Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Study and Work Abroad

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People are looking for the most affordable countries to study and work in because studying abroad is a dream that comes true for many international students.

The high cost of tuition and living allowances are definitely different from where such students are coming from.

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This is a worrying factor.

To cope with these high expenses, many students result getting part-time employment to support their financial status and also to gain experience while on the job.

Unfortunately, many international countries have their own rules and regulations concerning part-time jobs for international students.

Some laws are so discouraging that by the time, the student is able to meet up with the necessary requirements, the course of study is almost over.

In as much as some countries do not allow their students to work while they study for various reasons, there are also other international countries that allow their students to take up part-time jobs which may not affect their education.

Countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, and so on permit their students to take up part-time jobs.

These jobs are slated for specific hours of the week and the students are also paid an hourly rate.

Some of these countries also create platforms where students can get scholarships, student grants, and other forms of aid to support themselves financially throughout their course of study.

These are the Cheapest Countries to Study and Work Abroad

Studying abroad can be quite easy to maintain, provided the student’s lifestyle is not extravagant.

The student should be able to adjust quickly to the system of the host country. In this article, we have enumerated 10 countries where international students can study and also work by getting part-time jobs.

Also, not all countries which offer international study options allow students to work. The ones that permit their students to work have different rules and guidelines specific to each country. It is important to familiarize one with these rules and requirements before applying to study abroad.

Below are the top 10 cheapest countries to study and work for international students.

  1. Germany: this country takes the top on our list of the top 10 cheapest countries. It has a tuition payment for undergraduates and PhD courses. Germany’s no tuition in some of its states has pushed the country forward to be on the hot list. Its high quality of education, low cost of living and also the student-friendly environment are also advantageous. Many international students can work and study in Germany. But they have fulfilled some of the working conditions required by the country. Germany also does not restrict its students on where to work. Students can choose from the different work options made available to them. International students who wish to work in Germany can work for 90 days in a full year. The wages are also paid at an hourly rate. You can also apply for a scholarship in Germany as an international student.
  2. Poland: is one of the most affordable places to study in Europe. The country is also home to some of the oldest institutions and has an excellent educational system. The general cost of living in this country is also affordable. Students can make do with their expenses by getting part-time employment while they study in the country. Poland permits international students to work for a period of 20 hours each week when in school sessions. They can work full-time when school is on a break as long as a student work permit is already issued.
  3. South Africa: is a diverse community with a rising economy. South Africa stands as a site of an affordable educational system in Africa together with a high standard of education. The country is also gradually becoming a hot spot for international students from different parts of the world who like to explore and learn a different culture or environment. With a valid student visa, international students can work for a maximum of 20 hours each week in South Africa till the expiration of the student visa. Students can get jobs on-campus, and off-campus if all requirements are met and can also apply for scholarships.
  4. Taiwan: as a country in Asia, Taiwan is one of the cheapest countries to study for international students. The tuition fees and cost of living are averagely low. This allows the country to stay a wide view of international students. Although small, Taiwan is a perfect study destination for international students who want an affordable place to study. As a foreign student, Taiwan allows you to work for 20 hours duration. You have to obtain a valid work permit from the right authorities.
  5. Lithuania: is a very small European country but boasts a quality educational system. Like other parts of Europe, it also has many English-taught programs since English is the main language. Lithuania is one of the countries of the world with a very affordable tuition fee and cost of living. International students can work in Lithuania provided they hold a valid residency permit. The permit allows the holder to work for 20 hours per week. Students can work up to three months full-time during school breaks.
  6. Malaysia: in terms of living costs, this country ranks high on the list of the cheapest countries to study. Malaysia also boasts of a high standard of education. It also houses a number of campuses affiliated with United Kingdom institutions. Malaysia also permits international students to work and study for a duration of 20 hours per week. But they must have a valid student visa from the Ministry of Labor. The students can get part-time jobs at restaurants, mini markets, petrol kiosks, hotels and many more.
  7. Argentina: as the second-largest country in South America, Argentina boasts of a very beautiful landscape and is also one of the safest countries in the world which accepts foreigners. International students studying in Argentina can work while they study for no specific duration as long as their studies do not interfere with their jobs. Also, a valid student visa with a work permit is required.
  8. Belgium: is a country in Europe with an affordable cost of living and friendly locals, the country has a quality educational background and is another cool place to study abroad. Belgium permits international students to work and study but with a valid residence permit. During school hours, the maximum duration of work is 20 hours and full time during semester breaks. Working for longer hours during school sessions may result in the termination of such a student’s visa. Some schools in Belgium also offers scholarship for students.
  9. Vietnam: famous for its tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes, Vietnam is an affordable study abroad destination for many international students. The country has a lot of possible things to offer with its diverse culture and welcoming locals. Students can take up part-time jobs in Vietnam during their course of study to support their needs. The few options available for employment in this country are; teaching English, working in malls and showrooms, working in restaurants and so on.
  10. Thailand: this is a very popular tourist destination with an affordable lifestyle. The country is gradually becoming a place where international students who like to experience something different would want to go. The country is not so popular among international students. It has a solid cultural background, affordable cost of living and also an improved educational system. Generally, it is a nice place to study. Students can work and study in Thailand as long as they have a work permit from the Royal Ministry of Labour in the country.
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Factors to Consider When in Search of an Affordable Country to Study & Work Abroad

When in search of an affordable study abroad destination, there are countless factors which one must consider, right from the application process to work in the country and so on. First and foremost, it is important to check and plan according to your financial status. Many international countries would require you to tend your proof of funds throughout your stay in the country before you can be granted entrance. It would then not be wise to show that you want to work while you study before your application is even received. Some of the factors which you can consider as you search and compare your options include;

  • The country’s average cost of living; accommodation, transportation, feeding and so on
  • Standard of education quality in the country and the tuition fee rates
  • Cost of processing of the student visa and necessary documents
  • Reviews from other international students of your host institution or country
  • Requirements needed for work and study in the country if you intend to do so.

In order for you to study abroad, it is paramount to plan according to your financial stability and search for institutions that are very affordable with little or affordable cost of living and education. As was stated earlier, the countries that permit international students to work and study have different criteria that are required, therefore it is wise to note these requirements before you proceed in your application. The failure to abide by the rules most of the time results in either revoking such student’s visa or working with no pay. In this article, we have outlined the different countries with cheap and affordable costs of living and education to help you make your choices of the perfect study abroad destination.