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AfterSchoolAfrica: Now Available on Android Play Store – Download Now!

Discover recent opportunities. Control what you see. Get notified in time about deadlines. Search by keywords.

With the help of our incredible online community (incredible you are), we have taken everything we have learnt through 9 years of building AfterSchoolAfrica and created a unique mobile application that better serves the aspirations of young Africans.

Today, we are announcing the first Free Scholarship/Opportunity Mobile App for Africans. The AfterSchoolAfrica App is loaded with a carefully selected array of opportunities for Africans from over 1000 universities and organisations around the world.

The beautifully designed AfterSchoolAfrica App comes with an intuitive calendar that colorfully displays opportunities by deadline dates so you can view programs months ahead of closing dates.

View opportunities by Deadline in Calendar Format

For the first time, you are empowered to choose only information tailored to your needs:

Select your categories of interest

Decide how you want to receive notifications on new opportunities based on your selected interest – Real-time, Daily or Weekly.

Select notification frequency

The Recent tab shows new opportunities. Tap to Bookmark any opportunity that catches your attention to view later. And get follow-up notifications to remind you as the deadline approaches. It works like magic.


Also search for specific or general opportunities by name, category, school or country, and receive relevant results, fast.

Frequently updated information, trending opportunities, keyword search, timely notification and follow-up all show the culture of excellence and intrinsic desire of the Team to see young Africans lead at world stage.

With After School Africa App, it is a lot easier to sieve through thousands of overwhelming information online and manage your long term goals.

Download After School Africa on Android Play Store today.

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