6 Things to Know About Getting Paid for Your Creative Work

Get paid for your creative work

More and more professionals are describing themselves as “creatives” in today’s job market, particularly among the self-employed. Whether you work for a big brand or are the freelance type there are a few things you should know about how to make a living off of creative work. Whether you’re a graphic designer, an artist, or […]

2014 – The year to Promote Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit in 2014

First of all, from AfterschoolAfrica, I wish you a happy and prosperous New year – 2014. The year is already on the move, with the usual unwillingness of any year to wait for anyone. How swiftly 2013 swept by… What are your goals for 2014? What plans are you making to achieve them? I believe […]

6 Steps to Getting that Job after University

job hunting

Finishing your studies is a huge milestone – finally those years of sleepless nights and cramming for exams pays off and you’re able to celebrate your graduation with family and friends. But for most of us, this time of life is also a time of transition; a time when we move from the realm of […]

9 Lessons from Nelson Mandela about Building Your Career

nelson mandelo young

I listened to the United States President, Barrack Obama deliver a powerful tribute at the memorial service for late Dr. Nelson Mandela as he said, “Madiba’s passing is rightly a time of mourning, and a time to celebrate a heroic life. But I believe it should also prompt in each of us a time for […]

Learn and develop skills in Technology, Programming, Business, Design, Photography etc on Udemy Online Courses at 50% Scholarship – Limited time offer

Udemy Save 50

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. – Albert Einstein When it comes to learning or developing a new skill, you might have all the motivation in the world, but it’s in finding the time to do the work that lies the real challenge. Technology is dedicatedly breaking […]

Smart Ways to Get Valuable Work Experience without a Job

work experience

Submitted by guest writer: Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin If you need a job, get experience first. If you need experience, get a job first. Which way out? It is not uncommon to find announcements of job openings requiring applicants to have a number of years of work experience. This is a towering stumbling block for most […]

Principals Career Development PhD Scholarships at University of Edinburgh, UK 2013/2014

Scholarship Name: Principal’s Career Development PhD Scholarships Brief description The University of Edinburgh UK will offer 50 PhD scholarships for students starting their PhD research in the 2013-2014 academic session. Accepted Subject Areas? Courses offered the University related to develpopment About Scholarship In order to attract the best and brightest PhD students, the University of […]

Job Promotion: Greater Freedom or Just Greater Responsibility?

This article is written and submitted by Tess Pajaron. We’re all working our way up the career ladder, one rung at a time. But while a promotion often brings us closer to our goals, there are a number of situations where a promotion may not be the best thing for your career or you personally. […]

How to earn over N1million in Salary per month as employees

make one million naira

Like most graduates, do you dream to reach that financial state where you earn up to seven figures monthly salary; speaking in naira? That will make you a happily employed millionaire. There are professionals, experts in different fields earning that much from their jobs and more. You can too, but the question is, what does […]

Another way to approach life after school other than go job hunting

job hunting

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson Traditionally, it’s the right thing to get on the street and start searching for a job in desperation once out of school or after NYSC. After all that seems to be why we […]