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IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program 2022 for Doctoral Students/Supervisors – Italy

IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) offers research opportunities to talented young researchers whose interests correspond with the institute’s ongoing research on issues of global environmental, economic, and social change. 

Application Deadline: 14th January 2022 midnight CEST

Eligible Countries: Applicants from all countries are welcome, although IIASA gives priority to citizens or residents of member countries.

To be taken at (country): Vienna, Italy

About IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program

IIASA offers a summer program for PhD students to undertake a scientific project on a topic related to the IIASA research agenda.

Annually, from 1 June to 31 August, IIASA hosts up to 50 doctoral students from around the world in its Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP).

Field of Study: 

  • Advancing Systems Analysis
  • Biodiversity and Natural Resources
  • Economic Frontiers
  • Energy, Climate, and Environment
  • Population and Just Societies
  • Strategic Initiatives

Type: Training, Research

Eligibility: The program is designed for PhD students (ideally about 2 years prior to receiving their PhD) working on a field compatible with ongoing research at IIASA and a wish to explore the policy implications of their work. Participants will be working under the direct supervision of an experienced IIASA scientist in a unique interdisciplinary and international research environment. They will produce a paper (serving as first step towards a publishable journal article) and will get the opportunity to build up contacts for future collaboration within IIASA’s worldwide network.

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program:

  • The stipend varies slightly among NMOs, but usually it is EUR 1310 per month plus airfare. If you are not citizen of or resident in an NMO country you must find alternative funds (either from your home institution or other sources) to finance participation.
  • IIASA will finance up to 3 candidates from developing countries which are not members of IIASA
  • IIASA does not charge a tuition fee. In general, participants are expected to cover all expenses associated with their stay (3 months rent; meals; local transportation; expenses for any accompanying dependents; and health insurance) from their NMO grant or their other funding source.
  • As an early career researcher at IIASA you are integrated into a research group of typically 10-20 researchers, from junior to senior, as well as into a bigger IIASA research program that typically covers several research groups. Within your research group you are likely addressing challenges with an interdisciplinary team of colleagues with different backgrounds, trained in different modes of thinking. Brace yourself for a lot of input and interesting conversations!

Duration of Programme: 3 months

How to Apply for IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program: 

  • Candidates apply via the online application form.
  • Applicants can chose 1-2 programs. If there is additional is interest in one of our flagship projects this can be indicated in the box provided in the application form (under “please justify your choice of programs here”).
  • We strongly encourage contacting the various PROGRAM REPRESENTATIVES and carefully read through all program descriptions before making your decision.

Visit IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program Webpage for Details

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