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Google Online Marketing Competition 2011 for Local Business Development

Google Online Marketing Competition for Business Development in 2011- for Undergraduate and Graduate students of any discipline and from any University/ College in the world. US$200 of online advertising with Google AdWords for all participants.

The Google Online Marketing Challenge is a global/ international student competition open to any higher education institution anywhere in the world. The 2010 Challenge had over 12,000 students in 60 countries competing. This year, Google seeks to reach even more international students.

The Challenge is open to any university and any discipline around the globe, at graduate or undergraduate level.

How does the Program work?
Teams of 3 to 6 students receive US$200 of online advertising with Google AdWords and then find local businesses to work with to strategise an online marketing campaign. Teams outline a strategy, run their campaign, assess the results and provide the business with recommendations to further develop their online marketing activities.

Benefits of The Competition
The Challenge is a great way for you and your classmates to get some hands-on marketing experience in the ever changing world of online marketing. It’s a skill that will come in handy as you graduate and prepare to enter a tough job market, but most importantly: it’s a fun and engaging way to gain real-world experience helping businesses develop their online marketing strategies.

How to Register
Your professor, lecturer or whoever teaches you in school, enters their student team into the Challenge. If you think your professors might be interested in signing their classes up for the Challenge, inform them about this great opportunity! Your professors can obtain more information in the Academic Guide which will provide them with all the details they need to help them decide if the Challenge is right for students in their class.

Registration Deadline and Competition Dates
Registration closes: January 14, 2011
Challenge starts: January 31, 2011
Challenge ends: June 10, 2011
Winners announced: July 2011

If you are a student: Your professor or lecturer can register now and they will enter their student teams into the Challenge in a further stage. If you are a professor: You can register now for the 2011 Online Marketing competition.

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  1. Thelma chi says

    Thanks for the timely information. My question is this, can a student register individually. Please I would like to know. Thanks once again for your effort

  2. Ikenna says

    Thelma. From the instruction provided, I don't think you can apply individually. You have to work in group, under the supervision of your lecturer or teacher. You can inform your teacher about the competition.

  3. Engr. Ken S. Dialo says

    I want to thank you for all the free information you have been providing on this website. Your work is appreciated.
    Please I will like you to recommend an online marketing program for me since my company intends to build a website to promote their product. Your advice will be appreciated. Thanks once again.
    Engr. Ken. S. Dialo

  4. Ikenna says

    @Ken Thank you for your comment, but you forgot to leave your contact detail. You can use the submit scholarship link above this page to contact me with more details of what you require.

  5. Melissa Ross says

    Even education in schools have now progressed to meet the demand for online marketing.

    white label seo

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