Want to Study and Live in Germany as an International Student? You Need to know these Tips

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Germany is one of the countries in Central and Western Europe with its capital been Berlin. Germany is very developed and it is ranked as the ninth most visited country in the world both by international students and other foreigners and tourists.  The official language of the country is German, although, English language is also recognized and the currency used in this country is Euro. Germany has many world-ranked universities and colleges with various courses and degrees which are made available to students to choose from and study.

The educational system of Germany is such that is unrivaled and in the year 2014, about 16 states in Germany made a new law to allow no tuition fee for undergraduate studies for both its citizens and international students alike. This has then place Germany on a world rank of the best study abroad destinations in Europe. The cost of living is relatively cheap and affordable to most international students and the German government also offers different funding and support programs to help its students as they study in the country.

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Germany has a very large economy and as such opens opportunities for international students to work after studying. The student visas are usually extended for a period of 18 months after the completion of the student’s degree to enable the student to find the next step in life either to stay back in the country and work or to go back to his or her home country.

Studying and Living in Germany as an International Student

Although the cost of studying in Germany is relatively low with most public universities paying little or no tuition fees at all for both citizens and international students, the other living expenses like accommodation, food, transportation and so on cannot be overlooked. Since you would have to take care of these expenses yourself, it is important to have a budget on how and what you may want to spend as you live in Germany? On average, international students can be expected to spend about $962 on general monthly living costs.

Accommodation is one of the living expenses which you may want to consider especially since you would spend more money on this. Depending on the type of accommodation you want to rent, it may be cheap or very expensive. Students decide on shared apartments to be able to afford cheaper rents and other living costs.

Other living expenses such as food, transportation and entertainment maybe relatively low depending on the lifestyle of the student. Munich is the most expensive city in Germany and students, who live there, may find things a little on the high side. Germany also offers scholarships and other support grants to financially assist its students in their studies and living expenses.

International students would also need to acquire a health insurance policy for their living in Germany since this is a necessary criterion to study abroad, you can find out more from your host institution. Also, another requirement to study in Germany is that international students must show proof of a yearly income or financial support of about $11,582 in order to fulfill their student visa requirements to study in Germany.

10 Reasons Why You Should Study in Germany

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Germany is one of the best study abroad destination in the world with its high and world-class educational system and good university infrastructures, the country is a sure the best bet for studying abroad. The government offers low tuition fees not just for its citizens but also for international students too and this makes Germany a good place to live and study abroad. As an international student in search of where to study abroad in a safe and secured environment, you can consider Germany. In this article, we have tried to comply with some of the top 10 reasons why you should study in Germany and we hope it helps you make your decision.

  1. Quality education: German universities and colleges are some of the best in the world and their certificates are globally recognized. The quality of education in Germany is world-class and as such attracts many international students from all around the world. Its university classes are well equipped with top-notch technology which assists the students to study effectively. The German institutions have a wide range of courses and degrees in sciences, arts, humanities and other studies and students can make their choices excepting only the best.
  2. Safe country: one of the major causes of concern when considering studying abroad is to find a place where it is safe to study and no racism or crime and so choosing Germany as a place to study is worth the try. Germany is a very safe country with a low crime rate and that is why it is a great study abroad destination for most international students. In this country, there is a very rare racism incident as Germany is a multicultural society which accepts people of different color and nationality. International students are allowed and safe to work around freely without fear.
  3. English taught courses: although German been the official or national language of Germany and it is often used in the teaching of its university courses, the German institutions also offer and teach some of their courses in English language which makes it very easy for international students to adapt and learn properly with no language hindrance.
  4. Lower tuition fees: Germany since 2014 has made it public that there will now be a low or no tuition fee payment not only for its citizens but also for international students in the EU and other parts of the world. The German institutions offer low and sometimes, no tuition fees on their undergraduate courses but you may be expected to pay a little for a master’s degree and other postgraduate degrees. The government of Germany also offers different funding options for its students while they study in the country to help support some of the other administrative fees which the students are still required to pay and for the general living expenses which the students study in the country. This low tuition is sure one of the many reasons why most international students find Germany a good study abroad destination.
  5. Low cost of living: living in Germany can be said to be affordable when compared to the other parts of Europe. The cost of accommodation, transportation, and other living expenses are relatively cheaper and sometimes students, in general, get discounts or fairly low charges on some items and even transportation.
  6. Diverse culture: Germany is a multicultural environment with diverse people and lifestyles. There are different places to visit and explore while in the country, such as; museums, cinema, beach, mountain, lake and so much more. There are also various food and drinks which the Germans love to impress and their visitors anytime.
  7. Availability of scholarships and support programs: in German institutions, there is the availability of scholarships and different support programs not only for its citizens but also for international students who have exceptional academic records. International students can easily access these scholarships by visiting the institution and finding out about the criteria needed for these grants.
  8. Large international community: there is a large portion of international students in the German universities and colleges and so they assist each other in settling down in the country. As an international student, when in Germany you can find out and identify with some of the international communities and they, in turn, provide good opportunities and mentoring programs for the student.
  9. Internships and work experience: the universities in Germany offer internship opportunities for their students where they are allowed to work in different sectors and also gain work experience which would be useful for their future jobs. Upon completion of the student study program in the country, Germany also offers 18 months extension on the student’s visa to help them either extend the visas to permanently stay and work in Germany or to pack up their things and go back home. Either way, the work experiences obtained during the course of study in the country are always useful in the future and help the students to be marketable.
  10. Learn the country’s language: German which is the national language of Germany and is also one of the official languages of the European Union is a unique language that you as an international student living in the country may want to learn. You can learn this language easily by interacting with the locals or taking up a German language course at the university. Sharpening your German language skills would be of great assistance to you if you wish to stay back and work in Germany and also to enhance your interaction with the people of the country.

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Germany’s educational system is world-class and its graduates and awarded certificates are recognized and well accepted by different employers all over the world. Germany is a good and safe place to study abroad by international students, the country also does not discriminate among its citizens and foreigners as it makes it low tuition rule for everybody.  Using German as its official language does not stop an international student from receiving their classes in English language as some of the courses available in the universities and colleges are taught in English language to avoid the language barrier. Germany is a very attractive and affordable place to study among the other European countries of the world and you would surely enjoy your stay in the country.