If you are an ambitious Nigerian student with a dream of upgrading your academic career from a post-graduate degree to a Master’s degree, there are a plethora of scholarship opportunities available for you to choose from today.

However, if your ambition leaves you with a yearning desire to acquire this higher degree overseas, then I am pleased to inform you about the Murtala Muhammed Scholarship program offered by the London Metropolitan University. This program is designed specifically for Nigerian post-graduate students who aspire to study in the UK.

In this article, I’ll be revealing some essential information about the scholarship and how you can qualify for the upcoming session.

About Murtala Mohammed scholarship

The London Metropolitan University annually awards the Dr. Murtala Muhammed Scholarship to Nigerian students in the name of the late General Murtala Mohammed.

This scholarship aims to assist the students in the pursuit of their academic career by covering the tuition fees for any Master’s programme of their choice at the prestigious University.

Eligible Course of Study/Criteria for Murtala Mohammed Scholarship

Below is a list of the Master’s courses available for the scholarship program:

·         MSc Addiction and Mental Health

·         MSc Biomedical Science

·         MSc Blood Science

·         MSc Business Psychology

·         MSc Child, Adoscelent & Family Mental Health

·         MSc Consumer Psychology

·         MSc Criminal Psychology

·         MSc Food Science

·         MSc Forensic Psychology

·         MSc Forensic Science

·         MSc Health Psychology

·         MSc Human Nutrition (Public Health/Sports)

·         MSc International Public Health Nutrition

·         MSc Medical Genetics

·         MSc Obesity and Weight Management

·         MSc Organisational Psychology

·         MSc Pharmaceutical Science

·         MSc Psychology of Health

·         MSc Sports Nutrition

·         MSc Sports Rehabilitation and Therapy

·         MSc Sports Therapy

Their Eligibility

Just like every sponsorship program out there, the Murtala Mohammed scholarship has a few essential requirements that you’ll need to acquire before you can take part in the scholarship award.

Here are the requirements:

1.       You must have had an unquestionable acceptance offer to study at the London Metropolitan University on one of the Master’s courses listed above.

2.       You must have attained a first-class Honors degree or the highest academic grade from the university where you acquired your undergraduate degree.

3.       You must have attained a score of 7.0 in your IELTS with a minimum of 6.5 in each component or SELT equivalent.

4.       You must be a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Once the Murtala Muhammed Foundation has selected you for the scholarship award, you will be given the benefit of having your entire tuition fee covered by the foundation until you finish your Master’s program.

This opportunity also gives you the benefit of associating with a diverse community of inspiring and determined learners, teachers, and innovative thinkers all in the London Metropolitan University which sits in one of the world’s most adored capital cities.

You will also get a boost in employability once you round off your Master’s program at the University. The London Metropolitan University assured this by saying “we take pride in helping our students reach their goals and succeed in their careers”, and then took the statement further and claimed that “96.7% of all London Metropolitan University students are in work.

How to Apply

If you go back to the section where I emphasized on some of the requirements you need to acquire before applying for the scholarship, one of them is” an unquestionable acceptance offer to study at the London Metropolitan University on one of their various Master courses”.

To secure this “unquestionable acceptance offer,” you will need to make an application for admission to the London Metropolitan University online. Only when your application has been approved can you apply to be a part of the scholarship award.

Please Note: The University will invite you to attend a compulsory interview if your application was successful.

Finally, It is true that applying for a scholarship when there’s a lot of competition is often fierce and intimidating. But it would be best if you also kept in mind that scholarships are a special reward for exceptional academic excellence.

As long as you’re an outstanding student who meets the requirements for the scholarship, there’s a good chance that you will be among the beneficiaries standing on the platform that day.

There’s no harm in trying, besides, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So fill that application form and open a new door of education and employment opportunities now.