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Schooling on the Web Sponsored by Shell Nigeria

SPDC/NNPC joint venture sponsored the development and deployment of skooolNigeria, an interactive web-based solution for the teaching and learning of Mathematics and science subjects in Nigerian primary and secondary schools.

The SkooolNg programme is mapped to the national curriculum for the teaching and learning of science subjects; teachers and students can log on to the website and get themselves busy with study notes, examination guides among other digital materials.

The website contains Mathematics and science modules, a curriculum-based content for Universal Basic Education (UBE) 7, 8 and 9. The content was developed by Intel Corporation under the joint sponsorship of Intel, SPDC and Education Trust Fund (ETF). The skooolNigeria website maintains an interactive learning platform for both students and teachers of primary, junior and senior secondary schools. SPDC’s aims to hand over the web content ownership to the Federal Ministry of Education, in the hope that it will be eventually adopted and deployed to all Nigerian schools.

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The website provides highly innovative, interactive and exciting learning resources for both Junior Secondary School (JSS) and Senior Secondary School (SSS) students, in the form of interactive multimedia simulations. The main features are; a Mathematics toolkit, study notes, an exam centre that includes exam guides as well as study and revision tips. Progress tests are built into each of the lessons, which can be used to engage students and test their understanding.
skooolNigeria is not just for students. There are vast resources teachers could use creatively in the classroom, to add extra value to Mathematics and science classes. Teacher-student interaction in the classroom allows for discussion and analysis. Interactive lessons and simulations can be projected onto a screen or displayed on an interactive whiteboard so the class could follow as a group. Such collaboration helps develop critical thinking skills, as students observe and predict events.

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