Top 10 Most Educated African Actors And Actresses

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Africa is a great continent filled with so much talent and people. The entertainment industry in Africa is one of the very best with countries like Nigeria (Nollywood), Ghana and South Africa making so much impact in the world’s entertainment. Nigeria’s Nollywood takes the lead in the movie industries in Africa with the English speaking movies and also the indigenous language movies.

The movie industry in Africa has gone far beyond the shores of the African continent to other parts of the world. Taking the Nigerian movie industry for an example, there are various opportunities laid out most especially to honour the work of these great men and women such as giving them awards and the government supporting them and their movies too.

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Some of our African actors and actresses have gotten international recognition and they also feature in various Hollywood movies which she earned them world applause. In this article, we will go further to list out the Top ’10 Most Educated African Actors and Actresses’

What does an actor or actress do?

The basic job of an actor or actress is that he or she works to portray a character in a movie, play, television show, theater production or any other variety of entertainment. These upcoming actors and actresses audition for various film roles and when selected, they perform these roles that are assigned to them to bring the characters in the script to life. They might work on any level of the profession, from being an extra in a larger cast to appearing in starring roles and blockbuster movies. These actors are paid based on their levels and how prominent and acceptable their works have been.

Top 10 Most Educated African Actors and Actresses

  1. Ufuoma Stacey McDermott: is a Nollywood actress from Nigeria. She is known to be the most educated female actor in the Nigerian movie industry above many of her female colleagues. Ufuoma is an actress, presenter and model who earned a degree in French and has a Masters degree in Public and International Affairs, both from the prestigious University of Lagos. Ufuoma started her movie career in 2004 with Zeb Ejiro’s ‘The President Must Not Die’. She has continuously stunned with major roles in movies such as ‘Wives on Strike’, ‘Be Yourself’ and ‘Blood in the Lagoon’. She is a mother of two children and has a great style.
  2. Hafiz Oyetoro: otherwise known as Saka in his movies, is a comedian and theatre arts practitioner in Nigeria. He attended the Osun state University where he studied Theatre Arts and also earned a Master’s degree in Theatre Arts with a specialization in African Dance at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State.
  3. Femi Adebayo: is a popular Nigerian actor in the Yoruba movie industry and also a lawyer. He attended the University of Ilorin where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Law and a Master of Arts (M. A) degree in Theatre Art.
  4. Yvonne Nelson: is a prominent Ghanaian actress who has earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from the Central University in Ghana. The mother of one is a great screen diva and woman of style.
  5. John Dumelo: also a top Ghanaian actor studied at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where he earned a degree in Civil Engineering.
  6. Lupita Nyong’o: a Kenyan actress who obtained her bachelor’s degree from the Hampshire College and completed her three-year degree in acting at the Ivy League school in 2012.
  7. Chipo Chung: She is a Tanzanian actress who is also a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London. Apart from numerous TV shows, her well-known acts are in the movies Sunshine, In the Loop, Proof, and 360. She was born in 1977.
  8. Amanda Du Pont: she is a Swazi-born South African actress. Amanda features mostly in South African movies despite been born in Swaziland. She is also a television anchor or host, voice-over artist, model, brand ambassador, live event MC, and also a business woman. Amanda Du Pont studied film and drama at the New York Film Academy.
  9. Thando Thabethe: is a South African actress, radio DJ, television host and the first-ever African brand ambassador for Nivea. She is also a presenter on her owned television show on channel TLC titled, Thando Bares All. She played the role of Nolwazi Buzo on the South African soap opera on Generations: The Legacy. Thando studied and earned a degree in Accounting at the University of Johannesburg.
  10. Jibola Dabo: he is a veteran Nigerian actor who is well known for his many roles in TV series and also blockbuster movies. He graduated from the University of Lagos with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Dabo after his education in Nigeria pursued further education in the United States of America for a Master’s Degree. He attended Columbia State University and eventually graduated with a Master’s Degree in Mass Media.

Steps to Becoming an Actor or Actress.

Although, there are no cut out or laid out steps for becoming an actor as they are for other professions, but you can still check out these outlined steps and try to work on it.

  • Get into a theater or acting school: once you can point out that you like to be an actor, it is advisable to get into an acting school to improve your knowledge and a basic understanding of the profession. These acting schools also help in preparing their students for the countless auditions that await them once they venture into the world of professional acting.
  • Seek experience: you can work in small playhouses and theaters in the locality, attend auditions, and so on. From there, you get to horn your skills for the world of professional acting.
  • Keep up the practice: as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. It is good to continue going to auditions and accepting smaller roles in order to stay knowledgeable about your intended profession. As with other professions, a ring needs a lot of continued practice.
  • Build up an acting profile: keep on acting as much as possible, and as in as many roles as you can. Build up a resumé filled with a variety of performances, including theater productions, commercials, working as an extra, music videos, and anything else that gets your attention.
  • Get an agent or manager: An experienced agent or manager can help actors succeed by offering a huge network of contacts, helping them avoid rookie mistakes and getting auditions that might not be available otherwise.
  • Rebrand yourself: it is very important for you to rebrand yourself once you can stand your ground in the movie industry. As the popular saying goes, you are addressed the way you dress is very important here. Most filmmakers tend to offer you whatever pay they feel is okay for an actor or actress of your status. That is why it is good for you to get a manager or agent to put you through as you continue your journey in the acting world.

In conclusion, Acting will be more lucrative for Africans if more support is put towards the industry by various governments in the African continent. It is encouraging and good to say that the Nigerian Nollywood sector is at the forefront of doing this and that other countries in Africa are slowly following suit. Government agencies are been set up to assist the movie industry and great recognition is also accorded to the actors and actresses.

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