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This page was first published on 12 July 2010

The Scholarship MasterPlan is a free downloadable 86page book on how and where to find and apply for National and International Scholarships for African Students. The book guide students searching for scholarships online and various sources of financial aid on available award programs and the application processes. African students searching for international scholarships can use the book to get started.

I understand how time consuming it can be searching for scholarship for Africans and financial aid. Even more overwhelming, is knowing how to go about scholarship applications. On that note, I researched and compiled this book which is free for you to get a copy.

 The Scholarship Masterplan The Scholarship MasterPlan eBook contains 8 chapters, each dealing with a specific sub-topic on preparing, finding and applying for scholarships. Chapter 6 and 7 contains a list of scholarships in Nigeria and international scholarships for African students respectively. It also contains Appendices with articles on how to process your admission in US, UK and Canada; Plus more online resources.

The Scholarship MasterPlan – Scholarships for African students

This Free ebook contains over 70 scholarship programs and organizations you can apply to as a Nigerian and/or African student. If you are searching for help or guidance through your education, and a way to go about scholarships, this 86-page ebook is for you. The book can be used by students from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa or any African or developing country. The book takes you through the entire process from searching, finding, applying and deserving scholarships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

Please Note that the Scholarship Masterplan does not guarantee you will win scholarships. A number of factors are used to evaluate scholarship applications for different programs from academic qualification, leadership role, work experience, Financial need, Gender, Field of study, Interest etc but it can surely guide you through the scholarship process.

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  1. Hello all,
    I was very excited to have landed on this website so called World Scholarship Alumini Foundation and I was on time to prepare my application and I gave the best touch in life since I had only one chance in life after 5 years for a scholarship search to study in UK, coming from Uganda there were some students who were also as desperate for the scholarships so I connected them too to make their application and there we were we sent them on time.
    When the time for notification finally came we were not contacted, I visited the website and there was a notice that the final list will be out on the 9, when I visited the website after that date I was told that the website was under construction, then some thing told me what on earth as really missed me this site for scholarship in the past years yet I have every extensive experience search for scholarships and what makes it not be published in advance Africa Scholarship site.

    Just today I was again desperate and I wanted to see what happened or who won so I goggled this time around! God just showed me this scam, this are just white collar Thieves -just imagine if 100,000 students were conned just 94.5 $ this thieves could have made off with 9,4000,000 $ that fortune yearly will be ridiculous to achieve by just some thugs who pretend to host websites at their homes and laptops by proxy.
    For me and my colleagues in Uganda we only received a confirmation of receipt of application
    Thanks every one
    God is good all the time

  2. Mavis Obodo says:

    Hi Ikenna.
    Thank you so much for giving The Scholarship Book free of charge. I never expected to get something like this for free. Even if I end up not winning a scholarship, the knowledge the book impact is simply priceless. It has really saved me a lot of the time I spend searching for scholarship online.

    I think the book is best for people are starting early preparing for international scholarships… I just can't thank you enough..

  3. Thank you very much

  4. Pls send the e book to my email ave tried everymeans to do dis but i cant

  5. Anonymous says:

    pls i also need the book pls send it to my email

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have tried several ways but unable to download the book. it opens my google doc for me. kindly send it to my mail box( Thanks

  7. After you click on the Link, allow the page to load the html version of the ebook on Google Doc. Then select download to save to your computer

  8. Anonymous says:

    I've downloaded the scholarship book. It wasn't much of a problem. Thank you
    4RM Oladele

  9. Thank you very much fo your all time support. All my effot to get the scholarship book proved abortive. Can you please send it to my email add. THANKS ONCE AGAIN

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much fo your all time support. All my effort to get the scholarship book proved abortive. Can you please send it to my email address. THANKS ONCE AGAIN

  11. pls send the scholarship master plan as an attachment to my mail.Thanks

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  14. adeyemi olatunde says:

    Hi nice work. I am Adeyemi Olatunde a final year student of obafemi awolowo university studying biochemistry n am sure of graduating with nothing less of a 2:1. I will like to further my education in biochem in a tuition free university in countries like finland, canada, usa, uk, and russia.pls can you send me info of how to go about it so that i will apply against next year when new session will start.I will realy appreciate it. 10ks

  15. plz can u send the ebook 2 my box.. been tryin 2 load it 4 month now. its 3a.m[xmaz] stil cn't get it. u doin a g8t job. meri xmaz

  16. Anonymous says:

    i am a Ghanaian and a second year student in KNUST studing petroleum engineering and i need a scholarship to study abroad. i need your help please.

  17. Hallo. PLease send me the ebook. My e-mail address is

  18. Anonymous says:

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  20. Anonymous says:

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  21. Anonymous says:

    please send me the link cause i was unable to download the free ebook. My email id is Thank you and GOD bless.

  22. I've gone ahead to move the ebook to a new host. It's easier to download now with a click. Go ahead and try it again.

  23. Anonymous says:

    i have tried downloading this book but no avail,could u pls send me this book to my email address
    i will be very grateful

  24. Anonymous says:

    pls can you send me the ebook? Here is my email address: Keep the gud work. God bless u

  25. Anonymous says:

    pls can you send it to me thru dis address cos the link is not downloading………..

  26. Anonymous says:

    .. Thanks for the great work..pleesa can someone forward the book to my mail? My mail is

  27. Anonymous says:

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  32. Omoboye Olumide says:

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    Thanks for your anticipated kindness.

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  35. Ojo Olaiya Samuel says:

    I need a copy of scholarship book

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  38. Justice Quansah says:

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  39. Olamilekan says:

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  40. Belinda dabai says:

    Pls send me ebook on my email address. I will appreciate it. I am struggling to scholarship for pursuing my masters degree.

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    I realy thank u 4 ur effort in research and giving student update thaks and God bless u.pls i will like to get any information about scholarship in nigeria throu my email

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  50. Samson Mugenyi says:

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  51. Ketshephemang Kenaope says:

    Hi! plis am asking anyone who have this year`s eBook to send it to my email.
    Your prompt response is highly appreciated in advance

  52. Benitez Ukas says:

    Yeah, Ikenna u did n i tink is also is doing a gr8 job, u hav realy shown ur fellow Africans who hav a slightly enlightened n sensitizd zeal for acadmeics that there is a way foward. God gives us a future n a hope, also Ikenna with this book u hav been able to bring the God’s hope promise for his people into acomplishment. I Hav downsized almst al the whole applications in ma cel 4 me to download it, bt al to no avail Pls IK, can u help me wit a copy of this motivational write up in ma yahoo mail box, it is Thanks n remain our mentor as regards academics.

  53. Please send me the ebook, I really need it.

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  55. Pls send the e book to my email; am a Nigerian in dare need of scholarships to enable me study biomedical forensic science at M.Phil. level.2013/2014 session.Already had an admission.tnx.

  56. madu-ijeoma kelechi says:

    please send me the scholarship e-book via email


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