Norrsken Impact Accelerator 2022 for Africa Entrepreneurs

Applications have opened for the Norrsken Impact Accelerator in Stockholm, Sweden, which offer selected early-stage startups from across the world access to support, mentorship and US$125,000 in funding. 

When is the Application Deadline:

28th February 2022

Tell Me About Norrsken Impact Accelerator:

Founded by Niklas Adalberth, one of the founders of Swedish fintech unicorn Klarna, in 2016, Norrsken aims to help entrepreneurs solve the world’s greatest challenges. Its ecosystem consists of Norrsken House, a co-working space for over 350 impact entrepreneurs in Stockholm, the Norrsken Founders Fund, and Norrsken VC.

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African companies are again invited to apply for the 2022 edition of the accelerator, which is designed to find the world’s most promising impact startups and help them scale. The programme includes an eight-week growth sprint at Norrsken House in Stockholm and mentorship from a roster of over 50 entrepreneurs, investors and unicorn founders. All startups receive a US$125,000 upfront seed or pre-seed investment from the Norrsken Foundation. 

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20th January, 15.00 CET [Click for link]
3rd February, 10.00 CET [Click for link]
17th February, 16.30 CET [Click for link]

Which Fields are Eligible?

Norrsken Impact Accelerator is sector agnostic and is open to startups in any area of impact. Each year, we’ll also highlight one or more verticals in which we’ll bring a little extra domain-specific expertise. This year, the cohort will be from mixed impact areas, with a special focus on food-tech and agri-tech.

What Type of Scholarship is this?


Who can apply for Norrsken Impact Accelerator?

We target early-stage startups that leverage technology to create and scale innovative solutions to new and old societal and environmental challenges.

We support startups in any area of impact and across all verticals. Each year, we’ll also highlight one or more verticals in which we’ll bring a little extra domain-specific expertise. This year, it’s food-tech. So no, we’re not a food-tech only accelerator, but if you’re a food-tech startup, we’re especially excited to hear from you.

> Impact
We invest across all UN SDGs and do not limit ourselves to a specific vertical, but we demand that impact is intentional. We are looking for companies where impact is built into the product, so that as your business grows, your impact automatically follows. When this is the case, we can give you the tools to manage your impact but focus on what we do best – helping you grow the business.

> Business model
We don’t think you need to sacrifice profit to make an impact. When impact is baked into your business, if you achieve financial success, you’ve almost certainly created a lot of impact too. So we’re looking for companies that, if successful, will become unicorns.

> Technology
Software or hardware, we invest in innovations that use technology as a tool in creating and scaling solutions.

> Stage
Because of the terms of our investment, we’re ideally suited to supporting companies at an early (pre-seed) stage. This means you’ve identified a clear market opportunity and path to market with your product. You may have built or be building your MVP, but you’ve gone beyond just the idea and have something to show. However, we are happy to support startups who have made more progress and fast-track your success from your base starting point.

> Geography
We are based in Sweden and ask startups to come to Stockholm for 8 weeks over the (European) summer to sprint on their businesses with our support. However, we are looking for companies from anywhere in the world.

Which Countries are Eligible?


Where will Award be Taken?

Stockholm, Sweden

How Many Scholarships will be Given?


What is the Benefit of Norrsken Impact Accelerator?

  • $125K INVESTMENT: Upfront pre-seed investment of $125k. There’s no fee for the program so you keep the full $125k.
  • UNICORN MENTORS: Dedicated 8 week sprint at Norrsken House Stockholm with mentorship from world-class founders who’ve faced the same challenges as you, including unicorn founders.
  • TOP INVESTORS: Meet hundreds of top investors at Demo Day. Continue to receive warm introductions to the right investors during and after the sprint.

How Long will the Program Last?

8 weeks

How to Apply for Norrsken Impact Accelerator:

Apply via Link below.


Visit Award Webpage for Details

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