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How to Make Money Entering Competitions

Nowadays, there are so many ways a person can make money legally without getting a job. One of the most overlooked ways of earning money is through competitions. Many people do not pay attention but you can actually earn good money from competitions. Unbelievably, it is now done professionally by some people. It is called ‘comping’ and those who partake in it are called ‘compers’. This method of making money is very useful to those who need a bit of extra help in their finances. The best part is that anybody can earn money through competitions. Workers and even students can enter competitions and make money from it. Apart from cash, there are many enticing prizes one can win from competitions. Therefore, entering competitions is very beneficial.

10 Ways to Make Money By Entering Competitions

It has been ascertained that it is very possible to make money through competitions. However, just like any other business, one needs to know a few tips and tricks before successfully earning money from competitions.

  1. Enter as many competitions as possible

One of the first things anybody venturing into competition earning should know is that you can’t rely on only one competition. Try to enter as many competitions as possible. Some experienced compers enter as much as 100 competitions daily however, that is not feasible. Everyone has a normal daily routine to do and except you want to abandon your life and sit in front of the laptop or phone; you can’t enter 100 competitions daily. When starting out, one should try to enter at least 10 competitions daily. Remember, the more competitions you enter, the more your chances of winning.

  1. Dedication

Before a person can undertake anything new and hope to succeed, one has to be dedicated. You have to be ready to put in a lot of hours in order to succeed. The process of finding many competitions, entering your details and other stuff may seem like a lot of hard work. However, professional compers who have earned a lot did not just idle around without trying their best. You can decide to dedicate a certain time perhaps after the day’s work to concentrate on comping. When you set out a specific time, you are able to enter at least 10 competitions daily and your efforts will surely yield good results.

  1. Create a separate e-mail

Another thing one should know is that it is best to create another email for your comping. When entering competitions, you are mostly required to fill in your email address. Therefore, it is wise to create another email so that your current email will not be filled with spam. If you plan to enter into many competitions, it will be difficult to separate those emails from your normal mails. Some companies even send advertisements into emails submitted and this is going to create so much chaos in your current email. It is best to just have another email altogether.

  1. Get another phone line

It is probably best to get another phone line as well. You will be required to submit your phone number in some competition forms and some people may not be comfortable doing this. For the sake of safety, it is not so good to give out such personal information to strangers. It is better to get another phone line, especially for comping. You can then use that line in all competitions you enter. Remember that safety is paramount.

  1. Enter special competitions

One of the key things to note in winning competitions is to enter the special ones. Most competitions just require you to fill in your details but some competitions require you to complete and submit a task before having a chance to win. Try to enter those types of competitions especially one that is connected to your skill. For example, if you are skilled in drawing then try to enter competitions that require you to draw something or if you are a good writer, enter competitions that require you to write about something. These skill competitions provide an advantage for you as many people will be discouraged to sign up for them. You should still enter the normal competitions but you have more chances of winning when you utilize your skills.

  1. Do not look down on prizes

Most people who are venturing into comping will probably be looking for cash only competitions. However, there is a smarter way of making more money. It is good to enter the cash competitions as you will be guaranteed to receive a certain amount of money but, it is wise not to look down on any prize. Most competitions give out prizes instead of cash and it can become difficult to make money when you are searching for cash competitions only. The trick is to win the prize for the competition, then sell it. For example, if you win a refrigerator as a prize; you can sell it in order to get money. The prizes given in competitions are usually new and you can sell it for as much as the stores sell it. The prize you don’t need can be really important to someone else so don’t look down on any prize. You can earn more money this way instead of waiting for cash prizes.

  1. Read the terms, conditions and requirements carefully

Before registering for any competition, make sure to read the conditions well. Some prizes are usually non-transferable and this can become a problem if you were not aware. For example, a prize can be a vacation somewhere with a flight ticket in your name. It becomes a problem since you will not be able to sell it if you were planning to. Also, enter competitions that you actually need the prizes. If you plan to sell your prizes, choose competitions with prizes that you can sell. If you need things like a vacation or concert tickets then check the competition prizes too. You don’t always have to sell your prizes if you need them because you might be saving money at the end of the day.

  1. Join a comping community

Just like any business where communities provide strength, compers have communities too. It is beneficial to join a comping community as there is a lot to gain. Comping communities post daily competitions on their website which you can register for. You don’t have to start looking for competitions since a list will be available on the comping website. They also help to prevent scam competitions as any competition posted on the website is legitimate. There are many fake competitions everywhere and some may even collect your money instead of giving you. You can avoid fake competitions through comping websites. You can also learn some tricks from other compers in the community. Some professional compers can share their experiences for others to learn and you can also learn from them to improve your comping.

  1. Check your e-mail everyday

After registering for competitions, you should check your emails every day. You might receive a reply you need to confirm or you might actually win the competition without knowing since you don’t check your email every day. If you don’t receive your winnings on time then it will be transferred to someone else and you will lose your win. Try to remove the spam messages so you can get the real ones.

  1. Be prepared to lose

One major thing one should learn about comping is that you will not always win. When you first begin, it might take some months before you start receiving feedbacks or winning things. Don’t let this discourage you as it is normal. Be reminded that comping is all about hard work and luck. When you don’t win what you were expecting, don’t give up but work harder instead and be patient also. It might take a while before you start winning tangible stuff.

Best Competitions to Enter in Order to Earn Money

There are so many competitions to enter in order to earn money. they are:

  • Supermarket competitions: The mall in your area may be offering competitions for various things. Always try to pay attention whenever you go shopping.
  • Product competitions: The company producing a particular product may be offering competitions to promote their products. Read the terms carefully and the prizes so you don’t waste money buying products you don’t actually need.
  • Radio and TV competitions: This is another good place to find competitions. Many people don’t pay attention to those types of competitions so it is easier to win them.
  • Magazine and newspaper competitions: Publications also offer competitions to people. You might be required to write on something or given some other tasks but the effort will surely pay. People are usually discouraged because of the tasks and the stress involved so if you have a strong will you can give it a try.
  • Social media competitions: There are so many competitions on social media each day. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms offer competitions and giveaways daily and you can definitely try them. You may be required to repost something or tag and like a post or anything like that. Always try to receive notifications in competitions so you can be one of the first people to partake in it.
  • Food competitions: There are also many competitions related to food. For those that love trying out new recipes and combinations, you might be required to submit them in order to win a prize. You should try to follow food sites so you can be alerted when the opportunity comes.

Earning money through competitions is very possible and people are starting to try it. It provides funds for people who need more help but cannot get another job. Everyone should know that comping is successful with hard work and a stroke of luck

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