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Global Korean Government Associate Scholarships for International students 2016

Brief description: The Korean Government is offering the 2016 Global Korea Scholarship for international students to study for associate degrees at selected Korean Universities and colleges

Eligible Field of Study: associate programs offered at the five selected Korean University

About Scholarship

The objective of the Korean Government Scholarship Program for International Students is to provide opportunities for foreign student to enroll in associate degree program in Korea thereby promoting global education and exchange and enhancing global competitiveness of professional education.

Scholarship Offered Since: not specified

Scholarship Type: Associate Degree

Eligibility: Prospective applicant must meet the following qualification criteria;

  1. Must be a citizen of the country to which scholarships are offered, which is also applied to his/her parents. Both applicant and his/her parents must not be a holder of Korean citizenship
  2. Should be under 25 years of age as of March 1, 2016 (Should be born after March, 1, 1991)
  3. Have an adequate health, both physically and mentally. The handicapped who satisfy the above (3) are also eligible for the program
  4. Have graduated or scheduled to graduate from a high school as of March 1, 2016. NOT Eligible: those who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree or a higher degree
  5. Must possess above 75% (out of 100%) cumulative grade point average (C.G.P.A.), or must be within 25% (out of 100%) in the rank during their entire high school period
  • G.P.A. should be 2.21/4.0, 2.33/4.3, 2.41/4.5, 2.68/5.0 or higher
  • If applicant’s high school evaluation criteria differs from the stated above
  1. Those who are willing to find employment in respective professions after obtaining their degree
  2. Must not have enrolled in a two-year bachelor course or an undergraduate course in Korea before. NOT Eligible: those who have ever enrolled at a Korean university as a regular or an exchange student
  3. Must have no limitations in travelling abroad
  4. There may be preferential selection for applicants who have proficiency in Korean or English
  5. Engineering and Science majors preferred
  6. Applicants are restricted to apply for at most one university

Number of Scholarships: 15 [from 57 countries]

Value of Scholarship:

  • Airplane ticket or airfare: The grantees will receive an airplane ticket or be paid an economy class airfare of the shortest route between their country and Korea when they come to Korea, and, thereafter, when they leave Korea after completion of their study.
  • Monthly Stipend: 800,000 won per month
  • Tuitions: The tuition fee up to 5 million won is exempted by the Korean Government, and if any, the tuition fee exceeding 5 million won and the entrance fee for the first semester by the host university.
  • Settlement Allowance: 200,000 won upon arrival
  • Repatriation Allowance: 100,000 won upon completion of studies
  • Korean Language Training Expenses: The full costs up to 1 year (NIIED pays directly to the language training institution)
  • Medical Insurance: The grantees will be provided with health insurance for major accidents and illnesses during their scholarship period.
  • The grantee who has level 5 or higher in TOPIK will receive 100,000 won per month after being enrolled at a two-year bachelor course.

Duration of Scholarship: March 1, 2016 – February 28, 2019

Eligible Countries:   Only those who hold a citizenship of the countries below are eligible for the program.

Afghanistan, Congo(DRC), Indonesia, Mongolia, Rwanda, Uganda, Angola, Dominican Republic, Iran, Mozambique, Senegal, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Iraq, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Nepal, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Bolivia, El Salvador, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Venezuela, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam, Brunei, Gabon, Kyrgyzstan, Panama, Thailand, Yemen, Cambodia, Ghana, Laos, Paraguay, Timor-Este, Chile, Guatemala, Malaysia, Peru, Turkey, Colombia, India, Mexico, Philippines, Turkmenistan

To be taken at (country): 5 Korean higher institutions (Gumi University, Dongyang Mirae University, Yeungjin College, Inha Technical College and Korea University Of Media Arts)

Application Deadline: Application deadline is to be decided by University. Applicants should contact the designated university.

Offered annually? Not specified

How to Apply

Visit scholarship webpage and download application guidelines

Sponsors: Korean Government