Apply: East Africa Postharvest Technologies Competition 2017 (EAPTC-2017) for Innovative Entrepreneurs in East Africa

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The East Africa Postharvest Technologies Competition 2017 (EAPTC-2017) aims to identify scalable post-harvest technologies in East Africa for dissemination.

Application Deadline: 20th February, 2017

Eligible Countries: EastAfrican countries

About the Award: The EAPTC-2017 will select top 50 scalable technologies from successful entries and offer them accelerated training on scaling up and pitching. Twenty five outstanding participants in the accelerated training will be given an opportunity to showcase and pitch to potential partners (development partners, donors, Governments, farmers/traders associations and investors)in a special session during the upcoming East Africa Postharvest Technologies Fair set for May 2017.
The exhibition will be organized by the Inter Region Economic Network in conjunction with its partners-The East Africa Trade Investment Hub and Syngenta. The EAPTC-2017 seeks to identify postharvest innovations and technologies that demonstrate potential for scale up and offer practical solutions to challenges of postharvest food loss and waste across agricultural value chains in the region.

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Type: Contest

Eligibility: The EAPTC-2017 participants will be drawn from East Africa Community member states (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi). Applications are open to both institutions and individuals of 18 years and above. The scalable technologies selected from the five countries will be required to participate in a mandatory acceleratedtraining on how to scale up and pitch to potential partners.Eligibility criteria include:

  • Should have been in existence for not less than two years
  • Should be ready to scale (wider dissemination)
  • Should be practical and applicable for postharvest loss management in various agricultural value chains including:
    • Perishable food crop commodities (including fruits, vegetables, roots & tubers, edible fungi)
    • Perishable livestock and fish products (including milk, meat, eggs, fish)
    • Non- perishable food commodities (including grains, cereals and pulses, processed foods)
    • Postharvest labour enhancing technologies (including the use of harvesters, threshers, winnowing machines and shellers)
  • Should send its submission in English
  • Should adhere to the template provided

Selection: The EAPTC-2017 Competition will be conducted in the following phases:

  • The application will be received via the Young Innovators in Agribusiness Competition Website;
  • Applications close on 20th February, 2017
  • A selection panel will convene to select 50 participants to take part in the EATPTC-2017 Challenge. They will be notified by March, 2017
  • The 50 participants will be trained on how to scale up and pitch to potential partners (Development partners, donors, Governments, farmers/traders associations and investors) to be held in April, 2017
  • The East Africa Postharvest Technologies Competition 2017 will take place in April, 2017
  • The top 25 participants will be selected to participate in the East Africa Postharvest Technologies Competition to be held in May, 2017

The top five participants will be entitled to a seed award totaling USD 30,000.

Number of Awardees: 5

Value of Program : The top three technologies will receive cash prize/seed capital.


Visit Program Webpage for details

Award Provider: Young Innovators in Agribusiness

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