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Singapore is a small country located in SouthEast Asia. It is a City, an Island and a country. All three. An anomaly of which its citizens are proud of. Singapore is a highly developed country and has consistently ranked tops in every human development indices. It boasts of the 7th highest GDP per capita in the world, which is, in fact, the highest in Asia.

The country is home to 5.6 million residents and blends the Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and English cultures and religions. Singapore is physically a tiny island (it is slightly smaller than Lexington, Kentucky, the 28th largest city in the US by landmass), but an economic giant, whose global influence is felt not just in Asia but in the world at large. Singapore has struggled since the days of its modern founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, to become a thriving nation in trade and tourism, bagging an alpha+ global rating, the only country in Asia with such ratings.

The island welcomes visitors all year round. Its infrastructures are top-notch, enjoying quality public transportation systems, a good housing system, and quality healthcare. There is an abundance of parks, nature reserves, and major attractions such as the Singapore Botanical Garden. Its multicultural ambiance is one feature that counts hugely in its favor. Overall, Singapore is a place to be.

Singapore Scholarships for International Students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships

  • NTU Fully Funded Nanyang Undergraduate Scholarships: Nanyang Technological University (NTU) seeks international students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree program at the University. Applicants will be evaluated according to academic qualifications and English proficiency.
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design -SUTD President’s Graduate Fellowships in Singapore: This is a doctorate scholarship open to all nationals. It is applicable to all courses offered at the university. It comes with partial funding of SDG 3,000 – SGD 3,500.
  • NUS Business School – Ian Ferguson Scholarships in Singapore: This is an undergraduate scholarship for Business Administration. It is open to international students. It is worth partial funding of SGD 8,000 per year.
  • Government of Singapore MSF Undergraduate Scholarships: This is provided by the Government of Singapore through the Ministry of Social and Family Development. It is a fully-funded at the undergraduate level.
  • JTC Singapore Government Undergraduate Financial Aid For International Students: Every year, JTC awards scholarships to outstanding individuals to enable them to pursue an undergraduate program at overseas and local universities. Students will be able to pursue courses that are relevant to JTC areas of work.
  • ADB-Japan Scholarship Program For Developing Countries In Asia and the Pacific: The Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-Japan) aims to provide an opportunity for well-qualified citizens of ADB’s developing member countries to undertake postgraduate studies in Economics, Management, Technology and other related fields, to be hosted at participating institutions in Asia and the Pacific.
  • Commonwealth Scholarship for Integrative Sciences and Engineering: The Commonwealth Scholarship Program is for international students who want to pursue a postgraduate or doctorate degree in Integrative Sciences at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Graduate School. It is eligible for applicants from Commonwealth countries.

Living in Singapore

Singapore boasts one of the highest standards of living comparable to anywhere else in the world. These enviable living conditions have been brought about by carefully thought-out government policies that have transcended decades. The country hosts state-of-the-art facilities for education (The National University of Singapore [NUS] is ranked the 11th Top University in the World by QS World Ranking of Universities), Shopping, Sports, and Recreation.

Singapore has a balmy climate. You might find it hard differentiating the seasons in Singapore, as it can get very hot from January through December. When it comes to the healthcare system, it is on par with those in the Western nations. For example, when compared with healthcare in places like the US, healthcare in Singapore is inexpensive. The public transportation system in Singapore is so cheap and effective that you will feel no need to own a car. Trains, buses and taxis are the chief means of transport in Singapore.

Singapore has a very diverse population. It’s four official languages are English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. Its Lingua Franca is the English Language. If there’s anything you will enjoy in Singapore, it is the diversity it offers to international students, expatriates,s and visiting tourists.

Cost Of Living

Singapore has been ranked the most expensive city to live in from 2013 to 2019 by the Economist, so visitors are really scared when coming over. Singapore is really not expensive if you know the right places to shop and can live within a budget. The cost of housing in Singapore can be pretty steep and it may be your biggest expense by far. According to information from the Singapore Management University, an international student in Singapore spends on average about S$750 to S$2,000 a month on living expenses depending on your lifestyle and course of study.

Singapore is now a top choice for students who not only want to enjoy the best educational opportunities, but also the employment and professional openings that lies in one of the nicest places to live on earth.


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