ICC-ITC-WTO MSME Group Small Business Champions 2022 – Call for Proposals

ICC-ITC-WTO MSME Group Small Business Champions 2022

When is Application Deadline?

15th August 2022.

Tell Me About Award:

The World Trade Organization (WTO) Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Informal Working
Group (MSME Group), in partnership with the International Chambre of Commerce (ICC) and the
International Trade Centre (ITC), is calling for proposals that help small businesses to transition to
more sustainable business practices and contribute to global decarbonization. Businesses, industry
associations, chambers of commerce and non-governmental organizations are invited to submit

What Type of Scholarship is this?


Who can apply?

Proposals can focus on awareness-raising campaigns, competitions, capacity building, training
and mentoring programmes.
• Proposals should have a target completion date of within one year from initiation.
• Proposals should be designed to be delivered by the entity making the proposal and should
not focus on WTO negotiations, or proposed changes to WTO rules.
• The ICC, ITC and the WTO MSME Group will use their networks to support and promote
successful proposals.

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How are Applicants Selected?

  • The selection of proposals will be carried out by members of the WTO MSME Group, and representatives of the ICC, ITC, and WTO MSME Group.
  • Winners will be announced the first week of October within the 2022 Edition of Building Bridges in Geneva, Switzerland.

Which Countries are Eligible?


Where will Award be Taken?

Geneva, Switzerland

What is the Benefit of Scholarship?

Winning submissions will be highlighted by the ICC, ITC and WTO MSME Group through their communication channels and receive recognition during Building Bridges, to be held in Geneva on 3-
6 October 2022. Winners will also receive a certificate.

How to Apply for Scholarship?

Proposals are open to the businesses, industry associations, chambers of commerce and nongovernmental organizations and should:
• detail the concept, aims, timelines and other information as appropriate.
• be no longer than three pages.
• be sent to smallbu[email protected] in Word or PDF format by 15 August 2022.

Key information to be provided

When submitting a proposal, please ensure that the following points are covered:

• name of the organization
• contact person (name, telephone, email)
• short description of the organization
• short bios of the persons implementing the project
• name of the proposed project
• timeline for the project (not longer than 12 months)
• challenge faced/issue to be addressed
• short description of the project, including activities to be organized
• aim(s) of the project (including any specific outcomes)
• how promotion by the ICC, ITC and WTO MSME Informal Working Group can support
your proposal.

Visit Award Webpage for Details