes, and short focused programmes. These programmes, in addition, have been ranked the best in Africa and the school has its major campus situated in Lekki, Lagos State.

The Lagos Business School belongs to so many associations and they include the Association of African Business School (AABS), the Global Business School Network (GBSN), the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) popularly known as AACSB International.

The LSB has been consecutively ranked among the best schools in open enrolment executive education for fourteen years. For four years as well, it has existed in the custom executive education by the Financial Times of London (FTS). It is worthy of note that the LBS is the first business school in West Africa to grace the FTS list.

If you are looking for quality, not minding the cost, then, the Lagos Business School is your plug.

  1. The Executive Business School (EBS)

The Executive Business School, whose headquarters is located in Nigeria, was incorporated in 2006 and began operation in 2007. The aim of its establishment is to capitalize on a large and growing demand for academic programmes leading to British awards.

In addition to that, the EBS is one of the privately established Business Schools in Africa whose mission of delivering quality education ranges from law and business-related academic and professional programmes that are highly in demand. It also partners with top British universities to offer quality education to its ever-growing students.

It collaborated with the Bradford University Law School (BULS) to deliver part of its Bachelor’s in Law (LLB), while the students join the financial year students in Bradford. It also collaborates with Leeds Metropolitan University, UK, provides the MSC Corporate Governance, MSC Accounting, Master of Law (LLM), and Doctor of Business Administration (DBS).

The plan is that the EBS would offer part of the academic award in Lagos, Nigeria, while the students would complete the programmes with the affiliate British universities to advance in their respective programmes.

  1. The University of Lagos Master of Business Administration (UNILAG MBA)

Currently, the UNILAG MBA is another school that could be confidently referred to as someone who is poised about quality. Aside from the fact that UNILAG is among the top 3 best universities in Nigeria as well as the most sought after in terms of quality education, its MBA courses are among the top leading university courses that have produced alumni whose successes in business have been felt within the country and globally.

The University of Lagos was established in 1962 with three campuses situated in Lagos state, the commercial headquarters in Nigeria.

  1. The West Africa Business School (WABS)

The West African Business School is one of the leading business schools, not just in the region, but in the continent. Its branches are found in Ghana, Gambia and Nigeria, with its Nigerian headquarters located in Lagos state.

The school was registered in Nigeria in 2002 as a private regional training institute. Its major aim is to produce intellectual assets that would take over the business world in Africa and ECOWAS in particular. It has also collaborated with major industrial brands in finance, health, and insurance.

The kind of training offered in WABS do not adopt that of traditional business schools because degrees are not awarded to students upon graduation, rather, corporate training is delivered through executive open enrollment and in-house programme for organisations. Furthermore, distance online learning is offered by the school.

  1. The International School of Management (ISM)

The International School of Management offers quality educational services in the management of the business. Their programmes cover undergraduate, postgraduate and online education. This is to ensure that students of various academic backgrounds are carried along in their training. Also, in order to fulfill their aim, the school has partnered and formed academic allegiance with top universities globally, with a focus on Europe and America. The programmes are impacted by a mix of foreign and local tutors who are ingrained in the knowledge of the Nigerian Business System.

  1. The African Business School

The African Business School is one of the top business schools in Nigeria and there are a number of reasons for that. The school has an affiliation with Magner Carter College, the UK, and other top schools like the Graduate Management School, Cameroun as well as Babcock University, Nigeria. Outside the Lagos Business School, the African Business School ranks the best. Its programmes range from Marketing, Finance, Banking, and Business Management as well as Risk Management.

The motto of African Business School is “Excellence in Wisdom and Understanding”, of which they have been living up to the standard. It was founded in the year, 2000, and located in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

  1. The GPE Business School

The GPE Business School is the first business school located in the South-Eastern part of the country. Its headquarters are in Enugu state. It is a non-profit organization that gives out its training for free to individuals whose penchant for education is topnotch. The aim of the training is to shape committed individuals to become great entrepreneurs and business managers.

The programmes offered in the school are result-oriented where students gain extensive experience in the business. The school operates on three major pivots of principle, practice, and research.

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  1. The Metropolitan School of Business Management

This business school is an affiliate of the Metropolitan School of Business Management in the United Kingdom. It is situated in Lagos, Nigeria, and offers both online and on-campus programmes to its students. If you would want to be awarded with a foreign degree without having to step your foot outside Nigeria, then, this school will help you achieve that.

  1. Rome Business School, Nigeria

Rome Business School is a Nigerian affiliate of Rome Business School located in Italy with over 100 000 students of over 150 nationalities. All their programmes are taught with high teaching quality and intentional attention to the needs of the students. Some of the courses offered are Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Executive Masters in Business Administration (Executive MBA), and also masters in Marketing and Sales, Data Science, Agribusiness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Human Resources as well as Marketing and Communication. All their courses are focused on project work, innovative and creative programmes, international impact and career service, which makes them a great school that produces better managers for a better world.

The school is located at Ikeja, Lagos state.

  1. The School of Business and Entrepreneurship, American University of Nigeria: The School of Business and Entrepreneurship offers specialized and industry-related degree programmes at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. It also partners with numerous organizations to provide quality education in business management.

The American University, Nigeria is located at Yola in Adamawa state.

If you are an aspiring or a budding entrepreneur and would want to step your skills in business, then, attending a business school will help you to bring the vision to reality. The MBA prepares you for entry positions in general management and develops you to understand the nitty-gritty of management. If you also wish to convert from specialist fields to hold a management position in your organization, enrolling in an MBA class would avail you of that opportunity.

Some of the schools also offer scholarships to eligible candidates for their business management programmes.