Make Money Remotely During a Pandemic as a Teacher

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Except in countries with poor leadership, teaching is a high-paying profession that never phases out of demand. The good thing is, the world is globalized. So don’t worry if you teach in a country that doesn’t value your skill enough for teaching to earn you a happy living. You can leverage your knowledge, skills, and experience to earn good money teaching online. But I must warn you. It isn’t going to be a quick success with anything freelancing unless you are super lucky or have exceptional skills.

The global lockdown is boring the life out of many around the world. Hopefully, you are not among. Schools and other learning centers are closed across much of the world. Nearly every teacher is confined to the home. Except for those who work in public or government-funded institutions, many private-school teachers are likely to have issues with salaries. Pushed by financial constraint or sheer boredom, many will start looking for ways to keep busy or earn from home. So we have pulled a number of ways and places to earn online as a teacher.

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1.   VIPKid

If you are an English teacher VIPKid is one of the recommended online teaching programs for you. It is a teaching program with headquarters in Beijing. The curriculum is based on the US Common Core State Standards. It uses a flipped-classroom approach to foster creativity and critical thinking skills.

As a teacher with VIP kid, you’ll be teaching Chinese students within 4 to 12 years of English language. Lessons are conducted online through the VIP kid portal. It is similar to Skype or probably the Chinese version of Skype. Prospective teachers must have a bachelor’s degree and a teaching license. If you do not have a teaching license you will probably be asked to complete a TESOL program which VIPKid offers you one for free.

Application is done online. you will fill an online form and then join them in a 30-minute session to demonstrate your teaching skills to a VIPKid recruiter. Alternatively, you can also record a demo lesson at your convenience and submit for evaluation. It is important to read as much as possible about the application process because you’ll be expected to pass some kind of interview and a mock lesson.

They pay between 7 to $9 per 25 minutes and they said $2 bonus barre class if you are able to make the 45-classes minimum each month. Most teachers make about $20 an hour if you manage to do 25-minute classes per hour. You can read more about VIPKid on their website.

2.   EF Teach Online

It is one of the largest international education companies in the world, with over 32000 employees, teachers and volunteers around the world. it has schools and offices in 54 countries and specializes in language training, educational travel, academic degree programs, and cultural exchange. Teachers provide a one-on-one lesson for children between ages 5 to 10, and they get to teach the same students each week.

The requirements are:

  • You must be a native speaker of English from the US (excluding certain states) or the UK with a bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • You must be a resident of the US or UK.
  • You must have a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification
  • You must have some experience in early childhood development teaching coaching or mentoring is preferred but not a requirement
  • You must have excellent cultural awareness communication and motivational skills
  • There is a mandatory background check online for us applicants at no cost to them
  • There will also be an online disclosure and Barring Service Check for UK applicants. The applicant will be reimbursed after the successful completion of 3 months
  • There must be no mandatory teaching props or backdrops needed.

U.S teachers are paid up to $20 USD/hour to start and U.K teachers are paid £8.50 per hour plus bonuses and holiday pay. There are further opportunities for U.K teachers to earn up to £11.80 per hour.

3.   Teach Part-Time

Teach Part-Time is website created to connect qualified readers from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom with real online English teaching jobs from legitimate Education Technology firms. It is based in Toronto, Canada, and only recruit new teachers from Canada, the U.S, and U.K. Teach Part-Time also focus on educating their readers on how to be successful with a part-time career path. It does this by providing pretty much everything from teaching tips and techniques to light industry news and heartwarming community stories from similar individuals.

Although most online English teaching opportunities require a bachelor’s degree and some experience with kids, Teach Part-Time does have some room for late-year University students to also participate as teachers. There are also other ways to earn with Teach Part-Time apart from teaching. Most teachers will earn between $16-20/hr. and work between 10 – 20hrs a week. Pay estimates include both loyalty bonuses and wage growth. The pay is bi-weekly or monthly depending on your arrangement with them. Teachers will be training kids aged 5 – 12 years old.

4.   QKids

Qkids is one of the pioneers of the online teaching industry. Based in China, it was founded all the way back in 2015.  Qkids offers native speakers based in Canada and the US an opportunity to teach small groups of Chinese students from their laptops and home offices.

It holds classes over software that focuses on gamifying the learning process in order to encourage participation from both students and teachers to improve learning.

To be accepted as a teach with Qkids, you should:

  • Be eligible to work in the U.S o Canada
  • Be a current resident of the U.S or Canada
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree or above
  • Be able to teach at least 6 hours a week
  • Have prior teaching experience or equivalent in education, tutoring, mentoring, or homeschooling
  • English Teaching Certificates like TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, etc.
  • Have digital literacy and the ability to lead an engaging learning atmosphere
  • Have a computer with a stable internet connection and clear audio/video quality

The average amount you get paid by Qkids is between 16 – $20 per hour, which is calculated from your base pay per 30 minutes’ lesson (typically $8) in addition to the following optional bonuses:

  • $1 Performance Fee for each lesson based on your review from the student.
  • $1 Attendance Bonus for each lesson once a minimum of 15 lessons are taught in a week.

5.   Preply

This platform is open to all kinds of subjects although it focuses a lot on language learning services. As a teacher you have the opportunity to teach a foreign language to students. working yourself up the review ladder and improving your profile allows you to promote your service to new students.

To be qualified to teach with Preply a prospective teacher is required to have a passion for teaching even if they don’t have a degree in that field. If they can deliver what the student wants Preply is happy to have you. They get to assess your competence through students’ reviews.

Every teacher can set his or her own hourly rate. The company claims that the most popular tutors earn some $550 per week. The fee you pay for teaching via Preply is that 100% of your earnings from the first lesson goes to Preply. You can teach a wide range of subjects including mathematics.

6.   Teachable

With this platform, you can create an online course and earn a full-time income. Teachers around the world uses this platform to reach millions of students worldwide. The Teachable Team has helped over 10,000 people create profitable online courses by making the process easy. Teachers can set up their own school website on the platform just with a few clicks. They can also integrate features like payment processing, student management, multimedia lectures, and much more. Atop that, they have total control over all contents and students’ data on their website. You can have a custom domain and upload unlimited number of videos, and leverage thousands of free add-ons for productivity, analytics, support etc.

You can also accept payment through PayPal from over 130 countries. If your country does not support PayPal, you can get a stealth PayPal account. There are over 28 million students learning on this platform worldwide. There are more than 310k active courses, 124k instructors who have earned a combine income in excess of $657m

7.   OpenLearning

Open learning allows you to create your course content and teach it through their easy-to-use platform. Social engagement among learners is a core value and their motto is “Experience online teaching the social way.” You can teach anything from pastry making to quantum physics and set your own prices.

8.   Eliademy

Like Udemy, Eliademy serves as an online learning platform where teachers can offer to teach subjects from languages to technology. Eliademy has an LMS-like learning environment with great features like tasks and quizzes, discussions, grading and learner analytics. Instructors can create, teach, and share courses online with students from different countries.

With Eliademy you can run the course in the format that suits you the most. The simple visual editor allows you to create an online course with text, pictures, file attachment, multimedia and even upload your own videos. You can assign and grade task and quizzes, reward with completion certificates, discuss with students on course forum and even teach with webinars. All in one place, where all content and control belongs only to you.

9.   LearnWorlds

What makes this one interesting for teachers is that it offers an interactive video tool, e-book creator and an opportunity of networking for learners. It also makes use of gamification to encourage learning and make it more fun. It is quite powerful in terms of content authoring, marketing options and interactive tools for social learning. Once the course is set up, teachers can also personalize the domain.

10. Tutor

This is among the oldest and most trustworthy teaching websites. This platform offers one-on-one learning solutions for students and teachers. Their service includes tutoring, peer coaching, professional development, training, career help, and more

Finally, this is just ten of the many online marketplaces and platforms to advertise your teaching skills for those who need them. You can do further research to turn up tens more and read about them. There is nothing constant about these services. Their offers and operations can change any minute. That’s the reason you should compare as critically as you can before you sign up with one, particularly those that demand some form of compensation from you. also take note of their payment option

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