Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee a Job in Thailand

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The average monthly salary in Thailand has been on the increasing side over the past decade. It is great to know the best degrees that would guarantee you a job as quickly as you graduated. Jobs in the fields of healthcare, IT, finance, and so on are usually the dominating job roles in the country. With just your first degree, you can get an entry level job, while gaining experience and upgrading to explore more job opportunities in the market.

Below are some of the trending degree programmes in Thailand that you might find interesting:

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  1. Software engineers

Software engineers are also known as software developers of programmers, take up the duty of designing, building, and testing computer programs. The software professionals build the computer with a variety of computer languages – frontend, backend, databases, servers, and so on.

To become a software developer, you will need to first become interested in IT subjects as well as get the necessary skills that would help you in this area. The best starting point is a degree in computer science. You may also find a business computing qualification very useful. A practical experience is also a tool that would guarantee you a safe career in this field.

The average salary for a software engineer in Thailand is 508 270 THB.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers are in charge of taking care of digital channels like social media, emails and websites. These avenues are greatly used to generate new business and increase brand visibility. To be exceptionally good in the field of digital marketing, you must be skilled, analytic, focused, creative, able to solve problem and also able to work independently in order to be great at what you do.

To become a digital marketer requires strong interest in courses like marketing, management or related disciplines. Being qualified in media, English literature and other humanity courses may help too.

Digital marketers earn up to 965 672 THB per annum.

  1. Accounting

There is no organisation that you step into without finding at least one accountant. Accountants take a variety of financial decisions and business insights, while ensuring that records are accurate and up to date. It is one the best paying jobs in Thailand and you can choose to work with an organisation or work independently.

To become an accountant in Thailand, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in accountant. Afterwards, you can get certified register with the Federation of Accounting Professionals and get licensed as a Certified Public Accountant.

In Thailand, accountants earn 420 000 THB on the average per annum.

  1. Energy and Resource Engineer

An energy and resource engineer focuses on how to produce energy naturally or through renewable or sustainable means. They design and test machinery as well as improve on existing methods and processes. Technical knowledge will be required to navigate this field because it is one of the best-paying jobs in Thailand.

An engineering degree in a related field like environmental engineering, mining and petroleum will be a good starting point. To advance in your career, you can obtain a postgraduate qualification as well as get registered with the Council of Engineers of Thailand.

The average salary of energy and renewable engineer is 1 080 000 THB per annum.

  1. Language Translator

A translator is involved with the role of translating written texts from one language to another. They could also be seen as an interpreter but interpreters only translate spoken words or sign language. Being a translator requires that you are deeply ingrained in at least two languages, with good communication and analytical skills.

It is one of the most sought-after jobs in Thailand. As a result, you will need to understand the native language spoken in the country and another strong one, as well as the know-how to read, write and speak the language. An understanding of a foreign language will also be an added advantage as that could help you secure a better job with a wider audience. Tour guides and diplomats need to study languages in order to communicate with foreigners and other people of different languages they interact with every day. Also, the culture of the people you are translating from or translating to should be greatly studied by you. Make sure you have a degree certificate to start with.

Translators earn as high as 1 090 000 THB per annum in Thailand.

  1. Pharmacist

Pharmacists study everything about medicine and its usage. With their knowledge in the field of medicine, they evaluate the effect of certain medicines on the human body and give the right advice on the proper way of using them. Pharmacists are consistently interacting with patients and other healthcare professionals and so certain skills like good communication, problem-solving, analytical, critical, and other skills are very important to navigate the field.

To become a pharmacist, you will need to obtain a degree in pharmacy. If possible, a master’s degree will help you to navigate deeper into the field and also build a stronger career, while making more money. Working under an experienced pharmacist will also help you to apply for a license with the Pharmacy Council of Thailand.

On the average, pharmacists earn 606 782 THB per annum.

  1. Supply Chain Managers

These experts studied purchasing and supply in higher institutions. Their job roles include managing equipment, hardware and logistics of a company’s supply chain. They help in purchasing raw materials and ensure they are delivered safely and successfully, making sure the customer demands are met. As a supply chain manager, you will need to have knowledge of different segments of the organization.

You will need a bachelor’s degree to become a supply chain manager. You could also land a job with a certificate in logistics, finance and business. Gaining some hands-on experience and a master’s degree will help you explore the field better and become an expert manager.

As a supply chain manager, you could earn as much as 1 100 000 THB per annum.

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  1. Education

Education is an integral part of society. As an educationist, you will always have a job to do in Thailand. Teachers are in high demand in the country. With a solid career in education, you may not make the highest, but you will always make money enough to pay your ever-piling up bills and take care of your expenses.

You can also make some extra money teaching private individuals or their wards during the weekend.

At the state level, you can make around 350 000 THB per year, but at the private sector, you might earn around 1 000 000 per annum.

  1. Biological Sciences

Biological scientists are involved in the revolution of the future. They help in improving drugs and antibiotics, stem cell application, organ transplants and other evolution in the field. Graduates in this field do not find it difficult to get a good job just within six months of graduation. This is partly because the world needs scientists to survive and just a few of them are available at the moment.

  1. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses provide health care to patients in the hospitals, offices, or at home. They evaluate the health condition of a patient and record the medical condition to be discussed with the doctor. In some situations, they are permitted to prescribe drugs and medications to patients.

Nurses also ensure they follow health guidelines in protecting themselves against diseases while carrying out their duties. Their job also requires shift work and irregular hours as they work both night and day. Most nurses have bachelor’s degrees and are majorly preferred by employers in Thailand. As an aspirant nurse, you must meet the educational requirements and pass the examinations. Then, proceed to register with the professional body and earn a license as a Registered Nurse.

With the advent of the Corona Virus pandemic, the demand for nurses has increased. If you are passionate about nursing, you must be fully equipped with skills like empathy, good communication, critical and creative thinking as well as problem-solving skills. This is because you are dealing with vulnerable members of society. You need to first see things from their point, analyze them and decide on how best to handle them. If care is not taken, your license is at stake and you must protect the profession with all your might.

The median annual salaries for nurses is 2 000 000 THB.

From the list above, you can see that living and work in Thailand could be one of the best decisions you can take. The common perception that the only available and easily gotten job is teaching is not true. In fact, except you are great at and passionate about teaching, do not go into the area to avoid frustrating your career. Do not go for just a job that would guarantee a poverty-free future, instead a job you are passionate about will help you to encounter a stress-free academic journey. Do not forget that it is illegal to work in Thailand without a work permit.

Some foreigners work under the table because they lack work permits. This is pretty dangerous because you could be fished out and deported. All it requires is for a local to catch you and report you to the immigration police and everything is folded up for you.

Furthermore, completing a bachelor’s program is the minimum level requirement for many jobs in Thailand. The in-demand jobs in 2021 include managers, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) specialists, software and healthcare professionals. Also, note that the job market fluctuates. What is currently in demand this year might be out of fashion in ten years’ time. This is because people’s tastes change and so are their demands for different skills. For instance, the demand for healthcare professionals increased with the Corona Virus pandemic. Also, the emergence of the internet has increased the demand for internet-related skills. so, for you to excel in your career, you must understand the market trends and pitch your tent comfortably.