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How much do you want a Scholarship in 2013/2014?

How much do you desire to get a scholarship in 2013/2014? The truth is that there is no guarantee that you will eventually win a scholarship, yet these opportunities are awarded to people like you year in, year out. Then again, from testimonies of past scholarship winners, they never expected to win. They only decided to give it a try just like you are about to, probably. We do our best to bring to your know the best and most recent opportunities available.

Many scholarship opportunities will be opened in 2013 but; don’t let this one pass you by

The MasterCard scholarship program for undergraduate and postgraduate studies for African students is first of its kinds. The scholarship program worth $500million US dollars, recognised by the United Nation, will benefit 15,000 African students who will study in different parts of the world within a space of 10 years.

Application for the scholarship has been ongoing for some time now and nearing deadline (between January and June depending on each participating university). The good news is that if you are unable to partake in the current round due to time, it is important that you get well informed about this program and prepare for the next round of application well ahead of the next round.

In November 2012, we released a detailed report to educate and inform you about this scholarship program and how to partake. So far a good number of students have downloaded the report and are already taking necessary actions with so much excitement and gratitude.

Initially, the report is listed at $6.99 or N1200 on our website and Amazon Kindle store. But in the spirit of the season, we are offering you a chance to get this report at 40% off the initial cost.

Enter this coupon code [XMAS40] while completing your order to download a copy for just $4.20 or N720. Offer last till January 4, 2013.

To read more about this scholarship programme and download your copy at the discount price follow the link below:

Click Here to download

You can now pay with your Credit/debit-card, PayPal or through local bank transfer. Whichever is more convenient for you.

Seasons Greetings! We wish you the very best of 2013

Here is the link again