Eligible Countries: Developing countries (see list below)

To be taken at (country): Stockholm University, Sweden

About the Award: Spider is excited to announce an open call in the thematic programme of education and learning. The objective of the present call is to receive project proposals that are ready to be implemented and can deliver concrete results. Proposals that can demonstrate how they will achieve learning outcomes and organizations  that form strategic partnerships with different stakeholders from the public and private sector and civil society will be prioritized.

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The focus is on vocational skills, and we are looking for proposals that are competency based, learner centered, and using formal and/or non-formal education. The areas will be in different trades and subjects where the trainees are taught technical and life skills that will lead to productivity and improve chances of employability and/or self-sufficiency.

Type: Grants


  • This call will focus on the heads of children-headed households or, heads of women-headed households, widows or youth in rural-, urban settings and refugee camps.
  • Spider will accept applications from institutions of learning, vocational schoools and organisations from the following 23 priority countries for Swedish development cooperation:
    • Africa: Burkina Faso, Kenya, Mozambique, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Mali, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia.
    • Asia: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar
    • Middle East: Iraq, Palestine
    • Latin America: Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala

Selection Criteria: 

  1. Thematically and geographically relevant project
  2. Needs based intervention
  3. Well established local organisation, anchored in the community where the project is carried out
  4. Organisation with resources and capacity to carry out the project/manage and deliver the results
  5. Established collaboration with partners relevant to implementation/achievement of results
  6. Make strategic use of ICT
  7. Contribute financially through co-funding
  8. Sustainability (capacity, financial and organisational)

Selection Procedure:The projects will contribute to a unified result for the thematic programmes of education. We are looking for projects that can deliver concrete results to the following short term outcomes in education:

  1. Students/Learners have ICT-based access to education and digital content is available,
  2. Forums and networks have improved the use of ICT for learning
  3. Institutions of learning and related civil society organisations have strengthened capacity in accessible education, capacity building of teachers and content development.

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Grants: 

  • The project should not exceed 1 million SEK per year.
  • Spider will fund projects in education starting from mid-2017. Projects need to end by mid-2019.

How to Apply: If you consider your organisation to be eligible for support in the open call, fill out this application template.
 Template Open Call Education 2016 Vocational skills (98 Kb)

Your application shall consist of

Application Assessment and Requirements:

  • Please note that applications that exceed the two page limit will be rejected.
  • The application must be written in English, font Times New Roman size 10 and we will not accept hand-written applications.
  • The deadline for submission of the application is 16 December 2016 noon Central European Time. Applications sent in after the deadline will be rejected.
  • Spider requests applicants to send in an externally audited annual report, audit management letter, and the organisations proof of registration. These documents together with the two page concept note will be the application.
  • Assessment and selection of applications:
  • Qualified applicants should submit a two page concept note together with other documents as explained in the rules for open call no later than 16 December 2016.
  • Following review by Spider, selected applicants will be invited to submit a project proposal in February 2017. Spider reserves the right to choose project applications which are best aligned with our programme goals.

Visit Grants Webpage for details

Award Provider: The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (Spider), Department of Computer & Systems Sciences (DSV), Stockholm University,