Top 15 Uk Universities with the Best Campus Life in 2020

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It is a general notion that students consider the right university and right course when contemplating the place for study. What some of them do not know is that they could have their dream university with the best course, but meet a pokey room, with little or no space for studies, or the environment could be hazardous for living. This could make studies not to be as fun as they anticipated and could eventually cause them to end up regretting what initially gave them joy.

As an undergraduate or a graduate student who plans to attend a higher institution in the UK, campus life should be one of the first criteria to consider before applying to any school. In choosing UK as an option, there are varieties of universities to select from with exciting campus life.

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However, you should note that what you consider as a campus life might be different from what other people consider. In general, every student is on the lookout for a peaceful environment where he or she could focus on his or her studies. This is especially for quiet, reserved students who do not like a noisy environment. Some students who love social life might not find such an environment comfortable and might opt for a noisy, colorful environment.

In everything, ensure that you remember your reason for being in the UK which is to face your studies and make good grades. Everything other thing is an added advantage.

Reasons to Study in the UK

There are so many amazing reasons to study in the UK for international students. Some of them are listed below.

  • Wider choice of degrees: The broad range of degrees offered in the UK universities in diverse subjects make them a better choice for international students. About 2 941 degree choices are offered in the universities which gives you a wider range of options to select from.
  • Shorter degrees: It is possible for you to complete a full-time undergraduate degree in three years, while a master’s degree could take one year for its completion. This is contrary to other countries whose undergraduate programmes take about four years and master’s programmes take about two years for their completion. You are sure to graduate sooner than your counterparts in other countries. This also means that you will have to save both money and time for yourself.
  • Academic reputation: All over the world, the UK has a reputation as one of the best countries for learning. The best universities in the world are located in the UK with historical stories behind their existence. Schools like the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and others are some of the oldest universities established in the UK.
  • World class libraries: The largest and state-of-the-art libraries in the world are located in London. For example, the British library is equipped with over 170 million items in the catalogue. In case you need to enjoy a quiet study, the British library is certain to give you just that.
  • Excellent standard: The universities in the UK maintain high standards in teaching, learning and research. There is a regular inspection of the universities in the UK by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

Similarly, teaching in the UK universities is rated by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The same way, research at the UK is scored by the Research Excellence Framework (REF).        

The Pros and Cons of Living in a UK Campus

You are filled with the euphoria of leaving home to a faraway land where freedom is the best description. As you would love to live in a UK campus, it is important to note the pros and cons, so as to make the best decision and enjoy the best life in the UK. The following are necessary to be jotted down.

The Pros include:

  1. It is a whole lot easier to make friends. People of your age bracket are mostly the people you are surrounded with. Though you may have conflicting interests, there are definitely those you are sure to align with and create a strong bond.
  2. There is always someone with a brilliant idea. In case you are stuck up and need a brilliant idea to refocus or save the situation, there is always someone to share the issue with.
  3. Assuming you are such that does not find cooking attractive, you have an option of requesting catered halls. The only issue here is that you may not always make it to breakfast. Aside that, you are on the right track.
  4. You will enjoy the opportunity of having cleaners do the cleaning. Although you could just arrive home by 7 am, only to find one at your doorstep; but you are sure to have a clean environment.
  5. There are no bills to pay. The moment you pay your rent; your bills are covered as well.
  6. There are strict guidelines in the campus to ensure that students uphold health and safety standards.
  7. A Residential Advisor is always handy. An RA is usually an older student living close by that would ensure you are attended to.
  8. You are independent. The best way to learn how to be independent is to live in the campus, among people of different background. Plus, you will learn how to be in control of your life.

The Cons include:

For every advantage, there is a disadvantage, so they say. However, the advantages of living in the university campus still outweigh the disadvantages. Never mind, you have your choice to make. So, here are few disadvantages.

  1. It could be more expensive to live in a university campus than to rent an accommodation off the campus.
  2. You will have to put up with people of diverse backgrounds who could be a turnoff sometimes. But then, they are everywhere.
  3. You could be easily distracted. Having fun and doing some stuff together could be a way to distract you from the main reason of coming to the UK – to study. Sometimes, noises and unnecessary entertainment could be annoying, especially, when you have to wake up by 2 am, only to realise that someone next door is yelling at nothing in particular.
  4. You may not have a lone time with yourself. There are moments you may love to be just alone and all of a sudden, a friend barges in and phew, the precious moment is gone.
  5. You cannot choose whom to live with; the university does that. Never mind, you could be lucky to be paired with good flat mates. Moreover, you can request to change halls if you encounter gross people.
  6. You could always have an item or another stolen. That is a disadvantage of living in a public apartment. Though it could teach you the necessity of being careful.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Student Campus in the UK

There are many options to consider while applying for a university in the UK. Some of them are explained below:

  • Community vibe: When going for a campus, consider those that are likely to be your fellow students. These set of people are likely to share the same apartment with you. Find out if the campus is a multicultural community where students from all walks of life could be admitted. If you are someone who has issues living with other people from different socio-cultural backgrounds, you will have to put that into consideration before sending your application.
  • Social life: Consider the kind of social life the campus offers. If you are a party freak, you will be more interested in places that have clubs, art gallery, shops, student societies, and so on, in order to increase your social circle.
  • Environment of the campus: The environment where the campus is located should be considered in terms of such factors like safety, vibrancy, amenities, lifestyle, and so on. You should find out if it is safe for inhabitation. Is it a city or country environment? Does it accommodate strangers? Is there any centre of attraction in the environment?
  • Extracurricular activities: The kind pf extracurricular activities that take place in the campus is also to be put into consideration. There should be adequate recreational activities in the campus. What facilities does the university have? Is it spacious enough? Does it have a lot of events that you could partake of? The student unions should help you to make friends, as well as, enjoy a sense of belonging.
  • Shopping areas: Students prefer universities that have shops around them. Shops with clothes, magazines, personalised products for university life, souvenirs, among others are great choices.
  • Cafes and pubs: Cafes and pubs are always located in the campus where students could meet and enjoy cheap lunch or coffee.

Top 15 Universities in the UK with the Best Campus Life

We decided to bring you the top 15 universities in the UK with astonishing campuses. Comfortability and fun are put into consideration before compiling them.

  1. Loughborough University

Loughborough University has extremely high quality facilities as well as an overall conducive and friendly environment for students. There are varieties of gardens and open spaces for relaxations and exercising. This is because the university boasts of the largest sport facilities in the UK.

The teaching and research facilities are top-notch. Studying in the university is one of the best decisions you could make as it also has cafes and bars. You could access the town on foot or using shuttle buses that run to and fro throughout the day.

  1. University of Leeds.

University of Leeds is one of the biggest universities in the UK. This means that there are plenty of sight-seeing and performances on the campus. For students interested in studying any art-related course, the university has a rich cultural life and creative environment. In addition, one of the biggest research libraries in the country is located in the University of Leeds. Not just that, there are different club societies, a radio station and student newspaper located in the university. From the university to the centre of Leeds is a short walk and if you want to get to the countryside, you do not need to spend past ten minutes. These and many more are the reason you should consider the University of Leeds as an option if you want to study in the UK.

  1. Lancaster University

Everything you needed in Lancaster could be found on the campus. With a 560-acre parkland, the University of Lancaster is domiciliary to not less than 12 thousand students. Inside the campus is located a post office, two banks a bakery, numerous hairdressers, cafes, restaurants, shops, bars, art gallery and a theatre. It is a community on its own. You would think you have seen it all, until you get to see the Sports Centre worth 20 million pounds which houses a swimming pool, sauna, tennis courts, netball courts, among others. What about the library? It was rated joint first in the UK in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey in 2018. I’m sure, you would not want to miss this beautiful experience.

  1. University of Reading

 The Whiteknights campus is the main campus in the University of Reading with a lake, located in a beautiful Parkland. It has been recognised several times as one of the top green spaces of Britain. There are several fantastic features in the campus, some of which are student clubs, eateries and a library. Additionally, Reading is just 30 minutes away from London.

  1. University of Nottingham

Nottingham is a great city with a gorgeous campus. There are several award-winning campuses located at the university. At the centre of Nottingham is the University Park campus, one of the largest UK campuses. The Jubilee Campus, which is famous for its innovative architecture and sustainability commitment is also located at the University of Nottingham. Just ten miles to South of Nottingham is a countryside, perfect for students of Vet School and Biosciences. There are also the Chinese and Malaysian campuses located in the centre of the university. Similarly, the transport links in Nottingham are very conducive. With these appealing features, you do not have any reason to resist the University of Nottingham.

  1. University of Exeter

 Everything you are looking for is found in Exeter! Great campus, beautiful city, located close to the seaside, organised and conducive environment. The University houses over 20 000 students with a total of three amazing campuses (Streatham, St Luke’s and Cornwall) to boast of. The Streatham campus is known for regular awards due to its beauty. There are a number of other features that make it remarkable. There are the shops, clubs, cafes, bars, advice centres, student societies, as well as a new fitness centre worth about 6.5 million pounds.

  1. University of Dundee

 Located at a countryside, the University of Dundee is blessed with a spot on green environment with lawns and secret gardens. The River Tay is just opposite it, giving it a great view. With the city centre just close by, about a five-minute walk, you could find yourself anywhere you wish. With the main library, student union with coffee shops, clubs, bars, shops, swimming pool, sports centre and gym, the city campus is a place you can’t resist to go. It does not end there! A number of events are hosted in the city campus and they include, the Grad Ball, student reception, and sports fair.

  1. University of Bath

 The campus could be small, but you cannot describe it without the word ‘beautiful’. The University of Bath is just few kilometres away from the Bath city centre. There are a lot of features that distinguish the university campus from other campuses: conducive learning environment, state-of-the-art research facilities, the Student Union (SU) and residential buildings. The students enjoy a variety of activities by the Student Union which makes their stay at the university fun. Banks, shops, bars, restaurants, cafes and supermarkets are just a few places you could locate at the university. Students could get themselves busy by getting involved in sports, volunteering, joining different societies (about 160 student groups), and many more. For those who love night activities, there are the award-winning night club and bar, to give them a life away from curricular activities.

  1. University of Birmingham

Everything you need is found in this campus! The University is famous for its historic buildings as one of the oldest universities in the UK. Of late, modern buildings have been added to give it a blend of creative designs. There are two major campuses in the university: Edgbaston and Selly Oak. They are both not too far from the city centre of Birmingham with diverse amenities and events to keep them alive.

  1. Edge Hill University

A one hundred and sixty-acre campus located in Ormskirk, Lancashire, Edge Hill University is a very beautiful and safe place to live. It is near places like Manchester, Liverpool and Preston. It has won several green awards for its commitment to sustainability and has been the safest place for more than six years in the North West. The campus has also won various awards for the quality of the facility. The university’s library is another amazing place in the campus. It is located at a place called the Catalyst which houses other places like new sports centre and a medical school. There are also the Art Centre, coffee shops, restaurants, night clubs, cafes, Student Union building, and many more.

  1. University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield has about 400 student societies which make it fascinating for students to experience a variety of activities, meet new people and feel at home in a faraway land. The city campus is very easy to navigate around the city. The Diamond building, that is always available and boasts of over 1000 study spaces, a recording studio, media editing booths, state-of-the-art laboratories, are but a few stunning places that could offer conducive learning to students. Another reason so many students choose the University of Sheffield is that it advocates the importance of providing student support to numerous students globally.

  1. University of Sussex

The University of Sussex is blessed with a natural beauty. With a sports complex for students who enjoy extracurricular activities and the modernized Falmer building, the university campus is one of the best you can enjoy a student life, while focusing on your studies. During the summer, students can relax outdoors with the beautiful green environment adding colour to every moment.

  1. Durham University

One of the oldest universities in the UK, the Durham University is blessed with different campuses and colleges. The college you belong to will determine if you would be resident in the centre of the city or just a short walk to the city. It houses some of the most incredible structures in the world which include the statue of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that gives a stunning skyline view which was designated by the joint effort of the Cathedral and Castle. There are about 200 clubs and societies in the campus that could keep you busy, while making friends and having fun.

  1. Newcastle University

The university boasts of loads of activities that could keep you busy. It is located in the centre of Newcastle and covers about 50 acres of land, which is a home to world class facilities and student experiences ranking one of the highest among the UK universities. In addition, there are two international campuses in Malaysia and Singapore owned by the Newcastle University. When it comes to events and social activities, Newcastle University offers numerous opportunities at the gallery, museum and theatre. Sporting activities, night clubs and shopping centres are also enjoyed by those who love life outside studies.

  1. Nottingham Trent University (NTU)

Over 450 million pounds has been invested into the Nottingham Trent University that covers the study, sports and social environment. The university boasts of three campuses, the City Campus, the Creative Quarter Campus and Brackenhurst Campus, all with exciting and attractive features. There are also the learning spaces, bars and gyms that are quite exciting and comfortable for students with super modern accommodations.

Living in a UK campus could be one of the best decisions to make. There are so many exciting experiences you may be glad you encountered: meeting new people, enjoying the company of others, sharing brilliant ideas, and lots more. Whether you are a party freak or a reserved person, there is always a campus in the UK for you; the reason you should be excited to leave the home.

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