10 Ways to Make Money Remotely During a Pandemic as a Video Editor

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With the rise in the need for gigs and advancement in technology, demands for video contents in marketing became higher than ever. This also gave rise to more people interested in video editing. As the job is progressing, many video editors are converting to freelance individuals and setting out to their own terms and conditions of performing their jobs.

Who is a Video Editor?

Video editors use footage, sound and graphics to tell a story. They develop scripts, create storyboards, produce and edit videos for different platforms, create graphics, animation, sound effects and sound bites. They turn raw footage shot by a photographer or videographer into a compelling story.

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Here are ‘Steps to Make Money Remotely as a Video Editor

  1. Utilize freelance platforms

Many digital platforms still operate without feeling the effect of the pandemic situation facing the whole world. With the production of more contents on a daily basis, there is a need for more video editing jobs to give the contents a finishing touch. Upwork, Mandy.com, Fiverr.com, and other freelance platforms are places you could find jobs easily.

  1. Online Tutoring

Social media platforms serve different purposes to different individuals. People use them to just connect with others and keep up with the latest. Some use them as learning grounds or platforms for sharpening their skills. Some use them to advertise and sell their products or services. Yet, others use them to make money while teaching people what they know.

This pandemic period, so many people are willing to learn new skills instead of just sitting at home. inasmuch as there are so many online tutorials, you can still have your market share by teaching what you know best and adding some levels of creativity and professionalism to make your class unique. Skillshare is a pay-to-watch teaching platform where the teacher publishes courses using videos and then, teaching the students.

3. Edit video and upload them on YouTube

YouTube is now a very important platform where people go to search different video content to learn or ease out their stress. While it may take time to build a strong viewership, with consistency and compelling contents, you can achieve your aim. For your tutorials to have a stronger foundation, leveraging YouTube will be a great opportunity too.

4. Get certified

While your certificate may not do the job for you, it will be a good advertising tool for you. Some clients will be glad to employ you on knowing that you are a certified professional.

5. Collaborate

Collaboration is one of the ways professionals are making money these days, as well as maintaining relationships. You could edit the projects of some people who have lots of work and make some money from that. This will also help to fine-tune your skills if you are still a learner.

6. Have a website where you can showcase your work

With a website, you can send links to your previous jobs done to your potential clients who would be able to make a selection from many options. Then, your jobs can speak for you better if you are very skilled.

7. Have a file sharing service that is very handy

Google Drive, Box.com, Nimia.com, and so on are very essential for you as a freelance video editor. Still, photos, graphics and relevant files that could be shared quickly with the producers are needed to be saved up to ensure that you did not get disappointed at the nick of time.

8. Get in touch with your existing clients

Know how to retain your clients through efficient customer service. In case it has taken some time since some of them contacted you last, it could be your own time to do so. Start by being friendly and even offering to do some work free for them.

9. Post your resume on LinkedIn or other platforms

Some people will definitely go through your profile. Even if they may not need you, they could know someone who needs your services.

10. Attach yourself to companies that need video editors

Being a freelancer has given you the power to be your own boss and you may not want to relinquish the authority. However, you need to make some money. You can apply to work on a part-time basis so as to have time for your personal clients. If you are very good at what you do, you will be fortunate to see companies who would want to make you a part of their team. The truth is that many organisations may not want to employ a full staff because of the rigorous processes involved in employing a fresh hand.

Becoming a Freelance Video Editor

It sure can be scary to leave a stable, paying job for the uncertain, potentially stressful life of a freelancer. For those still nursing the idea to leave a paid job to work on their own, you have a better option of exploring your world. However, you will have to make a move first. For you to make a move, you will need loads of courage to step out and collect your last paycheck, while waving goodbye to salaries.

So, we want to walk the way with you and guide you on the steps to take in becoming a freelance video editor and how to balance out while transitioning. You will be able to also scale through your business if you follow these steps.

  1. Embrace the courage to leave your salaried job: You will need a lot of courage to take this baby step. It is not just enough to tell yourself that you are resigning. You are going to encounter scary moments that only courage would help you overcome. The decision to take the first step is not going to be easy, hence, you will need enough momentum to quit.
  2. Make sure you have the financial capability to be able to move: You should be able to save some money that would carry you through some months when you are still gathering momentum. Make sure you do not completely leave your paid job if you have not built any relationship with some clients. In essence, build some client base in order to have some financial base to fall back to.
  3. Build your client base: It is possible not to have built a convincing client base before resigning from your paid job. You can do so now by growing your existing clients or building a new one by exploring your community, both online and offline. Furthermore, increasing your versatility and trying out new skills may help in giving you more grounds to start.
  4. You may sacrifice to do any available job: At the initial time, there may not be an influx of jobs, but as you get better at what you do, you will have to make choices between jobs you do for fun and the ones you do to earn income. You may also turn down jobs that may not appeal to you.
  5. Be more creative: Your video job has so many ways it could help you earn money. You can research for more creative ideas and discover ways others are getting better with creativity.
  6. Build a system: As a freelance video editor, you are likely to meet lots of clients as you walk the way to the top. With time, your client base may grow beyond what you can personally handle. You have to start thinking of ways to build a system, so as to be able to get coordinated while satisfying your clients. Assign a time to both technical and administrative duties and ensure you balance the equation. Do not forget to consider your personal life too.
  7. Outsource some jobs: There are times when your clients may be too much then you can handle. This is what associates with building a good system. Any part of your business that you cannot handle at the moment should be outsourced in order not to disappoint your clients. In addition, ensure the person you are outsourcing to is reliable.

Having gone through the steps of becoming a freelance video editor, it will be of great importance to know how to make money from your skills in a pandemic period. In times of pandemic, there is a need for more video editors as a result of more and more businesses turning to online for better visibility and brand positioning. It just takes some considerations to make money remotely as a video editor.

Skills and Knowledge of a Video Editor

You will need to have such skills as the following in order to dominate the industry.

  • Editing skills with a thorough knowledge and experience of editing software and equipment.
  • Communication skills. You are sure to work with other professionals like journalists, writers, producers, directors, and even clients. Your ability to communicate effectively is very necessary.
  • You must have knowledge of visual and sound effects. This will help you to enhance the video you are working on.
  • Good knowledge of the production process. you should not be limited to just editing of videos, knowing other aspects of the job is an added advantage.
  • You should be able to use video and music to tell a story, as well as interpret ideas skillfully.
  • Good time management and interpersonal skills are also very important.

Roles of a Video Editor

Videos editors are tasked with the skills and ability to edit and assemble recorded raw materials into a suitable finished product that are ready for use. They should be able to produce photos and videos as a way of communicating a company’s and individual’s messages using online platforms.

Materials to be used to carry out your duty as a video editor include camera footage, dialogue, graphics, sound effects, as well as special effects.

Careers Available for a Video Editor

Video editors can work as:

  • Television studio editor
  • Film editor
  • Senior video editor
  • Broadcast and sound engineering technicians
  • Multimedia artist and animator, etc.

Being a video editor has so many advantages. During the time of pandemic, you do not have any excuse to sit at home, hopefully waiting for the lockdown to be over before doing something creative that would bring income as well. Sharpen your skills and get to work.

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