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Newcastle University

Newcastle University is a public university located at Newcastle upon Tyne in North East, England. The university was established in 1834 and was originally a part of the University of Durham. In 1963, it became the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and gained independence from the University of Durham. Newcastle University is one of the research-intensive universities in England. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs in various courses. The university is currently headed by Sir Liam Donaldson. Newcastle university opened its first branch in 2008 in Singapore. A medical school was opened in 2011 in Malaysia and is known as Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia.

Postgraduate Degrees at Newcastle University

Newcastle University offers a variety of postgraduate programs that are divided into 2 degrees.

  1. Masters degree:- The master’s degree at Newcastle University is offered in 2 ways.
  • The taught masters degree is offered by those seeking to broaden their knowledge after their undergraduate studies. It is also offered by those preparing for a degree in postgraduate research. Some of the courses offered in the taught masters degree are Master of Arts, Master of Business Administration, Master of Law and so on.
  • A Research Masters’s degree is for those who want to further their skills in a particular area of study. It teaches topics that are not available in the taught masters degree. The research master’s program also provides a foundation for a doctoral degree. It is studied within 12 months. Some of the courses taken are Master of Music, Master of Philosophy and others.
  1. Doctoral Degree:- A doctoral degree involves more intense research. Students offering this degree are expected to conduct independent researches and make new products depending on their courses. They are given supervisors to assist them and it takes 3 years to complete the degree. PhD is earned in all subjects but for qualified doctors, MD (Doctor of Medicine) is earned. The faculties available for PhD are; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences, etc.

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program at Newcastle is a very knowledgeable program that teaches students the skills and knowledge required to begin their careers. Students leave Newcastle as desirable graduates who are highly wanted everywhere. The program could take three, four or five years depending on the course offered.

Undergraduate Courses Offered

Newcastle University offers various courses for its undergraduate students.

  1. Architecture: This course is for students who are interested in designing buildings and how to conserve buildings. Students are taught with theoretical ideas, design projects, and historical examples to help them understand architecture better.
  2. Engineering: Students who are interested in engineering are in luck because an engineering degree from Newcastle provides the students with all the skills needed to tackle problems. Chemical engineering, marine engineering are some of the courses offered.
  3. Fine Art: This course offers students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of art history and contemporary art. It also gives the freedom to experiment and build their talent properly.
  4. Mathematics and Statistics:- For students interested in this course, studying at Newcastle will help you to be creative in your thinking and teach you how to plan analytically and strategically. It also trains future problem solvers and equips them with skills for their careers.
  5. Pharmacy:- Studying pharmacy at Newcastle helps students to gain experience in dealing with patients. It teaches students how to care for patients and equips them with clinical knowledge, scientific knowledge and professional skills.

Available Scholarships at Newcastle University

Newcastle University offers financial aid to students who need it. Scholarships are available for all range of students both international and local students. Some of the scholarships are:

  1. Vice- Chancellor’s Global Scholarships: This scholarship is available for international students who are outstanding and want to offer the undergraduate program full time. The scholarship is worth £4000 for tuition fees.


  • The applicant must be an international student
  • The applicant must have been offered admission to study the undergraduate program at Newcastle University.
  • The applicant must have a minimum of ABB at A level.
  1. Sports Scholarship: This scholarship is offered to students who are committed to improving their sports and representing Newcastle University in British Universities Colleges Sport. The scholarship has a lot of benefits apart from monetary ones.


  • Applicant must be a current student or must have gained admission to study at Newcastle.
  • Applicant must participate in one of the sports stated.
  • Applicant must be a member of the National Governing Body’s performance squad.

Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

The tuition fees for students at Newcastle differs based on courses. However, UK and EU students pay £9,250 for tuition without the additional course fees. International students are charged based on the course taken so one will have to find out about the course. Some of the fees are; Accounting: £18,000, Agriculture:£22,800 and so on.

Cost of Living

The cost of living of a student comprises of things such as accommodation, clothing, food, books, etc. The average cost of living of a Newcastle student is £770 monthly therefore budgeting is very important for a stress-free financial life.

Newcastle University is a high ranking university in the UK with a lot of opportunities for its students. Therefore, studying at Newcastle is a promising step in one’s future.