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Top 10 German Universities to Study Accounting and Finance 2020

The field of Accounting and Finance is rapidly becoming one of the most lucrative today in terms of career prospects. The introduction of crypto-currency and innovative financing into financial matters has increased the complexity of financial transactions that occur around the globe, which calls for more skilled personnel in the field of finance.

If you want to study Accounting and Finance at a German University, you have come to the right place. Here, you’d find the top ten German Universities to study your preferred program in Accounting and Finance. Scroll down to discover!

  1. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich
  2. WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management
  3. University of Hamburg
  4. Free University of Berlin
  5. The University of Mannheim (UMA)
  6. Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangan-Nuremberg (FAU)
  7. University of Bayreuth
  8. EU Business School
  9. University of Konstanz
  10. Jacobs University

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Let’s begin..

  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich

LMU Munich is a premier academic and research university located in Munich, Germany. It is one of the best universities in Europe, offering quality teaching and practical education to both local and international students enrolled across numerous faculties and departments. The community is a hub for innovators, industry leaders and stakeholders of key industries in Europe and beyond.

At LMU, there is a strong emphasis on research. They drive research in teaching and learning to be able to develop new, evidence-based methods, concepts and strategies for increasing the quality of education and the quality of graduates that they churn out. Little wonder, graduates from LMU are held in high regard in the job market.

The university ranks high among universities offering Accounting and Finance in Germany and all over the world. It is the best place to study Accounting and Finance in Germany, one of the top ten in Europe, and 32nd in the world, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for Universities 2020.

Specific information about their course offerings and schedules as pertaining to Accounting and Finance can be found on their official website, which is www.en.uni-muenchen.de/

  • WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management

Wissenschaftliche Hochschule fur Unternehmensfuhrung (WHU) was established in the year 1984, with the sole purpose of plugging the gap in business and financial education amongst locals. It initially started catering for only Germans but since then it has evolved into one of the most international institutions in the country.

The institution is one of Germany’s leading business schools and offers executive and full-time MBAs. Undergraduate courses in Business, Economics, Accounting and Finance are also available for students in both English and German language medium, while graduate degrees are exclusively taught in English language.

Students are admitted via a rigorous process that also includes presentations, tests and seminars, and a large proportion of enrolled students typically undergo internship abroad. Students are taught the fundamental elements of business, accounting and finance, economics with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship.

On the Times Higher Education rankings for universities offering Accounting and Finance, WHU-Otto Beisheim ranked 81st in the world. Visit their website at www.whu.edu for more information.

  • University of Hamburg

The Faculty of Business Administration (also referred to as Hamburg Business School) is currently ranked as one of the best business schools in Germany and Europe. The school offers a wide range of courses in Accounting, Finance, Business, Management and Economics. Courses provided in English Language Medium include: Bachelors degrees in Auditing and Taxation, Finance and Insurance, Marketing, Private Banking, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation, Maritime Economics and Finance, Corporate finance, Information Management, Price Management, Media Economics, Production and Logistics, Machine Learning with applications in Economics and Business, Supply Chain Management and Media Economics; as well as Masters degrees in Auditing and Taxation, Finance and Insurance, Behavioural Finance, Health Economics, Integrated Marketing Communications, Asset Management, Banking, Risk Management and Bank Regulation, Investment Banking and Capital Markets, and a host of other courses.

The requirements for admission, matriculation and graduation are quite strict, as the school aims to attract the best quality candidates. More information about them can be found at: www.bwl.uni-hamburg.de/en

  • Free University of Berlin

The Free University of Berlin is a unique academic and research institution in Germany. It was established in the year 1948 amidst the chaos after the war in Germany. Young students who were studying at that time at Universität Unter den Linden were being persecuted for their opinions about issues of governance, so the Free University was established to allow them continue to learn without being harassed and without facing political interference.

Over the years, the university has distinguished itself as a leader in the field of academics and research not only in Germany but also in Europe. It has one of the highest percentages of international students, with more than 21% of its total student population composed on students from outside Germany and the EU, and it has an average staff-student ratio of 1:58. Students studying Accounting and Finance are taught fundamental concepts in Business, Economics, Business, Finance, Accounting, Management, and Entrepreneurship.

There is also a strong international scope to their operations, and students can expect to have opportunities to study abroad on semester exchange schemes before the end of their program.

Find out more information about their program offerings at the school’s official website: www.fu-berlin.de

  • The University of Mannheim (UMA)

This unique university is unarguably one of the best places in Germany and Europe to study Accounting and Finance programs. Like a few other universities in Germany, UMA strongly emphasizes research. In the complex business and financial industry of today, there is a growing need for research-proven methods and approaches for doing business and accomplishing financial objectives for individuals, organizations and systems.

Thus the University of Mannheim prepares its students to not only be proficient in Accounting and Finance (and all other courses that they offer), but to also be well-equipped to tackle the problems of today and to provide viable solutions to meet the needs of people, organizations and systems around the world.

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings in the field of Accounting and Finance for 2020, the University of Mannheim ranked 157th in the world and 5th in Germany. More information about the university can be found here: www.uni-mannheim.de

  • Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangan-Nuremberg (FAU)

The University of Erlangen-Nuremberg is a top public academic research institution located in South-eastern Germany. It ranks among the top ten largest universities in the country. According to the Times Higher Education World 2020 University Rankings for Accounting and Finance, the university ranks 6th in Germany and 183rd in the world overall. It boasts one of the largest student populations in the country – 40,000 students, more than 10% of which are international students. Programs offered in the field of Accounting and Finance include Business Management, Business Administration, Accounting, Banking, Finance and Insurance, and a host of others.

Get detailed information about their program offerings on their official website here: www.fau.eu

  • University of Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth provides students with great spaces and opportunities to learn and explore their potential. It is world-renown for its peculiar interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research.

The university is a global centre for experts in the fields of Business, Economics and Finance. Based on the Times Higher Education ranking for Universities in the field of Accounting and Finance, the University of Bayreuth ranks 9th in Germany, and 151-175th in the world. The university prides itself in training students to become world class professionals in their respective fields. Their faculty of Business Administration offers high-value programs in Accounting, Business Management, Marketing, Finance, and Management at bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate levels.

Find more about their programs here: www.uni-bayreuth.de/en/

  • EU Business School (EUBS)

Founded in the year 1973, the EUBS is a top-ranking business school with multiple campuses in different countries in Europe. It is unarguably one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, and one of the best places to study Accounting and Finance. Though it is not a ‘university’ per sé, the school offers accounting, business and finance courses and programs at foundation, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree levels. Their MBA and DBA programs are rated highly in Germany and all over the world, and the faculty comprises of some of the brightest professionals in the field. Programs offered here are inclusive of: Accounting, Finance, Business Management, Marketing, Human Resource, Entrepreneurship, Business Design, Public Relations, Communication and general business education. All courses are accredited by the Bavarian State Ministry for Education, Science, Culture and Arts.

Information about programs and courses can be found at: www.euruni.edu

  • University of Konstanz

Established in the year 1972, the university is one of Germany’s youngest academic institutions. Since its inception, it has grown steadily to become one of the best universities offering Accounting and Financial education in Germany.

The university is unique for many reasons. One; teaching and learning is more personalized for the students. Students do not sit in large lecture halls for hours listening to lecturers; rather, they are coached and taught in small, compact lecture rooms for personalized attention and for fostering good working relationships between faculty and students.

Secondly, the university has its own child care centre. Students who are parents are afforded the opportunity to bring their children to the child care centre while they focus on their education. This is ideal for students who are parents and those with families. The school is also home to a good number of international students.

Get more details about their Accounting and Finance courses and other programs at: www.uni-konstanz.de.

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  • Jacobs University

Situated in Northern Germany, this university is one of the country’s most international educational institutions. It is a private university, and was established in the year 2001.

Among all German universities and institutes, Jacobs University is the smallest in terms of international student population. Only approximately 1,500 students from other countries study here: nonetheless, the university prides itself in offering students excellent education and training that exceeds norms, cultural barriers and status quo.

Students of Jacobs University graduate as top global citizens armed with the knowledge and skills to tackle the complex challenges of our world. Accounting, Business and Finance is one of the key focus areas of this university. Their top most popular courses include: Corporate finance, Accounting, International Business Administration, and a host of others.

Find out more information here: www.jacobs-university.de

There you have it; the top 10 German Universities to study Accounting and Finance, courtesy of After School Africa. Stay tuned to this website for more informative pieces.

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