Exploring the Worth of a Distance learning MBA Program

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Guest Post submitted by Jonathan

With more and more employers being open to embracing online MBA graduates, distance learning MBA, it can be said is on the verge of gaining new recognition and acknowledgement in not only the educational field, but also the corporate world. A recent report published by the Distance Learning Administration in its online journal validates the statement coming from the business houses.

MBA distance learningThis particular study report actually focused on interviewing hiring managers from the top companies in the nation coming from diverse background ranging from health-care, insurance, to financial establishments. Almost half of all the hiring managers concluded that the mode of earning a degree whether traditional or online is not seen as an important consideration in judging the skills of a candidate for hiring or promotional purposes.

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The majority also favored the choice of pursuing an online degree from an accredited institution across the world. The report clearly indicates the growing acceptance of online management programs among the business employers.  Additionally, one employer also stated that the decision of hiring an employee with an online MBA Degree might not have been in the favor of the employers, at least around five years back. However, with a change in times, hiring an online MBA graduate comes easy for the employer today.

After all, a growing number of career-oriented individuals with online degrees are doing in the professional arena adding credibility to the particular degree. Additionally, the report also states that the employers also had no issues with individuals earning a degree from not-for profit schools or for-profit educational institutions, until the degrees are accredited.

However, though the reception of online degree programs has been quite warm in the industry, as per the report yet individuals with an online degree finds it hard to get a job in the competitive professional market. The reason is simple, if half of the employers surveyed by the administration opinioned in favor of distance MBA programs, the other half voiced against the educational mode. The common notions against the program stand up to be less competitive and rigorous alongside being low on quality.

The other half surveyed opines they would be comfortable hiring people graduating from traditional MBA programs. The significance of face-to –face interaction, team collaboration, and teamwork are labeled as value- adding aspects for a traditional management programs. Opinions like, online students are not much serious about their course also came up at the report. Questions like, how can you expect a student attending classes in pajamas for an online degree can come to office and work diligently also found space in the study.

However, with time employers having such prejudices in mind are becoming less common in the changing world, as more and more employers are looking forwards to the prospects of hiring an online graduate with an open mind.

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Jonathan writes extensively on several topics related to distance learning. In this article, he shares information about distance MBA programs and highlights on the ways it help a career-oriented individual reach great heights in one’s career.

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