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Tuition Free Universities

What You Need to Know About Tuition Free Universities

A tuition-free university is the direct opposite of a typical brick and mortar institution where both its students and researcher have access to the benefits the University has to offer without paying tuition or any related fee throughout the year.

This educational system is made possible due to the generous donations and contributions made by philanthropic private and public organizations with the mission to make higher education accessible to everybody, whether rich or middle class.

Although tuition-free universities offer free education, the student might still be required to pay an Application and Assessment fees for each course completed (usually less than $200). Besides that, the student will not be charged for study material or an annual enrolment fee.

Why Secure Admission in a Tuition-Free University

The advent of tuition-free universities has now made it possible for students around the world to obtain a professional degree without fear of being affected by their small budget or low monthly income.

This education method is mostly recommended to individuals who have a minimal salary or find it hard to qualify for an academic scholarship.

Top 10 Tuition-Free Universities Around the World

  1. University Of The People (UoPeople)

University of the People is one of the world’s first accredited tuition-free online universities in American. Unlike a typical university, UoPeople does not have a physical campus where students can take classes.

It offers its courses free of charge through an online learning platform to students around the world.


Aside from a $60 application fee and the $100 assessment fees per course, the University offers the students a professional degree free of charge. Besides, students also do not need to pay for textbooks or study material – they are available for free on the learning platform.

  1. Haskell Indian Nations University

Haskell Indian Nations University aims to give a solid and substantial free tertiary education to Alaska Natives and American Indians.

In 2015, over 70 students from a range of tribes cumulatively saved up to $350,000 due to the free education provided by the school.


Students of Haskell save approximately $20,000 every year and only pay the required university fees, which totals $715 (on-campus students) and $240 (off-campus students).

  1. The University Of Bergen

The University of Bergen is a public, academic institution and therefore does not require its students to pay annual tuition fees. This benefit is available to Norwegian students and individuals from around the world.


Besides paying the semester fee to the student welfare organization, the students are permitted to explore the school’s premises, attend classes, and make use of their equipment without any form of payment.

*Note: Students in exchange programmes are exempted from paying the semester fee.

  1. Aalto University

Aalto University is one of the few universities on this list that charges its students an annual tuition fee. Fortunately, this fee is reasonable low; you can graduate with a degree and only pay $600 throughout the programme.


The University is still considered free due to its negligible tuition fee of up to $600.

  1. Freie Universitaet Berlin

Just like every University on this list, the Freie Universitaet Berlin does not require its students to pay a tuition fee to complete a degree programme. The school sponsors the tuition, while the students take care of other insignificant costs each semester.


Students of the University are free to undertake a course of their choice without fear of paying for tuition. However, this benefit doesn’t apply to a few rare undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

  1. University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is a public institution that is funded by the state/government. Therefore, it does not require its students to pay for their study material or tuition, aside from the small fee paid every semester.


Free lectures plus study material, and only a small semester fee of 70 euro.

  1. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München has both paid and tuition-free programmes which do not require the students to pay a dime. You’ll need to check the individual courses to know which one is paid or not.


A tuition-free educational experience with a variety of courses available to the student.

  1. Technical University of Munich

This University operates an educational system where students are required only to pay semester fees (usually €114) but nothing more – no tuition fees or additional academic expenses.


Students can enroll for courses without paying a yearly tuition fee to the school.

  1. Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University makes it easy to acquire either an undergraduate, Masters or PhD degree by paying little to nothing in terms of tuition and additional fees. However, a few special masters programs might attract a payment.


Free education for all types of programmes (including higher-level certifications).

  1. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Lastly, we have Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Just like every other University on this list, they do not accept tuition fees from students (whether German, EU or international).

The only fee they collect is the per semester registration fee, which totals €257 – €307 annually.


Students at the University will have a free educational experience with no money involved.

Tuition-free universities are a recommended solution for aspiring students with minimal monthly income.

Keep in mind that although these universities collect little to nothing in terms of tuition, they do not cover the student’s cost of living.

Therefore, before applying, the student should have already secured a reliable financial source to handle his/her daily expenses.