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University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is a Public University founded in the year 1632 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It’s the 3rd oldest university in the Netherlands region with its main campus in central Amsterdam. Also, the institution is one of the biggest research Universities in the Netherlands.

Presently, the academic curriculum of the university is categorized into 7 faculties. Such as Amsterdam law school, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Faculty of Medicine. Moreover, The University of Amsterdam ranked 62nd in the Times Higher Education 2020 World University Rankings. Also, it’s ranked first in Dutch University in the Europe Teaching Rankings.

University of Amsterdam Programmes: There are various programmes available for both undergraduate and postgraduate degree study in the institution. Such as Master’s, Bachelor’s, Executive Master’s and other programmes available. Here is the full detail of the programmes below;

Bachelors Programme: They have more than 20 different 3-year programmes accessible to intended bachelor’s degree students.

Field of Study Bachelors’ Programme Mode of Study
Environment and Biology: It has only a Bachelor programme available. ·        Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College) Full-time Programme
Social sciences: It has a total of 8 Programme accessible to the student. ·        Political Science.

·        Sociology.

·        European Studies.

·        Psychology.

·        Communication Science.

·        Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology.

·        Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College).

·        Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE).



They have only full-time programme available in Social Sciences.
Language and Area Studies: This has 4 Bachelors’ programmes involve. ·        Linguistics

·        European Studies

·        English Language and Culture

·        Sign Language Linguistics

Both part-time and full-time is open for English and Culture. While others have only full-time programmes.
Economics and Business: It has about 6 Programmes involve. ·        Econometrics

·        Actuarial Science

·        Business Administration

·        Economics and Business Economics

·        Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE)

·        Liberal Arts and Sciences ( Amsterdam University College)

Only full-time courses are available in this field of study.
Arts and Culture: it has 5 Programmes involved. ·        Archaeology

·        Media and Culture

·        Ancient Studies

·        Literary and Cultural Analysis

·        Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College)

All are full-time programme except Literary and Cultural Analysis that has both Part-time and full-time available.


Health: This has 2 Bachelor Programmes available. ·        Psychology

·        Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College)

Interdisciplinary Programmes: It has a total of 3 Programmes accessible to the student. ·        European Studies

·         Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE)

·        Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College)

 Only full-time courses are available in this field of study.
Exact-en-informatica: This has only one Programme involve. ·        Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College) Full-time
Communications and Media: This field has 4 Bachelor’s Programme available. ·        Media and Culture

·        Communication Science

·        Media and Information

·        Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College)

All are Full-time programme
Law and Governance: It has only a course of study for Bachelor degree programme. ·        Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) Full-time
Child development and Education: This has only one Programme available. ·        Psychology Full-time

Masters Programme: The University has over 196 Masters’ programme taking place in the institution. In addition, they have all the 7 faculties involved in it. While the Bachelor’s programme, it has 4 faculties involved. And both part-time & full-time mode of study involved. However, the Master’s programme starts in either September or February and in different programme types.

Such as Master’s which has over 157 programmes, Research Master’s has 24, the Joint programme has only one, Dual Master’s has 7, Advanced Master’s has one too and Executive Master’s has 6 programmes. Here is the list of some Master’s Programme available at the University of Amsterdam.

Programme Type Master’s Programme Mode of Study
Master’s ·        Accountancy and Control

·        Urban and Regional planning

·        Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance

·        Archeology

Research Master’s ·        Art Studies (Art and Culture)

·        Urban Studies

·        Social Sciences

·        Religious Studies

Dual Master’s ·        Preservation and presentation of moving image.

·        Museum Studies

Joint programme ·        Journalism, Media and Globalisation Full-Time
Advanced Master’s ·        International Tax Law (Advanced LLM) Full-Time
Executive Master’s ·        MBA in Healthcare Management

·        MBA big data and Business Analytics


Other Programmes

The University of Amsterdam offers other programmes such as;

  • Executive Master’s programmes: This is formed for professionals who already have a Master’s degree. Also, willing to further their study and broaden their knowledge in an area of interest.
  • Open Programmes: The programme is for candidates that prefer to further their study without enrolling in any of the university’s study programme. Interested candidates can follow one or more course once there’s free space for the student.

How to Apply

Application to the University of Amsterdam involves many procedures, such as choosing your desired programme and checks the application details for it. Also, check its entry requirements and submit the enrolment application in Studielink. After which an email will be sent for the next step of the application procedure.

In conclusion, the University of Amsterdam provides one of Europe’s biggest options for English-taught degree programmes. Also, it’s known for its high-quality teaching methods, well research and outstanding innovation to the globe.


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