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Research Scholarship in Anthropology By Wenner-Gren Foundation

The Wenner-Gren Foundation seeks to further the discipline of anthropology through its different scholarship and grant making programs and other activities. Programs are designed to support basic, innovative research in all branches of anthropology worldwide and to further the communication of research ideas and results internationally through conferences, publications, and other activities.

Who can apply for Wenner-Gren funding?
Different grant programs have different requirements. In most cases, grant programs are open to all international student applicants regardless of nationality and country of residence. You should consult the individual program pages for details of each program from the link below.

Grant Programs

The Foundation has a variety of grant programs for anthropological research and scholarship that are open to applicants irrespective of nationality or country of residence.

Grants for Doctoral Students
A variety of the Foundation’s grants support students enrolled in doctoral programs leading to a Ph.D. (or equivalent), including grants for dissertation research. There are also fellowship programs for doctoral students from countries where anthropology is underrepresented and where there are limited resources for educational training.

Grants for Post-Ph.D. Scholars
Grants are available to scholars with a doctorate include individual research grants, a limited number of writing fellowships, training for scholars from countries where academic training in anthropology is limited and awards to encourage collaborative research between international scholars.

Grants for Non-U.S. Scholars
All of the Foundation research grants are available to students and scholars regardless of nationality and place of residence. Alongside this, the Foundation has some specific programs to support students and scholars in countries where there are limited institutional and financial resources for anthropology.

Conferences and Workshops
Grants are available to bring international scholars together to develop anthropological knowledge and debate. Grants are made for amounts up to $15,000.

Contact Details
470 Park Avenue South, 8th Floor New York, NY 10016 USA
Phone: 212.683.5000 FAX: 212.683.9151
Email: [email protected]
For links to specific program visit Wenner-Gren Foundation Program

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