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There are lots of opportunities for African entrepreneurs offered every year. This includes business grants for African entrepreneurs; grants for startups in Africa, funding for African startups and funding for African entrepreneurs

Start here to apply for funding and grants for entrepreneurs in Africa from national and international organizations.



Traditional or E-Publishing: Options for First-Time Authors

This article is a guest contribution by Muhammed Tosin.Ultimately, the dream of every writer is to get published. But the odds just seem all ganged up against you: no publisher is prepared to invest in your manuscript; no veteran author…

Myth 2: Do you need Charisma to build a successful business?

This article is the Second part of a series of articles on 7 Myths about building a business. Today’s article deals on Myth 2: “Successful business requires great and charismatic visionary leaders”I once heard a business analyst…

2014 – The year to Promote Entrepreneurial Spirit

First of all, from AfterschoolAfrica, I wish you a happy and prosperous New year – 2014. The year is already on the move, with the usual unwillingness of any year to wait for anyone. How swiftly 2013 swept by...What are your goals for…