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Digital marketing is all about the various digital channels and means through which prospective customers can be reached. These channels include emails, social media and search engines. They are majorly used to buyers(consumers) with sellers. In another word, Digital Marketing is any form of marketing targeted at promoting goods and services via any digital platform or medium. In a nut shell, Digital Marketing is all about leveraging on where people spend most of their time (the internet) to market products, goods and services.

With the rate of technological transformation and revolution sweeping across every strata of human endeavor and the rate at which more businesses are evolving and becoming dynamic, choosing to be a professional Digital Marketer is a worthy goal. This is because as a professional Digital Marketer, you get to be involved in many aspects of human influence such as Blogging, Editing, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Web Development, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Data Analytics, Content creation, Content Management, Brand Management, E-commerce, SEM, SEO etc.You do not necessarily need to learn all these skills but to be an expert in the field of Digital marketing, it is advisable that you learn two or three of these skills.

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What a professional Digital Marketer Does

A professional digital marketer is passionate about learning the latest trends and patterns in the various sectors of human endeavor and conscious about coming up with innovative and creative brand images and establishing cordial relationship between buyers and sellers. A digital marketer is concerned about using relevant tactics and skills to leverage the power of internet for creating social media contents, web contents/pages, advert campaigns, blogs etc.

Career prospects in Digital Marketing

With the rate at which people use and have access to the internet nowadays, businesses have a larger propensity of reaching more people all across the world within a very short period of time 24/7 influencing them via the various digital platforms and earning revenues in the process. The issue of digitalizing business has become of utmost necessity in this 21st century computer age, this has further created opportunity and demand for experts well-grounded in relevant skills required to come up with systems and strategies that will attract more sales and further engage the audience.

Analysts in the field of career development have revealed that Digital Marketing  will create one quarter of the total future jobs.

Benefits of Choosing Digital Marketing as a Career 

  1. It doesn’t take much to start

One amazing thing about digital marketing is that it doesn’t require much to start. All you need is an unbending passion and willingness/meekness to learn. As a matter of fact, you do not need to have a college degree to start out as a Digital marketer. There are a lot of free online Digital marketing courses that you can take advantage of to have a better understanding of how digital marketing process works. Having a professional certificate gives you better edge and competitive advantage over others in the market.

  • Offers better opportunities

The opportunities available for professional digital marketers are limitless. As such, Digital Marketers are always in hot demand. Digital marketing has become a house hold name and every business need the services of a professional digital marketer to creatively paint an image of their brand to their prospective audience across every social media platform thus influencing the customers.

  • More jobs with high pay

The demand for professionals in the field of digital marketing is increasing in an exponential rate. This therefore means that there are diverse opportunities for those who have mastered the act of digital marketing. You can never run out of jobs and opportunities as there will always be new opportunities springing forth on a daily basis.

  • It positions you to be more creative

Most jobs in world of Digital marketing requires a level of creativity and innovation in the part of the professional. You will always have enough time and opportunity to try out different tactics, strategies and techniques to see which work best with the teaming audience at any given point in time. No matter what scope of digital marketing you get to feature you, you have equal opportunities to explore.


Before we go into the 30 Free Online Courses, watching this video below may help you understand how and where to apply the skill of Digital Marketing:

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This course teaches you the various strategies to engage in order to reach out to more prospects

It is designed to last for 6 weeks and requires an input of about 4-6 hours weekly from the part of the learner. The fact still remains that as the world of technology is experiencing radical technological advancement, so also is the world of social media. This course positions you more on how to leverage on these new social media technologies to connect with more people.

You will learn about the various ways of developing social media strategies that best suits you. Similarly, you will also be schooled on the dynamics of creating engaging contents that will yield more profits. Furthermore, you will fully understand how social media can be used to develop cordial relationship with consumers

Online marketing strategies is a very interesting course you should not miss taking. It opens you up to the different opportunities that are available online and how to leverage on the power of digital analytics, internet and social media to advertise your business online. The course lasts for 12 weeks and will require about 8-10 hours of your time weekly. The course focuses on teaching you the vital e-marketing tools you need to be acquainted with in order to have a successful online business. You will learn how to practically apply conventional marketing strategies in an online community. You will also be exposed to some vital keys and strategies you will use in evaluating the online marketing strategies of firms.

This is a foundational course that every digital marketer must take to fully understand how the digital marketing world works. A sound understanding of where and how social media came into being will further position you to leverage on the opportunities that are available. This is what this course seeks to achieve. It gives a comprehensive background information on the progressive steps that led to social media becoming an integral part of our everyday life.  It lasts for 4 weeks and requires 2-3 hours of your time weekly to fully grasp the concept behind the course. By the end of this course, you should be able to differentiate between participatory culture and Web 2.0. you should also be able to differentiate the ways social media companies and individual users utilize social media to perform various functions.

The power of branding in the world of Digital marketing cannot be overemphasized in this age and time. This course focuses on teaching you how to leverage on content distribution to increase brand engagement via a personal digital approach. The course is designed to last for 3 weeks and will require 3-4 hours of your time weekly. This course will be very helpful to you especially if you fall into the category of individuals who wish to get more people engaged in their brand but don’t know exactly how to go about it. This course was specially designed to teach you the basic skills you need for running a successful online business.

You are an individual who is passionate about knowing more about digital marketing but don’t know how to go about it all? Then you don’t need to look far anymore, with this course, you will get to learn the rudiments of digital marketing from the scratch. You will learn more about the business dimension of Digital Marketing. We highly recommend this course to anyone who want to fully understand the basis of Digital Marketing. You will learn powerful Digital Marketing strategies and basics. There is a special module that is dedicated to walking you through the Practical aspect of Digital Marketing and personal Branding that will further position you to becoming a Top notch in the Digital Marketing world. 

With this course, you will get to have a solid understanding of What Digital Marketing is all about, you will also learn about the basic Digital Marketing concepts. The course was designed to help learners achieve the following goals

  • Understand the fundamentals of the psychology of buyers and sellers and how to develop an effective marketing strategy and campaign around it.
  • Effectively operate and manage online brands and attract more prospects on a daily basis.
  • Apply different marketing strategies to get a desired outcome.

This course will walk you through the process of understanding the different channels of digital marketing. You will also be able to integrate the different channels and components of Digital marketing into your overall working marketing strategy at the end of taking this awesome course. The course will further equip you with an impressive ability that will enable you to create outstanding marketing plans. The course is mainly designed to help you understand how to calculate and track return on investment in any Digital Marketing Strategy you are involved in

The sole aim of this course is to introduce the concept of Digital Marketing including all the components and channels using a systematic approach. Digital marketing has grown to be part of the integral part of our day to day running. As such this course is suitable for all entrepreneurs, small business startups, individuals passionate about Digital Marketing and all those who wish to build a career around Digital Marketing.

This is another powerful course that is targeted at helping learners understand the concept of Digital Marketing better and more practical way. This course provides timeless, relevant and superior information that will help you concisely understand the major Digital Marketing Channels available in this age that will help you achieve your marketing goals within the shortest period of time ever. Due to the fact that the Digital world is always witnessing one form of Transformation every now and then, it is expedient that you always update your understanding on the components and channels that are still relevant. The insights provided in this course are top notch. There is a special module in this course that specifically dealt with the prospective Digital Marketing Channels of the future.

This course is more practical than theoretical. It walks you through very practical steps that will position you to understand Digital Marketing in the simplest way possible. It makes the concept of Digital Marketing very appealing to learn. The basics of Digital Marketing was well explained concisely in this course. there is a key segment of this course that was dedicated to helping learners learn more about personal branding and practical digital marketing channels to be adopted to help learners achieve more.

If you are a Search Engine Optimizer, Social Media Marketer or Digital Marketer who wish to last long in this industry, then this course is specially designed for you. The course Free Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing Course was specially created to walk learners through the introductory aspect of this subject matter. You will get to understand some key areas of Digital Marketing.

main objective of this course is helping individuals and businesses starting out in the world of Digital Marketing to have a solid foundation on what it is entirely about, thus positioning them to make wise decisions that will skyrocket them in their career and endeavors

Very few people know about the treasures available in Blog commenting. As a matter of fact, not so many researches have been conducted on the potency of this venture. This is why I personally consider this course to be one of the best I have seen so far. You will get to learn firsthand principles and techniques on how to tap into the wealth of opportunities available in this free form of Digital marketing. As an Author, you can leverage on the information you will be getting in this course to build a sustainable brand. This course was designed with an actionable approach. You will learn more about personal branding as an author. At the end of this course, you should be able to know the dynamics to advertising without necessarily sounding like a sales person.

This course walks you through the rudiments of understanding how to build an online business. You will learn about entrepreneurship, video marketing, Facebook marketing, Digital Marketing and all the techniques and systems you need to put in place to build your online business. This is the introductory aspect to your journey into the online world. Very insightful thoughts are shared in this course that will position you to earning more online.

Making money online is not all about selling something online. This is the mistake that most digital marketers make. This course was specially designed to bring you to this understanding that you can actually make cool money online without selling a product or service by leveraging on this powerful Digital Marketing skill.

This course is very easy to understand. It lasts for 30 minutes and by the end of the course, you will be an Expert in the field of Digital Marketing. You will learn about how Affiliate Networks work, you will also learn the dynamics to getting more clicks.

This is a very concise course that helps you understand the interrelationship between Digital Media and marketing. You will learn top notch principles that will help you become a better researcher in analyzing and designing digital contents to reach your target audience. Furthermore, you will get to fully comprehend the underlying principles governing the smooth running of an effective Digital marketing outlet

This course is designed for small business owners, marketers, and all those who are passionate about getting better as they journey in this career pathway. The course will position you to be an agent of change and give you a foretaste of what the Digital World looks like. The last section of the course walks you through the importance of creating Video contents in getting more outcome and leveraging on the marketing strategy. The course was designed such that even if you have no prior understanding of the entire concept of Digital Marketing, you will still have a head way understanding some basic principles that will position you to get better outcomes and experiences.

The course consists of over 15 modules that covers key areas such as the steps to building a career in Digital marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Facebook Messenger Chatbot, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There is a special section dedicated to helping you understand the different ways of designing WordPress website without coding knowledge. This is because you cannot successfully run an effective online business without websites.

This course is designed specially to help you master the rudiments of online Digital Marketing. Even if you have never heard about Digital Marketing before, you are covered because this course was designed such that a novice can easily understand it. You will get to understand the difference between an average marketer and a master marketer. You will also be well grounded on the main concepts that will guarantee your success as an online marketer. One key virtue that every Digital marker must develop is the patience to listen to their target audience. This course has a special section that will help you with different strategies you can adopt that will position you to flow with your audience knowing exactly what they want

The purpose of this course is to open you up to the possibility of owning you r own Digital Magazine and using it for business purposes. By the end of this course, you should be able to create an interactive digital magazine that sets the precedence for all your social media posts and contents. Digital magazine on its own is a very powerful marketing platform that us adopted as the sole marketing strategy in most countries of the world. One beauty about the Digital Magazine is that you can send it to anybody in any path of the world using a smartphone, Tablet or PC

This is another powerful course that every Digital marketer should take. You will get to learn about how to start up your own Ecommerce Agency or Social Media Marketing Agency. Also, the course exposes you to all the opportunities that are available in the Digital Marketing Field. You will also get to understand how to promote online products using the most suitable digital marketing tool as an online entrepreneur or affiliate marketer. There is a section of this course that teaches entrepreneurs and digital marketers how to create websites without knowledge of coding. This course is very loaded. You will also learn more about the SMS Marketing tool and lots more.

Are you passionate about making money online, or are you passionate about Digital Marketing, online sales and starting up an online business? then this course is for you. The goal of this course is to help you create systems where you can build your online business and eventually sell and market online products and services without much stress. This course will literally position you to build your own Cash machine which will automatically position you to achieve your desired outcome.

This course is specially designed for freelancers, Digital Marketing Agencies, and passionate individuals who want to build a career around Digital Marketing to learn about relevant Digital Marketing tools they can leverage on to get the best desired outcome in all their Digital Marketing endeavors. This course paints Digital Marketing in the simplest and most concise ways you could ever imagine. The key areas covered in this course include: email marketing, social media marketing, content creation, digital advertising, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing. By the end of this course, you should have a better understanding on how to navigate these tools to yield better outcomes

The goal of this course is to help you raise more income in your business through a powerful system of running profitable ads that will translate into more profits and cash later on in the nearest future. The truth of the matter is that very few people have understood the power of running profitable advertisement. Online advertisement can be one of the most profitable investment you can ever do for your business especially if it is done the right way. This course extensively opens you up to this basic understanding.

In this course you will get to learn the fundamentals of becoming a digital market analyst. You will learn about the foundational data skills that will position you to achieve this goal. You will also gain more understanding on how digital marketing analytics and Google Analytics works. You will be further exposed to the different ways you can use Excel, Data studio to build models, analyze data and the different strategies of creating informational data visuals using Tableau.

This course also teaches you the strategies of using visuals and statistics to comprehensively interpret your insights to the understanding of your audience. You will also learn about the art of storytelling in reaching your audience, using data visualizations and creating campaign projects.

This course teaches you the rudiments of online business intelligence and predictive analytics in reaching more people online and solving real business problems. To fully comprehend the contents of this course to the degree to which it ought to be understood, you need to be conversant with algebra, descriptive statistics and Excel. This course will help you to better understand how to plan and organize your marketing strategies using analytical approach. There is a special session of this course that deals with helping you predict sales. You will learn how to interpret different data, reformat the data and wrangle data from different sources. You will also learn about Multiple Linear Regression and Linear Regression.

This course walks you through the practical steps of Becoming a Digital Marketer. You will learn how to create marking contents using and leveraging on social media platforms to communicate your message, run ads, and advertisement. You will also learn how to run video ads. This course walks you through the different strategies of organizing your marketing strategies and approach in getting a better yield. The beauty of every marketing activity is the depth of the content created. At the end of this course, you will be able to create compelling contents that will attract the kind of prospects that you need for your business.

This course is part of the component of Becoming a Digital Marketer. The course focuses on teaching you the principles of email marketing in reaching out to more prospects. In this 21st century, one of the most effective marketing strategies is email marketing especially the one that deals with the conversion stage of the journey of the customer. You will be well grounded on how to create a suitable email marketing strategy that works uniquely for you. You will also learn how to create email campaigns and how to monitor the progression of your growth and results over a period of time.

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Copy blogger is one of the most educational websites when it comes to learning about Digital marketing. The world of Digital marketing is driven by content writing. The better the quality of the contents, the higher the tendency of the kind of prospects you can attract. The art of writing great contents cannot be overemphasized. It is a key factor to running a successful digital marketing business. This course walks you through the different components of content writing such as writing ads copy, landing page copy and articles. By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding on how to write engaging contracts that will attract the kind of traffic that you desire.

This course covers key areas such as content marketing, PPC, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing. You cannot talk about effective Digital marketing without learning the rudiments of SEO fundamentals and PPC fundamentals. This course was designed to help you gain more understanding on these key areas. The team of highly experienced experts will walk you through understanding each concept well even if you don’t have a background knowledge. By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding on how SEMRUSH works and the effective strategies you can adopt in increasing your chances of successfully running digital marketing ads and campaigns.

The goal of this course is to deal with frequently asked questions that is associated with Digital Marketing as a whole. The world of Digital marketing is experiencing every level of transformation progressively. There are many factors that come to play in the transformation process. These are embedded in the questions in the heart of the people. To gain more ascendency in the world of Digital Marketing, you have to have a better understanding of these questions that prospects seek answers to. This is the main focus of this course. This course will make you wiser in the Digital marketing World.

This course opens you up to all the necessary tools you need in order to run an effective digital marketing business. The truth of the matter is that for you to effectively run a successful digital marketing agency or become an excellent Digital marketer, you have to leverage on some certain tools that will better position you to attract more prospects. This is the goal of this course.


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