Top 10 International Student Exchange Programs

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The Student exchange program is an initiative for students to travel overseas for some months with a school in partnership with their own school. The program can either be a short term program which could last for 3 months or a long term program which can last for 6 months or a year.

The essence of the students exchange program is to create an avenue for students to experience other cultures, learn more about global concepts and have global experience, make friends, broaden their horizon and aid their overall development.

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There are numerous foreign students exchange programs today that even offer scholarships and can accommodate students for up to two years.

So today, we bring you some of the top international student exchange programs.

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We advise that you research further on these ones here and other student exchange programs for proper guidelines.

1.     The Fulbright- Schuman Students Exchange Program

This program allows for students and young professionals to travel to the United States of America in exchange programs and catering for their feeding, transportation and accommodation for the duration of the program through scholarships.

A total of four thousand (4,000) students receive scholarship from the Full Bright Schuman on a yearly basis and till date they’ve made it possible for thousands of students across 155 countries around the world to study and carry out research in numerous universities from

2.     Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders (YALI)

This is an internationally recognized exchange program in memory of Nelson Mandela as commitment to upholding his legacy and also fostering the development and capacity building of students and young professionals in Africa. The program duration is for 6 weeks and concentrates on leadership training and academic work.

3.     Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD)

This student exchange program is solely for excellent and high performing undergraduate students who have an impressive academic track record and are open to gaining international exposure, and meeting new people. The duration of the program last for a year and the deadline is December on an annual basis.

4.     Youth Leadership Programs

This is one of the best foreign students exchange programs targeted at equipping and mentoring young students across the world by pairing them with their counterparts in the United States. The program targets students from fifteen to seventeen years of age and ensures a power packed schedule of activities tailored towards their overall development. They participate in workshops, community activities, meetings with leaders, leadership activities etc. The program last for 3 or 4 weeks and the eligibility and application process is quite easy and flexible.

5.     Kennedy–Lugar Youth Exchange & Study (YES)

This student exchange program target students within fifteen to seventeen age brackets and are in high school. The program is designed to incorporate students from countries with a sizeable and recognizable Muslim population.  They are to spend a full academic year in the US. The drive is to give these students across the Muslim world maximum exposure by incorporating them into the American society and engaging them intellectually. The program has been a huge success as a total of 900 students are selected to participate in the exchange program on a yearly basis.

6.     EF Language Year Abroad

This program is one of the most acknowledged exchange programs in the United Kingdom with over 50 years experience under their belt. They’ve conducted a wide range of exchange programs across various universities across the UK. They also present a payment plan that covers accommodation, transportation and others.

7.     My Education (U.K)

My Education U.K is a foremost student exchange program founded in 1995 and they’ve done a remarkable job in conducting successful student exchange programs of different students from all over the world. This seasoned and independent organization propagates students exchange programs and eulogizes the importance of student travels in order to feel, sense and broadens their horizon on various aspects of academic offerings all over the world.

8.     STS Foundation

This is a great student exchange program facilitated by the State Department in the US with the student having the opportunity to reside with an American citizen chosen through a credible drafting process.  The initiative is to ensure that the student have a feel of the culture and learn the values of the American society. The opportunities the program offers are immeasurable and lots of young people have had a life changing experience and opportunity being a recipient of the exchange program.

9.     Program of Academic Exchange (PAX)

The program for academic exchange is a well celebrated student exchange program founded 30 years ago with the goal and objective of giving young people across the globe the opportunity to explore other cultural heritage and learning environment in order to gain maximum exposure through an exchange program. The foundation offers two exchange programs which run for 5 months and 10 months simultaneously, giving various students opportunity to have a feel of the American lifestyle and culture.

The program accepts one thousand (1,000) students on its exchange program annually and application for the exchange program is widely open for over seventy (70) countries. There are various exchange programs but the program of Academic Exchange (PAX) is note worthy and well connected as it has partnerships with over 600 schools within its reach to place various students in its students exchange program.

10.     Nacel Student Exchange Canada

The Nacel Student Exchange Program is an independent organization that provides tailored academic exchange programs for international students. The program invites international students to do their exchange program for a semester or a school year in a Canadian institution across Manitoba, Toronto, Montreal, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Nacel Student Exchange Program is quite attractive and a great choice for international students as Canada over the years has turned to a preferred destination because of the diversity in their culture and high educational standard.

Since you are still here, here is a bonus for you.

ASSE International Student Exchange Program

This is an exchange program that offers a whole lot more to the exchange student with a fulfilling social and academic experience. They get to partake in community programs that involve music, drama, sports and community service. The program is not one sided as students gets to see various parts of Canada like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ontario, Manitoba etc.  They also have to experience both the English and French culture with an invaluable experience of Canada’s world class education.

There you have our list of international student exchange programs. Have you been involved in a student exchange program? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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