WSAF 2010 Scholarship Scam Poll Result

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Did You Intend to PAY The $204.25 For The World Scholars Alumni Foundation (WSAF) Scholarship?

On Wednesday, August 11, 2010 I published a controversial post on The World Scholars Alumni Foundation (WSAF) Scholarship suspected to be a scam. The post went viral shortly after it was published and attracted thousands of students involved directly or indirectly. The WSAF Scholarship did prove to be an international scam intended on Students from Developing countries. Shortlisted candidates were contacted and asked to pay the total sum of $204.25 – $110 for student membership fee and $94.25 for fingerprint service.

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To keep track of the possible extent of damage these fraud could have causes, I started a poll for the scholarship participants to vote their possible action and intention on paying the said amount of money.
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Result from the Poll
The question was Did You Intend to PAY The $204.25 For The World Scholars Alumni Foundation (WSAF) Scholarship? 208 votes were collected and result for the six category was:
I was not Shortlisted
21 (10%)

Yes, I was Ready to Pay
30 (14%)

No, I knew it was a Scam
37 (17%)

I Just Needed to be Convinced
36 (17%)

I was indifferent
7 (3%)

What! I’ve already Paid
7 (3%)

What Are You Talking About?
70 (33%)

Votes so far: 208 – See Poll Result Here

Although this is just a fraction of the students involved in the WSAF 2010 Scholarship application, we can draw a near possibility of what the behind-the-scene story looks like thus far.

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