15 Most Underrated Things Poor People do to remain Poor

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There are things people do every day that may seem harmless; But contributes to a large extent to keep them poor.

Today, we bring you 15 most underrated things people do to remain poor.

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Let’s begin…

  • Poor people are careless with their mind

The mind is our most prized possession. It’s like a fertile land. Whatever you plant in it is what you will reap. Poor people either do not realize this or are too lazy to do something about it. If you feed your mind with hate for successful people, you will not achieve success. If you continuously indulge in un-educative entertainment, you’ll end up shallow-minded. To change you live, start by changing what you feed your mind.

  • Poor people beat themselves up over mistakes

Let’s face it; every one of us makes mistakes. We all have events from our past we are not proud of. Your ability to separate yourself from unpleasant experiences is directly proportional to how much you can achieve. Poor people dwell too long on past mistakes that they live most of their lives in the past. It takes being able to forgive yourself and try again to eventually achieve success.

  • Poor people avoid embarrassment and criticism at all cost

The thought of trying and failing is so scary for most people that they would rather not try. Doesn’t it surprise you that spectators often understand the game more than the players? The problem is that most poor people like spectators prefer to live in their imagination of the game of life than experience the real game. The imaginary game is often perfect but the real game is anything but perfect. You will fall, make mistakes, miss your shots, commit fouls and even cause a penalty. But it’s all part of the game. In their fear of criticism and embarrassment, poor people will rather live in their imagination.

  • Poor people demand instant gratification

This is a major reason bad leadership and oppression continue to progress. Poor people are willing to receive handouts or court favors from those in power than hold them accountable for the position they hold. When a mass of people will prefer voting a corrupt politician who handout petty cash and items, than a well intentioned leader, it goes to show how shortsighted poor minded people can be. This “take what you can get today” attitude manifests in different dimensions. They end up short changing themselves in the long run.

  • Poor people feel powerless to change anything

For them, life is just the way it is. Everything that happens is ordained to happen. But they fail to understand that nothing changes until you get feed up and demand for change. They believe that since someone is to be blamed for their predicament, someone has to be responsible to get them out. This is an irresponsible way to live.

  • Poor People channel their anger negatively

Two people who were abused in their childhood may end up in opposite paths in life; one an advocate for the vulnerable, the other a life of crime. Poor minded people channel their energy towards criticism, envy and jealousy. What they don’t realize is that the same energy can be channel into bettering their lives for good.

  • Poor people are obsessively closed-minded

It doesn’t matter how much you try to convince a poor minded person that they can do something to change their live. They will always find an excuse that proves otherwise. No doubt, people go through different degrees of difficulty. Extractive political and economic institutions in third world countries exist to enhance poverty. But if you can watch this video from your country, you have all the tools to do something positive with your life. You just have to open your mind to new ideas and opportunities.

  • Poor people are rarely honest with themselves

We all have 24 hours every day. No one gets an extra minute. If you look at the daily activities and habits of any person, you can tell where they are going in life. If you are a chronic procrastinator, lazy, and spend most of your day watching TV shows; these are the reason you are not making head way in life. Most people have some of these negative habits. The difference is that poor people rarely accept them or make any effort to improve on them.

  • Poor people don’t make the effort to be rational

Take a moment and look around you. Count the number of things you have that makes your life a bit easier; your phone, computer, books, TV, clothe, wristwatch. It takes rational thinking to accept that people who create things that are beneficial to the society at large deserve to be abundantly rewarded. This acceptance alone can alter a poor mind set for good.

  • Poor people walk with dormant faith

Poor people always believe that their day will come; whether through them or through their children. There is nothing wrong with this, except that they don’t take any practical steps towards that proverbial breakthrough. They just hope that someday, somehow, luck will shine on them. Well, unless you want to involve in crime, which will hurt more in the long run, there is no such thing as ‘hitting it big’ with first laying the foundation. You have to build the life you want one brick at a time.

  • Poor people idolize influential people

There is a crazy circle you often find in developing countries. Because the elite feed on the adoration of the masses, they have to keep them mentally poor to continue feeding on their attention. And because the masses believe they have less human right than the elite, they live to do their bidding.

Another way to look at this is how people spend their life idolizing celebrities. Well unless that celebrity is an inspiration to build your own career, you have no business obsession about them. A healthy self worth is required here.

  • Poor people value other people’s time above theirs

Poor minded people don’t mind spending their day scrolling through social media timelines, checking up what their favorite celebrities are doing with their lives and watching 6 hour season film. People who do these clearly value other people’s time above theirs. Success minded people value their time and make the effort to decide who and what gets their attention.

  • Poor people believe money is money

20 dollars earned from genuine work is not the same thing as 20 dollars from a political candidate campaigning for election. There is a place for dignity. But poor people really don’t care much about integrity and dignity. They believe money is money, regardless of how it comes.

  • Poor people want money for nothing

What most people don’t know is that money is an illusion. The real wealth is in the mind. You can have a lot of money and still have a poor persons mind. Think about lottery winners and most internet fraudsters. When people make money without earning it, there is a constant need to get external validation. What you should focus on is to become a person of value. Money follows value.

  • Poor people sabotage themselves with modesty

Have you ever heard someone say things like “money is nothing”, “money is for greedy people”. Poor people are fond of downplaying their true aspirations; because they don’t want to be held accountable for not living up to expectation. It’s safer to assume they want the life they have. But that’s just living in self denial. There is nothing wrong with having big dream and staying true to it. Like the saying goes, “aim for the stars. If you land on the moon, that would suffice”.

In summary, the reality of life begins and ends in the mind. If you can change how you think, you can change your life. Accept that it’s up to you to effect change. And start with changing these poor people’s mindset one at a time. Your future self will thank you for it.

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