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University of Laval

About University of Laval:

The University of Laval (Laval University) is an open research university that was founded in the early 1660s and is affiliated with a plethora of organizations including CARL, UArctic, AUCC, AUFC, IAU, CIS, and CBIE.

The university was initially known as “Seminaire De Quebec”. It was constructed under Francois De Montmorency-Laval who used it as a centre to educate and train priests who chose to serve New France. Eventually, the university expanded its academic activities and began teaching individuals besides French priests.

Later in the early 20th century, the university finally became a full-fledged institution and decided to incorporate the following faculties into its annual curriculum: Law, theology, science, medicine, social science, Forestry, and Economics.

The university consists of approximately 30 buildings which were designed according to modern-day architecture. Some of the institution’s most popular faculties include the  Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Forestry,  and the Faculty of Science & Engineering.

The University of Laval houses four out of the 19 Canada Excellence Research Chairs, which include Research Excellence Chair in Microbiome-Endocannabinoidome in Metabolic Health, Research Excellence Chair in Remote Sensing, Excellence Chair in Neurophotonic, and Research Excellence Chair in Photonic Innovations.

Laval university liberally offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral level programs to thousands of local and international students who currently number 38,000 (for local students) and 2,500 (for International students).


Laval University currently features over 500 different undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral academic programmes in 17 faculties. These programmes/courses include:


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BAA)
  • Bachelor in actuarial science (B. Sc.)
  • Financial Analysis (BAA)
  • Integrated BA in Public Affairs and International Relations (BA)
  • Bachelor in agro economics (B. Sc. A.)
  • Bachelor in forest management and environment (B. Sc. A.)
  • Bachelor in animation art and science (B. Anim.)
  • Bachelor in Anthropology (BA)
  • Bachelor in Archeology (BA)
  • Bachelor in Visual and Media Arts (BAV)
  • And more.


  • Masters in actuarial science (M. Sc.)
  • Master in Psychopedagogy – Special Education – with thesis (MA)
  • Master of Business Administration – Business Analytics (MBA)
  • Master of Administration and Education Policy (MA)
  • Master of Business Administration – Digital Business Management (MBA)
  • Master of Public Affairs – Analysis and Evaluation (MA)
  • Master in Agroforestry (M. Sc.)
  • Master in land use planning and regional development (M.ATDR)
  • Master of English Literature (MA)
  • And more.


  • Doctorate in administration sciences – international management (PhD)
  • Actuarial Doctorate (Ph. D.
  • PhD in plant biology (Ph. D.)
  • Doctorate in English Literature (Ph. D.)
  • Doctorate in chemistry (Ph. D.)
  • Doctorate in literary studies (Ph. D.)
  • And more.

Tuition Cost

No doubt obtaining university-level education is a noteworthy feat that requires a relatively large budget. Studying at Laval University is reasonably affordable with a monthly cost of living that is much better than most North American cities.

Despite this good news, a well-thought-out financial plan is still necessary when deciding to enrol in an academic programme.

The tuition fees are based on the student’s chosen course of study and the number of credits registered per semester.

The necessary semester expenses include tuition, academic support, student service, and student association fees. For more information, please visit the university’s website.

Scholarships at University of Laval


This programme aims to financially support undergraduate students who have an R-score of 33 or higher with a sponsorship grant worth $2,500. This programme is available only to newly admitted undergraduate students who are registered as full-time Scholars at the University of Laval.


Through the Leadership and Commitment Scholarship, Laval university offers to financially support talented students with a grant ranging from $6,000 to $30,000. The students must demonstrate exceptional skills in either of the six activities: entrepreneurial, artistic, environment, social/humanitarian, scientific, or sports.

Students who have applied to a bachelor’s, Master’s, or doctorate programme in the fall 2020 semester are eligible for the scholarship.


Laval University aims to offer a $2,000 admission scholarship to new students who enrolled for a full-time Doctoral programme in either winter, fall, or summer.


Several agencies have partnered with the University of Laval to offer research scholarships from $ 15,000 – $ 35,000 to students currently undergoing graduate programmes. The programme also includes awards up to $50,000 for PhD students and $ 70,000 for individuals undertaking postdoctoral studies.


This sponsorship programme includes a lump sum and necessary tuition fees for international students that enrolled at the University of Laval.

Unlike other scholarship programmes, this particular one doesn’t pay the awardee’s tuition. Instead, it merely exempts the student from paying the tuition fee for that session.

This excellent Canadian university is a frequent go-to destination for students who wish to study abroad. It’s top-notch facilities, pocket-friendly fees, and beautiful landscape makes it a university worth visiting.