10 tips to help you write your essay

Essays are very important aspects of academia and no one can escape them in the present school system. Many people however, out of not knowing the essential steps of writing a good one, struggle writing their essays. As a result, they receive dismal marks, if at all they get them. This article gives you 10 working steps to follow when writing an essay.

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  1. Researching your topic is the best way to start writing an essay.  Use all the available sources of expert knowledge at your disposal; from the internet, books, text books, journals and publications to make yourself an expert on the essay topic before you start writing.
  2. After you have done the research for the essential pieces you think are relevant to get the essay going; proceed to analyze these sources.  Essentially, this is to help you determine which argument fits well, how other writers think and the evidence to support such thought.
  3. Brainstorming is another step you need to apply to get the best essay out. Ideally, this entails going through what you have researched and analyzed, with different arguments. Test and try the different arguments with the evidence you have before settling on an argument to give in the ultimate essay. At this stage, its best to find some original ideas to use with the information you have.
  4. Follow this up with a thesis. Simply, this is an authoritative sentence that states what your argument is. Tell your readers where your augment is going and why, according to you. Remember to make the sentence as short as possible.
  5. Create an outline for what the body and the other parts of your essay will look like. Ideally, creating one line to describe a part of the essay, sub-topics and bullets to develop your body can work better. The basis of this is to make your structure completely mapped to avoid all the confusion.
  6. Introduce the argument. This should be done in a few sentences and introduce the argument as stated to the reader. According to most standard essay writing experts, this part is best done in a manner that sets the topic up to the thesis.
  7. Write clear paragraphs and if possible, make it standard for a single idea in every paragraph. An effective paragraph starts with a topic sentence, followed by an expounding idea in an easy and direct way.
  8. Write a conclusion after your paragraphs in the essay have completed the argument. Whereas there isn’t a standard way to conclude an essay, ending on a high note is good. Wrap up the argument and head straight to some call to action or a nudging quote.
  9. Referencing the essay in the advised format should then follow. There are many styles, but the popular one like the MLA format is quite easy to implement, albeit to protect you from recording plagiarized work.
  10. Proofread the article to ensure that the essay does not have broken English, grammar problems, typos and other small issues that may deny you full marks.

Overall, by diligently following on with these ten easy essay writing steps, your writing skills should improve in no time.

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