Top 20 Work From Home Jobs You Should Seek During a Global Pandemic

In the wake of a global pandemic like the COVID-19 that has crippled most businesses in all parts of the world; the thought of actually retaining a job or having a job runs deep in the mind of individuals.

Many companies have decided to ease the worries of their workers by managing the working procedures. Most of these companies have decided to implement the policy of work- from- home. This can be either mandatory or voluntary either way of promoting their company business. 

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For most of you that do not just tolerate idleness no matter the circumstance but see the need to be useful to yourself, family, and society, the thought of working directly from the house has at one point run across your minds.

A good number of Americans are taking part in the unusual experiment of working from home. Some of them have discovered that they are even happier and more efficient in their jobs at home. In the few months of working from home, it has been discovered that it isn’t totally a bad idea or turn out.

Be optimistic about the global pandemic and check up some few jobs that can be done from the house. It is not a negative thing to do since you will need finance to survive amid this whole pandemic. Below are outlined online jobs you can engage in. These jobs are perfect, fit, and rewarding for anyone that ventures into them.

  1. Web Developer

You can choose to become a web developer. Since it largely requires a computer system, you can do this anywhere and even right in your closet. According to Wikipedia, web development is the work involved in developing a website for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network).

This is achieved by writing a series of lines of complicated code, making use of a variety of languages, and translating to a language that a computer can comprehend, such as HTML or Python.

You can develop a simple single static page of plain text to complex web apps. Web development refers to a more comprehensive list of tasks such as web server, web content development, web engineering, and client liaison, and e-commerce development.

With a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree, you are qualified to become a web developer. The median annual wage for a web developer is $69,430. The lowest 10% earned less than $37,930 and the highest 10% earned more than $124,480.

This is worth considering especially if you know both programming and graphic design. This is one of the best jobs to engage in from home. There is more advantage to being a web developer than you might have envisioned. The increase in the use of mobile phones to roam the internet by people will lead to the increasing demand for web developers. As a result of this, even amid a global pandemic, your employed status will be secured.

  1. Virtual Tutor

It is expedient to choose to work as a virtual tutor. A global pandemic such as the one plaguing the world has hit hard on the business sector. Many are now heading towards the internet with expectations of making a huge amount of money even from their respective homes.

With the total lockdown in some parts of the world, most have decided to take advantage of staying home to be productive. Make the most out of your time at home to make money by engaging in tutoring classes online.

If you love inculcating knowledge in people or enjoy the satisfaction you get from teaching various students from different regions of the world then waste no time to become a virtual tutor. It would be a wonderful means of generating money online from the comfort of your home even amid a pandemic.

A virtual tutor earns between $12 to $35 per hour by teaching students over the phone or Skype. There so many advantages you get from working as a virtual tutor. Below is a highlight of a few of them:

  • The very first advantage of being a virtual tutor is that you earn money directly from the convenience of your home without offering a leg outside.
  • In the face of a global pandemic, it is wise to be courteous in the many spending you engage in on a normal day. Being a virtual tutor will help you achieve that very aim. Tutoring online does not need the large monetary investment other jobs to require. You will earn money without even investing a dime in your tutoring job.
  • Since being a virtual tutor solely depends on your decisions and stipulated standards, you will enjoy the freedom of working at your own convenient time. You will not be bound by the working hours stipulated by any school or office.
  1. A Transcriptionist

Earn money from home by transcribing recorded dictations or speeches into text format like the Microsoft word document. This job affords you to work remotely from the house as a freelancer or as a single entity (independent contractors).

Many professionals and companies are usually in the need of a transcriptionist. This is because video content and digital audios are immensely produced daily and individuals are needed to transcribe much of it. The essence of transcribing these audios and video content can be seen in their uses. Some of the uses are:

  • Transcripts from audios and videos are used in market research, media interviews, and qualitative research.
  • They are easily accessible to all. Transcribed TV shows, radio programs, and podcasts can be accessed by everyone.
  • Transcribed video content can be easily repurposed into blog content, ebooks, and social media posts.

With the above, it is seen that working as a transcriptionist can be quite handy and great. You can work in the comfort of your home for companies in many industries such as Academic, Law enforcement, Insurance, Religious bodies, Medical, Market research, Government and so many others.

Becoming a transcriptionist is a very lucrative way of spending your time at home. With a good internet connection and word-processing software, you can work from the home by transcribing different kinds of audio/video materials such as seminars, sermons, webinars, conference calls, and so on. A transcriber earns $25 an hour.

  1. An Online Stylist

Lovers of fashion can choose to explore the fashion world. Work and earn as a fashion stylist right in your home. Design beautiful visual images and put them out on the internet. You can open a blog or make a YouTube video that entails fashion ideas; you can recommend the best outfits for models in photoshoot or film. 

There are various areas for a stylist, some of these include catwalk, still life, blogging, and social media (which will be best in a global pandemic), photographic. The list is endless. With the current global pandemic, you can make a living by keeping the fashion lovers up to date with current and even changing fashion and design trends. Though you’re working hours can be cumbersome at times, but then you are in control of your working hours.

You can work as a freelancer and get paid daily. Stylist earns $15 an hour. A very good deal for anyone that chooses to make the best out of his stay at home.

  1. Virtual Office Assistant

You can choose to become an independent contractor, providing social assistance or professional administrative to clients privately from your home. Working as a virtual office assistant for a small business can be a worth-while activity.

You do not need to have the discomfort of going to and fro to workplaces and is one of the businesses that create room for a home office. You can communicate to clients through the internet, phone call-conference, online workspaces, and e-mails. Technology has made it very easy to work in a conducive manner.

Certain technology such as Slack, Google Voice, and Skype can be utilized by a virtual assistant to provide an abroad range of services to consumers.

As a virtual assistant working from the home, you can spike up a potential client interest by your ability to perform some major VA tasks. This depends solely upon you’re your skills and ability and also your interest. There are so many service options you can engage in a virtual assistant.

Some of these services are website editing/design, secretarial work, customer service work, social media marketing, graphic design and layout, editing and proofreading, email management, creating sales pages, managing product launches, word press maintenance, content creation for blogs and some other relatively remote tasks.

With a high level of motivation, desire to learn, and a good communicative skill you are qualified for this online business. Not to worry about your financial status as virtual office assistants earn$10 to $15 per hour of service. This has proven to be an interesting way of passing out time at home in a time of a global pandemic.

  1. A Website Tester

You can work as a website tester from your home. Your job as a website tester is to give an opinion or your basic thoughts about a random website. You will also make sure that websites become easy to navigate. This can be difficult at times but determination can be easily handled.

To work effectively as a website tester from the house, all you need are some basic requirement such as:

  • An up to date laptop or Mac computer for work since all tasks are online
  • Unlimited access to high-speed internet
  • A webcam such as Logitech HD Pro Webcam

With this equipment and a nice qualification of oneself such as the ability to speak good English and nice writing skills, you are very suitable for the job. You can test the website by using an online screen recorder to record your opinion about the site. 

Website testers earn $10 to $15 per test which is completed for approximately 10-20 minutes. If you are willing to give this job a trial then below some list of companies that allow you to test websites from home:

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk- earns more than $100 a week by being on the sight at the right time when there are many tasks available.
  • Start-Up Lift- this company pays $5 per test via PayPal
  • TryMyUl-earn $10 per test. Requires 15-20 minutes to complete test
  • Analysis-earn $10 per test. This test takes 15 minutes to be completed
  • Userlytics- earn $10 per test. Webcam and microphone is needed to complete test
  • Testing Time-  earn $50 per test, the pay is via PayPal
  1. Social Media Manager Organization

Work from home and be in charge of managing a company’s social channels as a singular and important voice of the brand. Social media managers provide organizations and respond to the company’s compile campaign, comments, and create content.

To work effectively as a social media manager, there are stipulated activities you are expected to possibly engage in. Managing a company’s social channels requires you to implement its marketing plan. You should produce the content schedule of the organization and identify target customers. You will learn about your audience’s primary concerns and areas of interest to give you a forum to make customers out of fans.

You will need to have the skill of listening and responding to the company’s audience. These communicative skills help Increase the Company’s chance of getting high product sales and well, of course, improve customer relationships through engagement. 

You also support strategies that can promote the interest of your company like giving insight into influencer marketing, post new content, answer customers’ comments, and share materials from important fans or customers.

Planning your company’s social media campaign is an essential tool to promote growth. You should strategize your social media activities and create a good budget for the organization. Mingle with bloggers or forums or important influencers to work with. Create an atmosphere where business partners or members will feel that their business relationship with you is special.

  1. Engage in Short Tasks

You might wonder what a short task is. Well, this is a way of productively spending your time at home. Right from your house, you can involve in small gigs that can fetch you extra cash. The introduction of the internet has made it very easy to earn a living by engaging in activities online. You can get paid by shopping online, taking surveys, and watching videos online.

There are shot task sites for making money from home. These sites require you to perform some tasks to generate points. Sights like the Inbox Dollars are a get-paid-to site that earns you money by watching TV programs, playing games reading emails, and even shopping.

This is a very nice job to engage in online. Millions of people are into a short task and have earned themselves a great deal of money. You can see the amount you have made on your dashboard. Payment can be made by gift cards, prepaid Visa Card, Checks, and Donations to charity.

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  1. Voice Acting

Voice acting is the art of providing voices to represent a character or to provide information to an audience. You can perform this job directly from the comfort of your home. Voice acting entails performing voice-overs to record the individual sample piece played backwards by a computer in an automated announcement. You can choose to voice act in some of the following dimensions: radio or audio dramas, puppet shows, video games, animated, off-stage, and off-screen.

The list is countless. Among these many options, you can decide to engage in any. Each aspect is promising and fun. Voice acting pays $56 to 72 dollars per hour.

You can choose to be a character voice. Where you provide your voice for animated characters. If you can manage a booming voice then it can be best used for acute or dramatic production. This naturally young sounding voice is perfect for trendier markets.

  1. Writing Gigs

You can work remotely from the house while on a pandemic. Working as a freelancer in the writing field will come in handy for those that love writing or are passionate about it. You can get paid $10 to $100 per hour of write up. This business is conducive to everyone passionate about writing jobs.

  1. Realtor

Work as a real estate agent from your home. Utilize your ability to put the interest of buyers and sellers ahead to strike a business gain. As a certified member of the National Association of Realtors, you are expected to carry out the job in all sincerity and honour.  When advertising and marketing lands and buildings to clients ensure to be truthful and sincere.

You can a reality business from your home and earn a living even in the presence of a pandemic.

  1. Programmer

Become a programmer from home. A computer programmer or a coder creates computer software. You can do this directly from your home. You can write code for any kind of software application s and operating systems for companies or software publishers. As a programmer, you will perform all activities needed for design, construction, testing of computer programs.

For people that love working alone, this is the kind of job they will venture into. Creating and publishing technical outlines or diagrams to support coding effort is expected of you. Programmers earn $61 per hour for programming.

  1. Online Teachers

As a result of the global pandemic, schools and institutions of learning have been shut down. This has made many individuals troop into the online teaching business. You can choose to create an online video course and earn money by adding values to people around the globe.

You can achieve this by communicating online via Skype or pre-recorded session. Earn a lot from home even in the face of this global pandemic.

  1. Graphic Designer

Create and combine symbols, images, and text to form visual representations of ideas. A graphic designer can work remotely from the house and make a huge amount of money even in the face of a global pandemic. You can use visual arts or typography to create visual compositions.

You can also choose to design websites, logos, or visual Ads with a certificate and earn $45,000.

  1. Editing and Proofreading

You can make so much online by editing and proofreading writers’ work online. Though they are different in meaning, you can actively engage in both and make a living. Editing is the process of making changes and suggestions that will further boost the quality of a write-up, especially concerning the type of language and expression. 

While proofreading is the process of correcting grammatical errors, spellings punctuation, and other language mistakes.  Edit and proofread for writers online and make a good living.

  1. Copywriting

You can choose to engage in writing copy to sell products for clients or convince customers to take the desired action. By copywriting you mostly get customers out of readers. You can advertise through magazine ads, blog posts, etc while at home and improve your business.

  1. Bookkeeper

You can offer to keep records of the daily financial transaction of business. Write daybooks which detail records of the company’s sales, purchases, receipt, and payments. This is one productive way of spending your time at home. Keep records for business organizations and get paid for doing so.

  1. Blogger

Blogging is one cheap and easy way of earning a living without being affected by the ongoing global pandemic. Open a blog and publish your passions and interests. For all those who are passionate about writing, you can share your knowledge, experiences, or even the latest news on your blog and earn a living.

  1. Animator

Work for firms or television programs by creating multiple images or frames that give an illusion of movement called Animation when portrayed in a rapid sequence. If you are artistic and creative then you have the advantage of creating animation and visual effects for the media.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

This is an online job where you will be paid a commission by an online retailer for the number of sales generated from your referrals. You can choose to market the company’s product and earn a piece of profit from each sale made.

This is also one of the wise ways of utilizing your time at home. With the outbreak of a pandemic, people are struggling to survive. But with the advent of technology, various opportunities have been made possible to earn a living online. What another way can you successfully utilize your time and hours at home? Be among the wise. Hurry up and get started.