Top 10 German Universities to Study Law

In the world today, Law is one of the most lucrative career choices for students and young professionals. A degree in Law does not only equip you to function as a Lawyer in the Law courts, but it also offers you amazing benefits and opportunities in other industries and sectors like Management, Administration, Politics, Insurance and even Healthcare. The legal profession is indeed prestigious, and the salary outlook in a good field and favourable market is high. However, like other fields of endeavour, hard work and determination are required for you to become successful as a Lawyer.

Germany is one of the world’s top study destinations. Students troop to this country from all corners of the globe to study courses and programs in Law, Medicine, Business, Finance, Administration, Science and Engineering. If you need information about top universities in Germany where you could study Law, this post is for you. At After School Africa, this is our goal – to provide you with cutting-edge information for your educational needs.

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Scroll down to discover the top 10 German Universities to Study Law in 2020.

  • LMU Munich
  • Heidelberg University
  • Humboldt University of Berlin
  • University of Freiburg
  • University of TĂĽbingen
  • University of Bonn
  • Free University of Berlin
  • University of Göttingen
  • University of Hamburg
  • Bielefield University

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Let’s begin..

  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich

Located in the heart of Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) is unarguably one of Germany’s finest educational institutions for studying Law. It is also home to thousands of international students from all around the globe. According to the Times Higher Education (THE) world rankings for universities in the field of Law, LMU Munich ranks 1st in Germany and 32nd in the world.

The university offers students excellent teaching and research-based approaches to legal education, and students have the opportunity to practice what they learn in a wide variety of settings. They also offer good student support services to all registered students. Law graduates from LMU are in high demand in Germany and Europe, due to the high standard of education at the school and the quality of support services that students benefit from.

For more information about the university and their Law programs, visit their website at:

  • University of Heidelberg

Also referred to as the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg, this institution offers exceptional education in Law and para-legal studies to both local and international students at undergraduate, masters and doctorate levels. It is also one of the oldest educational institutions in Germany, having been founded in the year 1386.

From inception to date, the university has produced an astonishing 27 Nobel Laureates; which further serves to underscore the quality of education that is available at the school. International students account for nearly 20% of the university’s total student population, making it a truly global institution.

According to the Times Higher Education (THE) rankings for universities in the field of Law, the University of Heidelberg ranks 2nd in Germany and 44th in the world.

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  • Humboldt University of Berlin

The Faculty of Law at the Humboldt University of Berlin is known for its wide array of specialization areas in the field of law. Programs that can be studied here include: German and European Law and Legal Practice (LLM), European Law and Comparative Law (Three Degrees), Studies of German and French Law (Master 1, License en droit), International dispute Resolution (LLM), Studies of German and English Law (Double Degree), Studies of German and Polish Law (Certificate), European Law and Comparative Law (Three Degrees), Intellectual Property Right and Media Law (LLM, 2 specialized lawyer degrees), Comparative studies in German, European, and Chinese Law (LLM double degree) and Translational Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention (LLM).

All these are available in English language medium and are suited for international students. Several other undergraduate, postgraduate and certificate programs are also available for students to choose from. Visit for more information.

  • University of Freiburg

Officially known as the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, this university is one of the oldest educational institutions in Germany, having been founded in the year 1457. students here are thus treated to excellent education in modern facilities within an ancient geographical location.

Despite centuries of civilization, development and war, the city still retains some of the beautiful ancient structures and elements. According to the Times Higher Education university ranking for Law, the University of Freiburg ranks 4th in Germany and 86th in the world. It is also home to thousands of international students.

Departments in the faculty of Law include: Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Institute of Public Law, Institute of Media and Information Law, Institute for Legal History and Comparative Legal History, Institute for History of Law and Comparative Legal History, Department of Roman Law, Department for Public Law, Institute for Staatswissenschaft & Philosophy of Law, and a host of others. Irrespective of your interests, you have at least one department and program here that caters for you!

Find more information at:

  • University of TĂĽbingen

Established on the 1st of October 1477, the University of Tübingen ranks among the five oldest universities in Germany. The university’s faculty of Law is actually one of the first four faculties that were instituted at the University’s inception, along side the faculties of Medicine, Arts and Theology.

The university offers outstanding legal education to fresh high school graduates, and also to masters degree programs for students, professionals and graduates from other law schools around the world. Not only is the education of the highest standard, but law graduates from here are held in high regard. The university ranks 5th in Germany and 91st on the Times Higher Education university rankings for Law.

Get more details about this university and their programs at:

  • University of Bonn

The university of Bonn is unarguably one of the best research universities in Germany. According to the Times Higher Education university rankings for 2020, the university ranks 105th on the world rankings, and 6th in Germany.

The university was founded in the year 1818 and has since grown into a formidable institution of higher learning that plays host to thousands of international students every year. They offer a wide range of bachelors, masters, doctorate and certificate programs in various fields of specialization, and they also offer students opportunities to get trainings and valuable work experience to prepare them for their careers.

For more information about courses, requirements and procedures at this university, check out their website at:

  • Free University of Berlin

The department of Law at the Free University of Berlin is split into three distinct units, namely: Civil Law, Public Law and Criminal Law. Each unit works independently and in sync with other units in the department to achieve conformity to standards in Legal education set by the Ministry of Education, and to also equip students with all the knowledge and skills that they need to be successful in legal practice. Every aspect of modern legal practice is covered, and this stands them out among other universities offering law.

However, the most unique feature of this university is the quality and quantity of strategic affiliations that they have with world-renown law schools all over the world. Students are offered life-changing and career-defining opportunities to explore cross-national legal issues in different cultures and contexts, thereby increasing their capacity to become first-class lawyers in the future.

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  • University of Göttingen

The Georg-August Univesity of Göttingen ranks 125th on the world rankings for Universities in Law, based on the methodology of Times Higher Education. The university’s faculty of Law is unarguably the biggest, oldest and most reputable in the whole of Northern Germany. It was founded in the year 1737, and has since then consistently produced high quality graduates in the fields of Law, Humanities and other subjects, who have become leaders and captains of their respective industries. The university is a distinguished leader in research and teaching in the following core areas: Civil law, Criminal Law, Public Law, Legal Theory and Comparative Law, and Legal Philosophy. The faculty of law also works in collaboration with the faculty of social sciences to offer students all-round knowledge in modern legal practice across various contexts.

This university is undoubtedly a good choice for international students. If you need more details about this program, please visit the program website at:

  • University of Hamburg

Widely known as the first democratically established educational institution in Germany, the University of Hamburg is a world leader in many fields and sectors, one of which is Law. The faculty of Law at this university was instituted in the year 1919 and has since maintained a strong emphasis on International Law. They are perhaps the best place to study any specialization in International Law, and in fact they have a special doctoral program in that specialization.

The faculty plays host to more than 4,000 students from various countries, and the world-class faculty and facilities make for an enriching learning experience. More information can be found at the faculty’s website:

  • Bielefield University

Tenth on our list of top universities for studying Law in Germany is Bielefield University. Based on the Times Higher Education university rankings for 2020, the university ranked 166th in the world – certainly not a bad position among the thousands of good universities all over the world! The university offers a number of bachelors and masters degree programs to students.

Furthermore, students get to benefit from a wide array of study abroad and exchange programs in selected countries and institutions around the world.

More information about this university can be found at the school’s website:

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