Why you must confirm all documents before traveling to study abroad. Learn from a deported student.

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A student friend of mind from Nigeria (name withheld) was deported two days after he traveled to study in Malaysia. All his efforts and travel expenses had gone with the wind, and he only hopes to be refunded his school fees- a tragic case of starting all over and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to learn the hard way like my friend did.

The above student was deported simply out of nonchalance for instructions. Every of his travel and student documents were complete except for one thing. According to him, The reference statement of Bank Account he provided in his documents was not appropriately verified as demanded by the Malaysian Immigration. For that singular reason, he had to lose everything.

Where the Immigration agents inconsiderate?
The Immigration agents were simply doing their job. Universities and Colleges provide information on studying, living and working in their countries for international students on their/partner websites, and it is always demanded that foreign students demonstrate their capability to meet an estimated cost of living (except in cases of scholarship awards covering the student’s living expenses). The student is expected to provide a verifiable and functional bank statement of account for reference. With this, it is assumed that the foreign student’s living expenses during their study stay, can be taken care of, without desperation.

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Little issues like this is enough to rid a student of all works and nurtured study abroad dreams. To study abroad is a dream of most students- undergraduate and postgraduate- and deserve to be prepared with all caution. Good a thing, most of these schools have easily accessible websites with almost every possible information you would require: how to apply, who is eligible, cost of living, accomodation, specific country info, Visa application, study requirement, immigration etc.

It’s only a matter of taking the time to read through these documents. Most of these school websites also provide contact information, making it easy for students from any part of the world to make enquires and have their questions answered.

It is highly recommended that you (as an international student) verify the importance of every document your are required of, and to do proper recheck to ensure that all required documents are complete and in place before traveling to study abroad.

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