Marriott TestBED Accelerator for Startups in Middle East and Africa 2017

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Marriott Hotels has launched the second year of the TestBED accelerator programme to find cutting edge technologies that can transform our guest experience.

Application Deadline: 4th October 2017

Eligible Countries: Countries in Middle East and Africa

To Be Taken At (Country): The 8 finalists gather in Dubai, UAE to take part in a series of workshops and pitch their businesses to a panel of judges.

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About the Award: TestBED is a 10-week accelerator programme that gives startups an invaluable opportunity to test their products within an operating Marriott Hotel.

Marriott TestBED Middle East & Africa is an accelerator programme powered by Marriott Hotels with the aim to find cutting edge technologies, that can transform hotel guests experience. The programme will work with startups that have developed products and services which can enhance Marriott Hotels guest experience.

Marriott TestBED Middle East & Africa is a 0 cash; 0 equity; 100% opportunity accelerator. TestBED provides startups with an invaluable opportunity to test their products/services for 10 weeks within an operating Marriott Hotel in a major city in the Middle East or Africa. During this period, startups will be able to receive feedback from Marriott guests and associates to help develop their product. It does not offer startups cash, nor does it ask for equity.

Type: Entrepreneurship

Eligibility: Participating startups should fulfill the following conditions:

  • Be a for-profit business
  • Have a product or a service focusing on:
    • Enhancing Marriott Hotels’ in-room experience
    • Transforming the overall guest stay and F&B experience, in and outside the hotels
    • Helping guests discover a ‘headspace’ and achieve a relaxed state of mind during their stay with Marriott Hotels
  • Be ready to pilot within a live hotel environment (fundamentally beyond “idea stage”; seed and early stage startups are welcome to apply)
  • Be based in the Middle East or Africa
  • Be independent entities, meaning that they should not be a subsidiary of an existing corporation or have legal ties to a government body
  • Be represented by team members aged 21 years and older

Selection Criteria: Participating startups will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Extent to which the product solves a Marriott-specific business problem
  • Innovative and disruptive technology to transform the guest experience
  • Size of market opportunity and revenue potential
  • A strong market rollout plan
  • Proven traction (e.g. users, customers, revenue)
  • A motivated and skilled team

Number of Awards: 8 startups

Value of Award: Marriott TestBED Middle East & Africa offers the participating startups:

  • The opportunity to test their products/services for 10 weeks within an operating Marriott Hotel in a major city in the Middle East or Africa
  • A marketing training programme, tailored to their needs, provided by industry leaders
  • Mentoring from a range of experts from Marriott Hotels
  • Global exposure through Marriott Hotels’ marketing and media

Duration of Program: 10 weeks

How to Apply: Apply here

Visit the Program Webpage for Details

Award Providers: Marriott Hotels


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