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Education System in Togo

Togo has inherited a wholly French educational system in programmatic system, curriculum, and language of instruction at all levels. French is also the official language used in government and the practical language for all commercial activity. Togo educational system is highly limited. It is broadest at the primary level then sharply reduced at the secondary level and even more sharply reduced at the University level.

Top scholarship around the world for students from Togo

  1. Faculty of science postgraduate elite scholarship: This scholarship is offered at the University of Strathcylyde. It will provide tuition fees for the students studying MSc/PGT programs in science. Students with excellent grades from University and strong English test results are welcome to apply.

Eligibility: To qualify for this scholarship, candidates should be available in the field of Forensic Science, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Computer and Information sciences, Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences.

Benefits: Between £2500 and £4000 award  the money will be given to the winning candidate science.

  1. Global Health and Social Medicine International Postgraduate scholarship: This scholarship is required by King’s College, London, UK and it is open for International students. The Scholarship allows Postgraduate level program in the field of all subjects, Global Health taught at Kings College, London. The deadline for the scholarship is 31st March 2020.

Eligibility: An Applicant must have an Undergraduate degree and all the Academic good certificate with good grades.

Benefits: The applicants will have a chance to receive the award amount of £9,900 during the duration of study.

  1. World Citizen Talent Scholarships for International Students: Each year, a maximum of three Scholarships are available to prospective Master’s degree students in the Hague of Applied Sciences, Netherlands. The University is seeking young and intelligent, talented and sensitive people who view themselves as a citizen of the world.

Eligibility: All candidates should come from outside of the Netherlands and don’t live in the Netherlands, are enrolling for the first time at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, have never applied for the scholarship before, have been conditionally accepted as a student on or before 31st March for the upcoming academic year.

Benefits: Worth £5000.

  1. University of General Master’s Degree: In alliance with several patrons, The faculty of Science of the University of Geneva, Switzerland has established an Excellent Fellowship Program to support outstanding and highly motivated candidates who intend to pursue a Master of Science in any of the disciplines covered by the faculty.

Eligibility: Regardless of your home University, whether you have passed or are doing a brilliant bachelor degree, and that you are one of the best in your year, this program is for you! You must meet the admission criteria of the Master of you choice and be selected on the basics of the application file for an Excellence Fellowship.

Benefits: The scholarship value is CHF 10,000 to CHF 15,000 per year. It is awarded for one year and extended for the regular duration of the chosen Master’s program (3 or 4 semesters) provided the applicants is academically successful at the end of his or her first semester of studies.

  1. Emile Boutmy Scholarships: Sciences Po created Emile Boutmy scholarships after the founder of Sciences Po in order to attract the very best International students from outside of the European Union who are first time applicants and who have been admitted to an undergraduate or Master’s program offered at the University.

Eligibility: Eligible students are those, first time applicants from a non-EU states including Togo won’t whose household does not file taxes within the EU, and who have been admitted to the undergraduate or Master’s program. This scholarship is awarded based on factors of Excellence and according to the type of profile sought for the program. Social criteria are also taken into account.


  • Undergraduate level – It takes different forms ranging from £3,000 to £12,300 for three years of undergraduate study. On an exceptional basis, a scholarship of £19,000 maybe granted to cover the three years of college.
  • Master’s level – It takes different forms, either a grant of £10,000 per year to cover tuition fees for the two years of the Master’s or a tuition grant of £5,000 per year for the two years of Master’s.

Top Scholarship in Togo

  • IAEC University Scholarship: African University of Science Administration and Commercial Studies is offering African students a personalized financial support to finance their studies. This package consists of scholarship and referral.

Eligibility: It is open to African students as to eradicate illiteracy in the African continent.

Benefits: 50% scholarship on tuition fees for the first 100 students.

In conclusion, Studying in Togo is viable for African students. The curriculum is flexible, and home to different cultures and gives ample opportunities for educational excellence.