10 Important Things to Do As You Stay at Home

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The outbreak of the corona virus has taken the world by storm. Just a few months into 2020 and we are dealing with a global pandemic. Unfortunately, a major requirement to contain the spread of this virus is to almost put the economy to a near-stop across a large part of the world for an indefinite period of time.

There really isn’t much you and I can do at the moment other than to take necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus and while at it, make the most of our stay at home period. Here are helpful tips on important things you can do during this period.

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  1. Do not spread rumors

Be wary of where you get information from. You’ve probably received some fake news since the outbreak of the corona virus on Whatsapp and other digital media outlets. Do not contribute to the spread of such false information. Be civil. Be responsible. Only share information from reputable organizations and news outlets. See link in the description for some reputable sources. Remember that fear is also a deadly virus not worth spreading.

  1. Do not stay glued to the news

Try to limit the time you spend watching, reading or listening to coverage of the outbreak, including on social media, and think about turning off breaking-news alerts on your phone. You could set yourself a specific time to read updates or limit yourself to checking a couple of times a day. And while at it, use only trustworthy sources and fact-check information from the news, social media or other people.

  1. Spread the right information

Be proactive with relevant information. Many people around you may not have the right information about the situation in your community or country. Take the responsibility to help spread the right information. Remember that evil only persist when good men and women do nothing.

  1. Take that online course

Thankfully and hopefully, the internet is not shutting down. So we still have this tool to our advantage. While keeping up with what is happening in the world and around you, this could be a good time to take that online course and learn that new skill. While businesses and companies are shutting down, most online learning platforms are very accessible. If the time has been an excuse for not taking that training to brush up your skill and knowledge, now could be a good time to do so.

  1. Read a book

If you prefer reading books, this is also a good time to pick up a book and start reading. Or if you have an unfinished book, you may want to pick it up and read it to the last page.

  1. Bond with your family

Among the many lessons we will take away from this pandemic, one of it is that when all else fails, the family is where we run to. It’s just interesting to see how everything we have built our lives around; the jobs, business, careers, personal ambition, sports and other obsessions have become relatively irrelevant in a time like this. Use this time to strengthen the bond with your family.

  1. Engage your hands and mind

If you have to stay at home because of coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s important to take care of your mind as well as your body. You may feel bored, frustrated or lonely. You may also be low, worried or anxious, or concerned about your finances, your health or those close to you. It is OK to feel this way. It’s important to remember that staying at home may be difficult, but you are helping to protect yourself and others by doing it. To keep your mind engaged, try activities like cooking, writing, drawing, painting, playing a game like Sudoku puzzles, jigsaws, scrabble, or playing a musical instrument. It will help keep your brain stimulated.

  1. Connect with others

Maintaining healthy relationships with people you trust is important for your mental wellbeing. Think about how you can stay in touch with friends and relatives while you are at home – by phone, messaging, video calls or online –it could be with people you usually see often or reconnecting with old friends or neighbours. Lots of people are finding the current situation difficult, so staying in touch could help them too.

  1. Look after your body

Our physical health really affects how we feel. Make the effort to ensure you and your family eats healthy, drink enough water and exercise regularly. Avoid smoking or drugs, and try not to drink too much alcohol. It can be easy to fall into unhealthy patterns of behaviour that end up making you feel worse.

  1. Sleep

Good-quality sleep makes a big difference in how we feel, so it’s important to get enough of it. Try to maintain your regular sleeping pattern and stick to good sleep practices. Be smart. Be safe.