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Goldman Sachs Women’s Trader Academy 2022 for Young Women in EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa)

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Ifeoma Chime

The Goldman Sachs Women’s Trader Academy 2022 is a three-month training academy, aimed at equipping you for a career in trading.

Application Deadline:

15th August 2021

About the Women’s Trader Academy:

Gain real-life perspective on the industry while making invaluable connections

The Goldman Sachs Trader Academy, the first of its kind in the region and industry, provides women students in their penultimate year of studies the opportunity to learn more about trading over three onsite training days. The aim is to upskill and prepare women into future trading roles.

The Trader Academy is an interactive three month programme, open to all degree backgrounds and is designed to introduce students to the financial world through hands on experience.

As a participant, you will:

  • Discover the extensive range of career opportunities in the financial services industry
  • Gain tangible resume-enhancing skills and tips through interactive workshops
  • Work closely with a group of peers to grow your technical and soft skills
  • Network with Goldman Sachs professionals and hear more about their experiences and diverse backgrounds

Interested to Learn More?

We recently connected with past Trader Academy participants, who shared their key takeaways and advice for students considering a career in Trading.

Additionally, read here to hear from Kunal Shah, head of Global Currencies and Emerging Markets Trading in EMEA, speaking about the importance of diversity and his personal investment in the Trader Academy.

Type of Award:



The Goldman Sachs Trader Academy is open for women graduating in 2023.

Eligible Countries:

Countries in EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa)

To be Taken at:

London, UK

Number of Awards:

Not specified

Value of the Women’s Trader Academy:

The Trader Academy is a three-month training programme in London that aims to prepare women students for a career in trading, giving them real-life perspective on the industry and helping them to form invaluable connections.

Duration of the Academy:

3 months

How to Apply for the Women’s Trader Academy:

  • Apply online via to 2022 EMEA Global Markets Summer Analyst Programme
  • Under the ‘Affiliation / Upload Resume’ section, specify ‘TraderAcademy’ in the Job Code field

Visit Goldman Sachs Trader Academy Webpage for Details

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