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Free Online Course by British Council to Learn How to Teach English as a Foreign Language

University of Southampton and the British Council has develop a free online course – Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching – for graduate students who want to learn English as a foreign language. An introduction to some key concepts in the effective teaching and learning of languages, this online course draws from their new joint online course, MA in English Language Teaching

  • What is language?
  • How do we learn meaning in a new language?
  • What is easy and hard about learning another language?
  • And what is the best way to teach English as a foreign language?

This free online course suggests some answers to these questions.

If you are a fully participating learner in “Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching,” you will be eligible to apply for a scholarship to cover part of the MA fees. You will find out more when you join the course.

teaching english as a foreign language

The four week course will introduce you to some of the latest ideas in research and practice in language learning and teaching. It will:

  • Explore second language learning and what it means to learn language
  • Consider language classrooms and how teaching affects our language learning
  • Look at the use of technology in teaching, and its benefits and challenges for language learning.

Finally, it will investigate the case of English – the most widely learnt and taught language in the world. How has English achieved this position? What are the implications of the spread of English for policy, teaching and other languages?

Eligibility and Requirements

This course is aimed at graduates with an interest in the development of languages and language teaching. It will give you a taste of postgraduate study in the field of English language teaching. However, no prior knowledge is required to take part in the course and it welcomes anyone who is curious to know more about language learning and teaching.

The course includes quizzes, activities, discussions and videos filmed around the world. The videos feature experts such as British Council teachers, and staff and students at the University of Southampton.

During the course, you will hear different voices sharing their ideas and opinions – and you can share yours too.

How do you use language in YOUR life? What is YOUR experience of language learning and teaching? You will discuss effective language learning and teaching.

Duration of the Course

The course takes place over 4 weeks (at 3 hours per week)

Certificates will be available for completing the course.

Start dates

17 Nov 2014

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  1. Kenny says

    .I tried to learn English in elementary school and Hight School.It was just plain grammer structures,which was boring for most of a students.If You guys don't mind dropping a little money each month is very helpful,You got virtual native speaker with great visualisations,short stories,funny innovative cartoons.I recommnd that you work it into a rountine and study every day for 1h.It worked for me really well.

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